What is the most exported from Mexico to Colombia?

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Mexico is the country in the region that invests the most in Colombia and the first category that Mexico exports to Colombia are televisions. About 20% of Mexico’s exports to Colombia are vehicles and trucks.

What does Mexico export the most to Colombia?

The main products that Mexico exports to Colombia are: medicines, computers, polycarboxylic acids, televisions, tractors, hair preparations, mixtures of odoriferous substances, radiotelephony, radiotelegraphy or TV transmitters.

What does Mexico matter to Colombia?

The main products imported by Mexico from Colombia are: machinery; cocoa beans; Palm oil; plywood; fish preparations, among others.

What does Mexico export the most?

The three main products exported during 2019 were beer, avocado and tomato, in this sense the largest beer that was exported in 2019 from Mexico is craft.

What agreements does Mexico have with Colombia?

Colombia and Mexico maintain trade relations within the framework of two agreements: the bilateral FTA and the Pacific Alliance Protocol. In 1994, the Group of Three Treaty (TLC-G3) was signed, a mechanism for economic integration between Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. which entered into force in 1995.

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What is the Colombia Mexico FTA?

It is noteworthy that the FTA with Colombia is an update of the trade agreement signed in 1996 and that originally included Venezuela, a country that withdrew from the mechanism in 2006. This international instrument will allow the generation of 60,000 new jobs in five years and that Mexican exports reach USD9.

What are the free trade agreements that Colombia currently has?

To date, Colombia has 16 trade agreements (including free trade agreements and partial scope agreements)1: CAN (1973), Panama and Chile (1993), Caricom and Mexico (1995), Cuba (2001), Mercosur ( 2005), Northern Triangle (2009), EFTA and Canada (2011), EU and Venezuela (2012), European Union (2013) and Korea, …

What does Mexico export the most in 2021?

According to a report generated by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of Mexico, the 10 products that Mexico exported the most abroad from January to November 2021 were the following: Avocado (2,513 million dollars) Tomato (1,860 million dollars) Pepper (1,230 million dollars )

What is the most important thing in Mexico?

Main Imports of Mexico

Gasoline 10.24% Automobiles 9.42% Digital monolithic integrated circuits 8.94% Non-digital monolithic integrated circuits 6.84%

What are the main products that Mexico exports and imports?


    Petroleum. One of the main destinations for Mexican oil is the United States, where it exports 48% of the national oil production. … Vehicles. … Minerals. … Corn. … Electrical machinery. … Refined oil. … Medical equipments.

What matters most to us?

Among the main imported products are crude petroleum oils, with an imported value of US$ 220 million (-32.7%); diesel 2, with US$ 203 million (-21.3%); cell phones, with US$ 212 million (+51.2%); hard yellow corn, with US$ 186 million (+62.7%), and laptops, with US$ 160…

What does Mexico export the most to the United States in 2021?

Exports from Mexico to the United States

Cars with a value of 38 thousand 200 million dollars, 10.6% of exports to the United States. Computers with a value of 28 thousand 900 million dollars, equivalent to 8%. Auto parts with a value of 26 billion dollars, equivalent to 7.2%.

What are the most requested products made in Mexico for export?

This places Mexico as the main exporter of the agri-food sector in the world in products such as beer, tomato, chili peppers, as well as watermelon, cucumber, lemon, avocado, onion, tequila and papaya, among others, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and …

What are the free trade agreements that exist?

Mexico has a network of 14 Free Trade Agreements with 50 countries (FTAs), 30 Agreements for the Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Investments (APPRIs) with 31 countries or administrative regions, and 9 limited scope agreements (Economic Complementation Agreements and Partial Scope Agreements) within the framework of …

What are trade treaties and agreements?

A trade or trade agreement is an agreement established by two or more countries under the protection of international law and with the aim of improving their relations in economic terms and trade.

What was the first Free Trade Agreement in Colombia?

1: Colombia-Mexico FTA

172 of 1994.

What products does Colombia export to Mexico with the FTA?

Products exported by Colombia to Mexico include fuels, plastics, publishing products, clothing and rubber. While cell phones, monitors and cars were the main products imported by Colombia from Mexico.

What does Mexico export the most to the United States?

Mexico mainly exports to the United States vehicles, electrical machines, machines and computers, mineral fuels and food products, these exports showed a decrease due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused the closure of the border between both countries.

What Mexican products are sold the most in the United States?

The federal agency indicated that in the period January-November 2021, beer, tequila and avocado were the main Mexican agricultural products for export to the US market.

What are the Mexican products that are exported abroad?

    Beer. The beer of the most demanded Mexican products abroad. … Avocado. Avocado is green gold. … Tomato. The tomato is a great Mexican export product. … Tequila. Tequila is one of the most demanded products with the most representative denomination of origin in Mexico.

What products are imported the most?

Import from Mexico: What are the most imported products in Mexico?

    electrical machinery. In 2017, Mexico imported machinery and electrical equipment with a value of 150 billion dollars. … Corn. … Refined oil.

What matters most to Peru?

Among the main foods that Peru imports are soybeans, corn, wheat, rice, sugar and dairy products.

What products does Peru import in 2021?

6 Import products with the highest growth in 2021

Exercise machines and accessories. … Kitchen items. … Stationery shop articles. … Clothing. … Sewing machines. … Gamers – accessories and spare parts.

What products does Colombia export in 2021?

The main products to this destination were crude petroleum oils. Additionally, the products with the highest growth were Food, beverages and tobacco with 244.6% and Coffee, tea and spices with 201.4%.

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