What is the most watched program in Colombia 2021?

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“My name is” was ranked as the most watched program in Colombia on Thursday, December 16, 2021, because according to figures from Kantar Ibope Media it had a rating of 13.53%.

What is the program with the most audience in Colombia?

According to soap operas and reality shows, ‘Yo me llamo’ continues to be a hit, as it positioned itself at 2:40 pm as the most watched program in Colombia. Followed by ‘Arelys Henao’, who was in second place with a 13.99.

What is the most watched television program in Colombia?

“My name is” was ranked as the most watched program in Colombia on Tuesday, March 1, 2022, because according to figures from Kantar Ibope Media it had a rating of 14.40%.

What is the most viewed novel in Colombia 2021?

Productions such as ‘La Reina del Flow 2’, which since its first episode was in first place in the audience record, becoming the most watched drama with an average of 13 points, then ‘Desafío The Box’ and its replacement ‘La Voz Kids’ remained immovable in the first position.

How many rating points does Yo mi llamo have?

My name is my name” was ranked as the most watched program in Colombia on Monday, February 28, 2022, because according to figures from Kantar Ibope Media it had a rating of 15.26%.

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Who won last night My name is 2021?

On this occasion, the imitators of Maluma and Camilo Sesto faced each other on stage with excellent presentations. The latter turned out to be the winner of the contest, and to the rhythm of ‘Melina’ and ‘Fresa Salvaje’, Alejandro León or ‘Camilo Sesto’ conquered the hearts of Colombians.

Who was left in My name is 2021?

Leonardo Favio kept the 65 million in ‘My name is’

In the most recent chapter, a new award ceremony was held, where viewers showed their support and chose their favorite.

Which novel has the highest rating 2021?

Now, as Grupo Televisa shared on its social networks, La Desalmada leads the ranking of the most watched with an average of 10.15 million ratings.

What is the most viewed novel in Colombia 2020?

‘I am Betty, the ugly one’ continues to sweep Netflix. It may be that the work of Fernando Gaitán is the most popular Colombian novel of all time.

What is the most watched soap opera on RCN?

The most watched soap opera in the entire history of Colombian television since records are kept is “A Corazón Abierto”.

What is the program with the most audience?

Most watched television broadcasts according to the average audience in Spain in 2021. The semifinal of the European Football Championship between Italy and Spain, broadcast by Telecinco on July 6, 2021, was the most watched broadcast of the year.

What is the program with the highest rating?

Also, these are the most watched entertainment programs: El Retador 3.09 rating. Survivor (X) 2.82 rating. Exathlon Guardians vs Conquerors 2.62 rating.

What are the most watched programs on television?

As for the most watched programs throughout 2021, the second best average was also for the second season of “MasterChef” (19.6 points) and its previous edition was placed in third place (17.8), while “La voz argentina: Camino a la final” (16.7) and “Doctor Milagro”, from Telefe, (16.4) followed them in the …

What is the most watched show in history?

More videos on YouTube

On January 28, 1996, 138 million viewers watched the NBC broadcast of Super Bowl XXX, which has placed it as the most watched, although it is closely followed by the 44th edition in which viewers reached the figure of 106 millions.

How much is a rating point in Colombia?

This corresponds to the industry standard measurement. For example, according to the universes of Kantar IBOPE Media projected to the year 2021, one rating point in total households is equivalent to 25,356 households and in total individuals, 78,121 people.

What is the longest Colombian novel?

If so, and if Caracol decides to continue broadcasting Elif, this would be the longest history of Colombian television, surpassing Pedro el Escamoso, which began broadcasting on April 19, 2001 and 300 chapters later, ended on Friday, February 21. from 2003.

What is the novel with the highest rating on Televisa?

Love in custody

According to data obtained from Nielsen IBOPE Mexico, Las Estrellas led the rating by reaching 2,800,000 people and surpassing its competitor by 357 percent. Azteca Uno reached 608 thousand spectators.

What are the most successful novels of RCN?

The 21 best soap operas on RCN Television

    I am Ugly Betty (1999–2001) TV-PG | 30 minutes | Comedy, Drama, Romance. … In Eva’s heels (2006– ) Drama, Romance. … The last happy marriage (2001– ) … The widow of the mafia (2004– ) … I’m waiting for you there (2012– ) … Love in custody (2009– ) … La Pola (2010 – ) … Thoroughbred (2007– )

What has been the telenovela with the highest rating in Mexico?

As for Mexico, telenovelas such as Marimar and Rebelde are among the most popular and viewed Mexican telenovelas in history.

Who has more rating the heartless or Exatlon?

Last Monday, according to data provided by Nielsen IBOPE Mexico, La Desalmada was seen by 3.9 million people, surpassing Exatlón by 148% when seen by 1.5 million people.

Who has more rating beat the past or the heartless?

La Rosa de Guadalupe reached 1.6 million in total and 720 thousand in the demo while “Vencer el Pasado” reached 1.9 million in total and 830 thousand in the demo.

Who was eliminated from My name is today?

Leonardo Favio, last eliminated from ‘My name is’

Camilo Moscoso is the real name of the contestant who imitated Argentine singer Leonardo Favio. From the beginning he managed to ‘rise’ the jurors Amparo Grisales, César Escola and Yeison Jiménez.

Who came out of I call myself yesterday?

However, the judges César Escola, Amparo Grisales and Yeison Jiménez had to make a difficult decision and with tears they said goodbye to ‘My name is Bruno Mars’, but not before highlighting his great talent and all the progress he had thanks to the school of reality.

Who was eliminated in My name is today?

#YoMeLlamo Leonardo Favio was eliminated by the jury and will not be able to compete in the grand final of the competition.

Who won yesterday in My name is 2022?

The grand prize that Camilo Sesto, winner of Yo Me Llamo, will win will be 500 million pesos. Colombia chose.

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