What is the longest series on Netflix 2021?

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Orange Is the New Black.

What is the longest series on Netflix?

This happened with House of Cards, which premiered a few seasons first on the Spanish platform and took a few months to reach Netflix, and also with Netflix’s longest series: Orange Is the New Black. Orange Is the New Black has had 91 episodes that have been divided into 7 seasons.

What is the longest series in seasons?

Coronation Street (10,000 episodes)

What are the 3 most watched series on Netflix?

Photo: File. The Squid Game, Money Heist and Stranger Things are the most watched series in Netflix history, while Bird Box and Extraction lead the list of most popular movies, according to data from a new platform website that offers weekly data from viewing hours.

What is the longest series in the world 2021?

The champion is the British ‘Doctor Who’ who has been on the air for 42 years with an interval of 16.

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What is the longest novel or series?

If we only count the series that are broadcast on schedule, the national record is taken by “Cuéntame”, released in 2001, which prepares its 21st season, with which it will exceed 370 episodes.

What is the longest telenovela in history?

What neither the passage of time nor the Second World War could achieve was the low audience: after 15,762 episodes and 72 years on the air, the longest-running telenovela in the world, Guiding Light, broadcast its final chapter this Friday on the network CBS.

What are the 5 most watched series on Netflix?

The 5 most watched Netflix series in the last week (January 17 to 23, 2022)

File 81. Stay close. …The Witcher. …Emily in Paris. … Manifest. …

What is the longest anime?

    DORAEMON. +2366 episodes. In progress. … POKEMON. +1063 episodes. In progress. … CRAYON SHIN-CHAN. +987 episodes. It ended in 2914. … DETECTIVE CONAN. +928 episodes. On broadcast. … ONE PIECE. +868 episodes. On broadcast. …NARUTO + BORUTO. +806 episodes. On broadcast. … DRAGON BALL. +797 episodes. It ended in 2018. … PRETTY CURE. +733 episodes. On broadcast.

What is the series with the most episodes in the world?

1. Guiding Light (72 years, 18, 262 episodes) Holds the Guinness World Record for longest running drama series. Its plot featured four families and their lives in the town of Springfield, until it was canceled by CBS in 2009.

What is the longest series in Spain?

‘Tell me how it happened’ is the longest-running television series on our television, reaching 18 seasons and continuing its broadcast to this day. In Spain there have been series that have exceeded ten seasons, managing to become the backdrop for millions of homes.

What is the longest comedy series?

“The Big Bang Theory” is already the longest comedy in history: this is how its protagonists have changed.

What series is recommended on Netflix?

Hot on Netflix

    The Last Kingdom.Vikings.Outlander.Teen Wolf.Vikings: Valhalla.Cobra Kai.The Pilot.The Walking Dead.

Where can I watch The Wire?

The only way to watch “The Wire” is through HBO GO. Since it is an original production of that channel, the company reserved the exclusivity rights, something not least in times when the streaming war is fierce to capture the audience that has more and more options.

What are the 3 longest anime?

The 6 longest anime

Sazae-san. Sazae-san and his family. This anime began airing in 1969, consists of approximately 7,000 episodes, and is still on the air. … Doraemon. Doraemon and Nabita. … Shin Chan. Shin Chan. …Detective Conan. Conan Edogawa. … One Piece. Luffy and his crew. …Naruto. Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto.

What is the longest anime 2020?

That is the case of Sazae-san, an anime created by Machiko Hasegawa, and which currently has more than 7,500 episodes. Yes, 7 thousand 500 chapters.

What is longer One Piece or Naruto?

On the list are names like Detective Conan, with more than 900 episodes, the aforementioned One Piece, with more than 800 chapters and counting, and Naruto, with 720 episodes if we put the regular series together with Shippuden.

What was the first Netflix series most watched?

1 The Bridgertons | 625 million hours. 2 The paper house: season 4 | 619 million. 3 Stranger Things 3 | 582 million. 4 The Witcher: Season 1 | 541 million.

What is the most watched movie on Netflix?

These are the 10 most watched movies in Netflix history

    Spencer, Confidential, premiere March 2020 – 197 million. Enola Holmes, premiere September 2020 – 190 million. … Army of the Dead, premiere May 2021 – 187 million. … The Old Guard, premiere July 2020 – 186 million. …

What are the longest novels in the world?

The longest novels in the world

    “In Search of Lost Time”. Marcel Proust. French writer Marcel Proust. … «The Legend of the Eight Dog Warriors» Cover of «The Legend of the Eight Dog Warriors» … «The Story of the Vivians». Henry Darger. … “The Miserables”. Victor Hugo. … “War and peace”. Leo Tolstoy.

What is the longest telenovela in Chile?

Hidden truths (soap opera)

What series do you recommend on Netflix 2021?

The 23 best Netflix series in 2021

    ‘Arcane’ … ‘The Squid Game’ … ‘The Kominsky Method’ … ‘The Time I Give You’ … ‘Elite: Short Stories’ … ‘Halston’ … ‘The assistant’ … ‘The paper house’

What can I watch on Netflix 2021?

The 21 best Netflix movies in 2021

    ‘Bajocero’… ‘Chiaroscuro’ (‘Passing’)… ‘Love and Monsters’ (‘Love and Monsters’)… ‘Army of Thieves’… ‘ The power of the dog’ (‘The Power of the Dog’) … ‘Fragments of a woman’ (‘Pieces of a Woman’) … ‘The excavation’ (‘The Dig’)

What is the best rated series?

The best valued series of all time, according to several specialized pages, is Breaking Bad. The series begins with a high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, who is diagnosed with an incurable cancer that gives him only a few more years to live.

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