What is the most unsafe car in Colombia?

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Data from the Single National Traffic Registry, analyzed by the League Against Road Violence, indicated that the vehicle with the highest accident rate sold in the country is the Kia Picanto.

What are the most dangerous cars in Colombia?

These are the 10 most unsafe cars in Colombia

Kia Picanto. According to RUNT data, the vehicle has a mortality rate of 13 and an accident rate of 4,666. Kia Rio. … Mazda 3. … Chevrolet Spark. …Renault Duster. …Mazda CX-5. …Chevrolet Sail. …Chevrolet Tracker.

What are the most unsafe cars?

Most Unsafe Cars 2022

According to the recent Latin NCAP report, the most unsafe cars and the best-selling cars in Mexico are the GM Beat, with zero safety stars for all types of passengers, and the Nissan March, which has only one star in safety. adult passenger and two child passengers.

What is the worst car in security?

Among the 2020 and 2021 car models that have been tested, the ones that offer the least safety are: Mitsubishi l200 – 0 stars for adult safety and 2 stars for child safety. Chevrolet Spark – 0 stars for adults and children. GM Beat – 0 stars for adults and children.

What is the most insecure car in Latin America?

The popular Nissan Tsuru was the least safe vehicle to drive according to the latest report from the New Car Assessment Program for Latin America and the Caribbean (Latin NCAP).

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What are the most unsafe cars in Chile?

The most unsafe cars

Chery IQ. This model was named in 2015 as the most insecure in Latin America. …Chevrolet N300. This model, which got zero stars for safety for adults and only one for children, is another of the least safe. …Nissan March. … Chevrolet Onix. …Suzuki Alto K10.

What is the most unsafe vehicle in the world?

Data from the Single National Traffic Registry, analyzed by the League Against Road Violence, indicated that the vehicle with the highest accident rate sold in the country is the Kia Picanto.

What is the most unsafe car in Mexico?

According to this test, the cars in Mexico that got a zero star rating for both adults and children was the Suzuki Baleno, while the Toyota Yaris only got one star.

What are the safest cars 2022?

The safest models of 2022

    Honda Civic.Honda Insight.Mazda 3.Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid.

What car is better to buy in Colombia?

The Chevrolet Onix leads the subcompact car segment, ranking second in the overall car market. ✔ The Toyota Corolla is the favorite of compact car buyers thanks to its hybrid variant, although the Mazda 3 is number one among the combustion engine.

What is the best car brand in Colombia?

In this segment, the leadership of the Mazda CX-30 is overwhelming, leaving its followers Chevrolet Tracker and Renault Duster relegated, something significant if one considers that the latter model established itself as the best-selling SUV in 2020.

What is the most stolen car in Medellin?

Vehicle theft has become one of the crimes that most impacts Colombians.

The makes, days and colors of cars that steal the most

    Chevy Spark. Kia Picanto. Hyundai I10 Gl. Chevy Sprint. Chevrolet Aveo. Chevrolet Sail.

What car to buy 2022?

The 10 cheapest cars in Mexico for 2022

    FIAT Mobile. Price: $190,500 pesos. …Renault Kwid. Price: $202,000 pesos. …Hyundai Grand i10. Price: $206,500 pesos. …Nissan March. Price: $232,900 pesos. …Dodge Attitude. Price: $244,900 pesos. …Nissan V-Drive. Price: $244,900 pesos. …Suzuki Ignis. Price: $244,990 pesos.

What car to buy in Mexico 2022?

The 15+ most interesting cars arriving in Mexico in 2022

    Audi A3. … Chevrolet Cheyenne. …Ford Ranger. …Hyundai Elantra Hybrid. …Kia Sportage. …Lexus UX. …Mazda CX-50. …Mitsubishi Outlander.

What are the 10 most unsafe cars in Mexico?

According to the study, the least safe cars on the market are:

    Mitsubishi l200. This model has been rated 0 stars for safety for adults and 2 stars for safety for children. Chevrolet Spark. … GM Beat. …Hyundai Accent. …Nissan March. …Fiat Mobi.

What are the most unsafe cars in Mexico 2019?

BAIC D20, BAIC X25, Chevrolet Beat, Chevrolet Tornado, Chevrolet Cavalier LS (manual transmission), Dodge Neon SE, Fiat Uno, Fiat Palio Adventure, Nissan March, Nissan V-Drive, Volkswagen Gol, Volkswagen Saveiro.

What are the safest cars in Chile 2021?

If you want to know the results of these tests, here we tell you which are the 10 safest cars of 2021, according to the IIHS list.

    Toyota Corolla. …Nissan Sentra. …Kia Soul. …Kia Forte. …Hyundai Veloster. …Hyundai Elantra. … Honda Civic. …Mazda 3.

What is the most stolen car in Chile?

Among the most stolen cars in Chile, according to data from the last 12 months (as of September), the Nissan NP300, Kia Motors Frontier, Toyoya Hilux, Nissan Qashqai, Mitsubishi L200, Kia Motors Río and the Hyundai Accent stand out, covering the 30% of the total robberies of the period.

What is the safest SUV?

The Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) published a video demonstrating which is the safest SUV in a frontal crash. In the end, the Chevrolet Equinox and its twin Terrain, both from General Motors (GM), were the only vehicles to earn a “good” rating in the crash test.

Why are there no 2022 cars?

During 2022, inflation will be one of the main factors that will affect and limit the sale of new cars in Mexico, because in addition to the increase in the price of the units, the population will have less purchasing power to purchase durable goods.

What is the best sedan 2022?

All in all, we’re impressed with the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan, which is why it earns the #1 spot on this list thanks to its fun-to-drive nature, spaciousness, and high fuel efficiency.

What is the most stolen car brand in Colombia?

On the list of vehicles that attract criminals the most are: Chevrolet Spark, Kia Picanto, Hyundai I10 GI, Chevrolet Sprint, Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Sail, Renault Logan and Renault Sandero.

What is the most stolen car?

1. Versa replaces the Tsuru as the most stolen. After the Tsuru ceased to be produced, the car that came to replace it as the most stolen in the country was the Versa, also of the Nissan brand. According to statistics, 3,419 units were stolen in the last 12 months.

What is the most stolen car?

The five most stolen car models in Mexico

According to the report, the five most stolen cars from October 2020 to September 2021 were: Nissan Versa: 3,419 stolen units. Nissan Pick up NP300: 2,550 units stolen. Chevrolet Aveo: 2,111 vehicles stolen.

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