What is the name of the Defense and Justice stadium?

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The Norberto Tomaghello stadium is a football stadium located in the town of Gobernador Costa, Florencio Varela’s district, in the southern area of ​​the Greater Buenos Aires. It was inaugurated on February 26, 1978 and its owner is the Defense and Justice Social and Sports Club.

What is the name of the Defense and Justice field?

He plays the locality at the Norberto Tomaghello Stadium, which has a capacity of almost 20 thousand spectators and is located in the town of Gobernador Costa, Florencio Varela’s party.

What is the name of the Los Andes stadium?

The Eduardo Gallardón Stadium is a soccer venue, located on Santa Fe Avenue, in Lomas de Zamora, province of Buenos Aires, owned by Club Atlético Los Andes.

Why is Defense and Justice called that?

The problem was to name the Club, Alfredito Scrocchi told that there were several opinions. One of the group, who later we did not know who he was, said “Defense and Justice”. And the name pleased, but for no reason in particular… well, it stayed that way.

How much is the ticket to see Defense and Justice?

The value of the general will be $400, and the sale of these tickets will be on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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When did Defense and Justice rise?

On May 14, 2014, Defensa y Justicia was promoted to the First Division, which was considered the most important event in the history of Florencio Varela’s club, but that milestone was the kick to continue reaping achievements season after season.

What does Defense and Justice mean?

Defense and Justice is an Argentine soccer team. The club was born as a result of a group of friends who met on Miter Street to talk about football and also to spend a pleasant moment on March 20, 1935.

What is the largest grandstand in Argentina?

“It will be 32.60 meters high, only surpassed by the Estadio Único de la Plata, which has 42 meters at the top of the roof,” said Architect Panarisi of the Astori company. In third place is La Bombonera and in fourth place is Monumental de River Plate.

What is the smallest court in Argentina?

The Arsenal court is located in the Sarandi neighborhood, a few blocks from the train station and the Buenos Aires – La Plata highway access. It is a small stadium (between 15 and 20 thousand people enter), it is one of the smallest fields of the 1st division clubs.

Who runs Defense and Justice?

Sebastián Beccacece new coach of Defense and Justice.

What is the largest court in Argentina in terms of measurements?

Its 110 x 75 meters exceed the size of the rest, including those of the San Lorenzo field (110 x 70 and the largest in the A), the River Monumental (105 x 70) and the Racing Cylinder (105 x 68) .

What is the most modern court in Argentina?

The most modern stadium in Argentina – Estadio Libertadores de America.

How many times did Defense and Justice come down?

Board of Trustees, Boca and Defense and Justice: the only ones with zero relegation.

How many years were you defending in B?

Today marks the 24th anniversary of the promotion to the B Nacional obtained by Defense and Justice by becoming champion of the 1996/97 season, after beating Tristán Suárez 2-1 in the second final. The definition against Tristán Suárez had the particularity that the 2 finals were played in the same stadium, the QAC field.

When do the tickets for River vs Defense and Justice come out?

The sale will begin this Tuesday, November 30, at 3:00 p.m., through RiverID. In recognition of the effort made during the pandemic, the remnants of the Sívori Alta and Centenario Alta grandstands will be free for members who choose those locations.

How to get a ticket to see San Lorenzo?

Look at the steps to follow…

1) I acquired your GUEST CARD. Do it at any of the club’s headquarters (Av. de Mayo 964, Av. … 2) Charge the ticket to the matches you like. … 3) Enter the New Gasometer.

Where to buy tickets to see San Lorenzo?

The virtual sale will take place on the page indicated by the institution on its official Twitter account, while there will be different options to purchase tickets in person: at Avenida La Plata or at the stadium. At the headquarters they can be purchased Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

What are Defense players?

defense (football)

    In soccer, the defender, defender, marker or defender is a field player whose main role is to prevent opponents from approaching the goal and scoring goals. Also called a central defender, or simply central (not to be confused with the term central marker). ).

What bus takes me to Club Los Andes?

Which Colectivo lines stop near Club Atlético Los Andes? These Colectivo lines stop near Club Atlético Los Andes: 544, 544 L, 544 P, COMBI.

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