What is the legal object examples?

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In Law, the legal object is the term by which the content of a legal act is referred to. The object can therefore refer to a right, physical object or entity on which the legal act imposes an affectation or intervention.

What is legal object examples?

The object of the legal business will be the interest that, in practice, the subject (a person) has in obtaining a result. For example, in a home purchase contract, the object is made up of the home and the price to be paid to get it. The subjects will be the buyer and the seller.

What is the object of a legal act?

The object of the legal act. – It is divided into two: direct object that consists of giving, doing and not doing and indirect object that is the thing that is given or the fact that is done or not done.

What is the object according to the Civil Code?

They are the object of the contracts: The thing that the obligor must give; The fact that the obligor must do or not do.

What is the object of the standard?

It is a mandatory rule or precept, emanating from a legitimized normative authority, which aims to regulate social relations or the conduct of man who lives in society.

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What is the object of a contract?

At present, the contract is an economic instrument to negotiate, to satisfy needs. Contracts are used to agree on provision of services, products, locations, among others.

What is the purpose of an employment contract?

The object is constituted by the provision of a personal and inexhaustible activity that the worker must carry out for the benefit of the other party called the employer, who is obliged to compensate him with the payment of remuneration.

What is the difference between object and cause?

While the object responds to what is due, the cause is the fact that explains why it is due. That is, it justifies the creation of an obligation by the will of the parties. The cause should not be confused with the reasons that the contracting parties had to enter into the contract.

What is the purpose of an insurance contract?

The insurance contract may cover all kinds of risks if there is insurable interest, unless expressly prohibited by law. Art. 3. The insurance contract is null if at the time of its celebration the loss had occurred or the possibility of its occurrence had disappeared.

What is the object and legal cause?

The lawful object and cause have been enshrined by the legislator as necessary requirements for the validity of the acts or contracts, as read in article 1502 of the Civil Code, which establishes: “For a person to bind another by an act or declaration of will, it is necessary: ​​1.

What is the cause in an example contract?

Example: You buy a revolver in order to own a gun. The cause, in principle, is lawful, even if the motive is to kill a third party, since that motive does not have to be known by the seller.

What is the cause of the example contract?

It is the reason or purpose for which two or more people enter into a contract. In a real estate lease, the purpose is for one of the parties to deliver the apartment for its use and the other to receive the payment of the corresponding fee.

What is a norm?

What is Norm:

It is known as a norm to the rule or a set of these, a law, a guideline or a principle that is imposed, adopted and must be followed to correctly carry out an action or also to guide, direct or adjust the conduct or behavior of the individuals.

What is a standard and an example?

Norms are rules that are established and are sought to be respected by all citizens to maintain order and harmony in a given context. For example: do not steal, treat everyone with respect.

What is summary standard?

Norma is a term that comes from Latin and means “square”. A norm is a rule that must be respected and that allows adjusting certain behaviors or activities.

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