What is the name of the Huawei Play Store?

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Huawei already has its own Google Play: Appgallery. We tell you how it is and how to download it on your Android.

What is the Huawei Play Store?

Huawei AppGallery is the official app distribution platform for Huawei smartphones and tablets. Available in more than 170 countries, AppGallery is the world’s third largest app marketplace – an app store where users can discover, find and download the…

What replaces Play Store in Huawei?

Since its creation, AppGallery has become the third largest application store in the world, so even though Huawei devices do not have the Google Play Store, users can still access a large number of applications.

What is the name of Huawei’s health app?

Download the HUAWEI AppGallery health app and start improving your life by leaving your comfort zone.

What is the name of the Huawei application to download?

HUAWEI AppGallery is the official app distribution platform for Huawei devices. It allows you to search, download, manage, share and update your applications.

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How to download and install AppGallery?

Install AppGallery from a simple APK

Download the Store APK from the official Huawei website. Install the AppGallery, launch it, and accept the permissions.

How to enter AppGallery?


You can enter this link https://wap2.hispace.hicloud.com/ or https://huaweimobileservices.com/es/appgallery-esp/ to your preferred browser and you will download AppGallery / or in the link: https://huaweimobileservices .com/en/appgallery-eng/ … Follow the guide below to install AppGallery:

How to activate Huawei Health?

Open the Health app , go to Devices > ADD, select the device model (wearable, can be Watch GT or Band), and tap PAIR. Enjoy staying in shape with exercises programmed and tested by the best athletes and fitness personalities who recommend them.

How to log in Huawei Health App?

Enter the Health or Health application, select Me, press sign in with Huawei ID, enter your Huawei ID username and password and click sign in.

How to update Huawei Health app?

For Android users: Open the Huawei Health app, tap Devices , tap the device name, and enable Automatically download update packages over Wi-Fi. If there is any new update, the watch will display update reminders.

How to install Google apps on Huawei?

Install Google apps on your Huawei in 5 minutes with Googlefier

Download and install the Googlefier application on your Huawei mobile. Grant the necessary permissions to the application. Complete the steps indicated on the screen. As you progress, Google apps and services will be installed.

How to install apps on Huawei?

Enter AppGallery, type the name of any app in the search bar, or browse and download the apps you want. AppGallery has a 4-level detection mechanism to ensure apps are safe to download and use.

How to reinstall Play Store on my Huawei cell phone?

Step 1: Go to the “Settings” menu of your Android phone and find the “Applications” category. Then tap on the “Application Manager” item. Step 2: Check that all the apps are listed on the phone and scroll the screen until the “Google Play Store” item appears.

How to download Play Store if I deleted it?

The easiest and safest way to do it is by downloading the APK from the apk mirror. Once the APK is installed we will be able to use the Play Store without any major problem. In case nothing works, you can reset your phone to factory settings, and if this does not work, you should take it to technical support.

What is Huawei ID login?

HUAWEI ID is your unique user account (hereinafter referred to as “HUAWEI ID”) that can be used to access all Huawei services, including HUAWEI Cloud, HUAWEI AppGallery, HUAWEI Themes, HUAWEI Video, HUAWEI Music and other Huawei services.

How to recover Huawei Health password?

Go to Settings> Huawei ID (Account Center)> Account and security> Security Center> Recover password. You can then reset your password by clicking Get Code. An SMS (if you have your phone associated) or an email will be sent.

How to recover Huawei Health data?

Go to Settings > Sign in with HUAWEI ID > Cloud > Cloud backup > Restore data, select a backup, and touch Restore.

How to use the Health app?

Set up your Health profile

Open the Health app and tap the Summary tab. Tap your profile picture in the top right corner. Tap Health Details, then Edit. Add your information, like height, weight, and age. Tap OK.

How to enable heart rate in Huawei Health?

Open the Health app, tap Devices and your device name, go to Health monitoring > Continuous heart rate monitoring, and enable Continuous heart rate monitoring.

How to create an account in AppGallery?

Sign up and log in to your HUAWEI Developer account, access AppGallery Connect, create a new app, and upload the APK. Set languages ​​and basic app information, such as app name, intro, screenshots, and app category.

How to update AppGallery?

To enable auto-update, go to AppGallery > Me > Updates and enable Auto-update via WLAN. In addition, AppGallery will tell you if any application needs to be updated.

How to install the application?

Reinstall or activate apps

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store. On the right, tap the profile icon. Tap Manage apps & device. Manage. Select the applications you want to install or activate. If you don’t find any, tap Installed. … Tap Install or Enable.

How to recover the Play Store of my mobile?

How to find the Google Play Store app

On your device, go to the Apps section. Then tap Google Play Store . The app will open, and you can browse and search for content to download.

How to re-enable Google Play services?

How to reinstall or activate apps

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store .On the right side, tap the profile icon.Tap Manage device & apps. Manage. Select the apps you want to install or activate. … Tap Install or Enable.

How do I install Google Play services?

Step 1: Make sure Google Play services are up to date

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app .Tap Apps & notifications. …Scroll down to and tap Google Play services.Scroll down to and tap App details.Tap Update or Install.
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