What is the method of electing deputies?

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Members of the Congress of Deputies are elected through a proportional representation system. The members of the Senate are elected through a mixed system: some are elected through a majority system and others are appointed by the parliaments of the autonomous communities.

How are the members of the Congress of Deputies elected?

Members of the Congress of Deputies are elected by proportional representation with closed lists in each electoral constituency under the d’Hondt system.

What is voting and what do we vote for?

The elector makes two decisions with two votes: with one vote he chooses a party list and with the other vote he chooses a candidate, who may belong to a party that does not coincide with the party he chose in the list vote.

How is a senator elected?

Currently, the Senate is made up of 128 senators, elected by 3 principles: in each Federal Entity two are elected by relative majority vote and one is assigned to the first minority, the remaining 32 senators are appointed by proportional representation.

What is chosen in the regional elections?

The autonomous elections are the elections in which the citizens of the autonomous communities and cities of Spain elect the members of the respective autonomous parliaments. Elections to the seventeen regional parliaments are held every four years.

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How is the President of the Autonomous Community elected?

The President of the Autonomous Community is elected by the Regional Assembly from among its members and appointed by the King.

What institution is chosen in municipal elections?

Municipal elections in Spain are the elections in which the residents of each municipality in Spain elect the members of their city council. They are celebrated on the fourth Sunday of May every four years, simultaneously, in the 8,124 municipalities of Spain.

How are first minority senators elected?

The Senate of the first minority will be assigned to the formula of candidates that heads the list of the political party that, by itself, has occupied the second place in number of votes in the entity in question. The Chamber of Senators will be renewed in its entirety, by direct election, every six years.

How many senators are elected?

Of the 108 senators, 100 are elected from the national constituency, 2 correspond to the special constituency for indigenous communities, 5 represent the political movement resulting from the Havana Agreements and 1 for the presidential candidate who comes in second in the elections. …

What is the meaning of voting?

Voting (elections), method of making decisions in which a group such as a board or an electorate promotes popular sovereignty.

Why is it important to vote conscientiously?

Our responsibility to our family, to our country and to ourselves is to vote for whoever we truly believe is the best option and not for the wrong reasons. Remember that when you’re alone in the cubicle no one is going to be there to tell you who to vote for. There is only you, with your conscience.

What are presidential elections?

The electoral process is understood as the set of actions ordered by stages, provided for in the Constitution and in the electoral laws, directed by the electoral bodies for the holding of elections and popular consultations.

Who elects members of Congress?

The Congress is made up of a minimum of 300 and a maximum of 400 Deputies, elected by universal, free, equal, direct and secret suffrage, in the terms established by law. Electoral system. The constituency is the province.

Who can be elected deputy?

To be elected deputy, it is necessary to be a practicing citizen, not have been sentenced to imprisonment, with the exception of political or negligent crimes, and have resided in the respective electoral constituency during the year immediately prior to the date of the election.

What is the difference between a deputy and a senator?

It is a bicameral system: The upper house is made up of a fixed number of 72 senators (3 per province), as long as no new provinces are established, while the lower house is made up of deputies whose number is regulated by the national census every 10 years, having 1 deputy every 161,000 Argentines (…

How many senators are elected by each province?

elected senator

Elected senators are those who are directly elected by the citizens. In accordance with the Constitution, the elected senators are distributed as follows: Four senators for each peninsular province. As there are 47 provinces of this type, 188 senators are elected.

How many senators and congressmen are there in Colombia?

The 2018 Colombian legislative elections were held on Sunday, March 11, 2018, where the 273 representatives of the House of Representatives, Senate were elected.

How is a senator elected in Colombia?

In accordance with our Political Constitution, the members of the Congress of the Republic represent the people and must act in consultation with justice and the common good. His election is carried out by direct vote of Colombians who are summoned to the polls every four years, on the second Sunday of March.

How many senators are elected by the first minority principle?

Chamber of Senators. Organ of the Legislative Power that is made up of 128 senators, 64 of them elected by the principle of relative majority, 32 by the principle of first minority and 32 by the principle of proportional representation, through a national list.

What are First Minority Senators?

In the other sense, it designates the political force represented in one of the chambers of the Congress of the Union that has the largest number of legislators, provided that it does not manage to obtain an absolute majority (half plus one) by itself, in the corresponding camera.

What is the principle of majority and minority?

two) [Mayoría relativa] either [mayoría simple] or first [minoría] or simply Majority, is when it is required that the winning option has been the most numerous among all the options, even if added the others, exceed it. It is the largest in relation to each of the other parts.

How are municipal mayors elected?

The local mayors will be appointed by the mayor from a list sent by the corresponding administrative board. In the cases specifically indicated by law, the President of the Republic will suspend or dismiss the mayor.

Who elects the mayor of a municipality?


The Municipal and District Mayors will be elected by the vote of the citizens on the same date in which the Municipal and District Councilors are elected. The Mayors will have a period of two years that will begin on the 1st. June following the date of your election.

How is a city council elected?

council are elected by vote. The candidate for the Municipal Presidency appears and when people vote for that person, they automatically vote for the trustees and the aldermen.

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