What is the object of study of Marxist political economy?

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Marxist political economists have the explicit goal of first criticizing and second transforming society. The EPM is a performative and reflexive theory. Thus, its objective is not merely to describe, but also to transform society. The role of criticism is fundamental in this.

What is the object of study of Marxist political economy?

Political Economy aims to study the laws that govern the production and exchange of material goods in human society.

What is the method of political economy according to Marx?

1. In Marx’s approach, the method is always a method for something and that something is determined by the object we wish to investigate. In this sense, Rochabrum’s statement is correct, that before we ask about the method that Marx uses in Capital, we first inquire about the object of investigation.

What is political Marxist?

According to the Marxist analysis, the dominant social class organizes society by protecting its best privileges. For this, the State is established, a political instrument of domination: “police and army responsible for maintaining security and public order, the “bourgeois” order.

What is it to be a Marxist?

Marxist presupposes a theoretical, intellectual position. Communist is the one who acts in favor of a humanity without classes and without States, without exploitation or oppression. A Marxist is one who fundamentally shares the theories or methodology of Marx.

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What is Marxist theory?

Marxism synthesizes the proposal initiated by Marx to think critically about capitalist society and its overcoming through the revolutionary alternative. For this reason, it proposes as a paradigm of science an epistemological rupture to think about society and subvert it.

How does Karl Marx define economics?

The economic model outlined by Marx points to production as the central axis and the starting point of the economic process, while triggering a reciprocal interdependence or mutual conditioning with the rest of the phases such as exchange (circulation), distribution and distribution. consumption.

What are the methods used by Marxism?

Karl Marx, socialist theorist thinker of German nationality (Treves, West Prussia, 1818 – London, 1883), who proposed the Dialectical Method; term that designates the scientific method of knowledge of the world and provides man with the possibility of understanding social relations as a natural phenomenon, …

What is Marx’s method of inquiry?

Marx understands at this point that the correct scientific method consists precisely in ascending from the most abstract to the most concrete.

What is the object of study of economics and politics?

It is the study of the different instruments of the fiscal, monetary and foreign exchange areas with which policy makers, the Executive, the Central Bank, among others, try to help the markets generate balance. The priority objectives of economic policy are growth and stability.

What are the objectives of economic policy?

The objectives of economic policy are the set of actions and decisions adopted by a Government in relation to the economy of a country. In this sense, economic policy consists of decision-making, as well as the implementation of measures that try to control the situation of the economy.

What is the dialectical method?

The dialectical method is based on the general, dialectical and historical materialist conception that everything in nature, society and the human being himself is concatenated or interconnected, in constant movement, change and transformation and knowing the essence of things and the facts of real life and what…

What is the method used by historical materialism?

Dialectical historical materialism is a theoretical-methodological proposal that is distinguished by the condition of explaining reality and then understanding it, since true understanding only happens from contact with material reality.

How to apply the dialectical method?

The dialectic comprises three stages of development: Thesis: formulation of an idea. Antithesis: reaction to this idea, which denies or contradicts it. Synthesis: a new idea, a final formulation that resolves the contradiction between the two previous points.

What is the materialism method?

The method of historical materialism is a guide for research and practice, never a dogma. Engels, in a letter to Werner Sombart, on 03/11/1895, understood it this way: “… the whole way that Marx had of conceiving things is not a doctrine, but a method.

What is the materialistic method?

Materialism is the philosophical doctrine that posits that matter is primary and that consciousness exists as a consequence of a highly organized state of matter, which produces a qualitative change.

What is materialism in methodology?

Methodological materialism is the very exercise of materialistic rationalism in each course of scientific or philosophical analyses, constructions or debates, without the need for materialism to appear “represented” in these courses, or even appear represented with spiritualist formulas.

Who uses the dialectical method?

Dialectics as a method in classical Greek philosophy. Heraclitus can be considered the ‘father of dialectics’ in the West, he is the first to consider that contradiction does not paralyze, but energizes.

What is the dialectic of education?

The dialectic of education is learning to live with them, sometimes overcoming them, opening new ones, or taking advantage of the tension to generate new possibilities.

What are the economic objectives?

OBJECTIVE OF THE ECONOMICS The objective of the Economy is to study the correct distribution of scarce resources to satisfy the needs of the human being The objective of the economy studies the laws that govern the production, distribution, circulation and consumption of material goods that satisfy…

What are the objectives of the policy?

Politics is an activity whose objective is to resolve peacefully and reasonably conflicts between people and human groups. More precisely, politics is a particular way of dealing with those conflicts that must be resolved democratically.

What are the social objectives of the economy?

The broad societal goals that relate to the economy and that currently receive considerable importance in any society are: economic freedom, economic efficiency, economic equity, economic security, economic stability (full employment and no inflation), and economic growth.

What are the social objectives?

The social objectives of a company are those goals that a company pursues with respect to the society with which it lives. Within the objectives that a company must pursue, we could say that social objectives have successfully penetrated among them.

What is dialectics for children?

Dialectics is known as the technique that tries to discover the truth by confronting opposing arguments with each other. The word dialectic originates from the Greek dialektiké. Dialectic is the art of persuading, debating and reasoning different ideas.

What is dialectics in philosophy examples?

Dialectics focuses on problems through opposites, for example: in daily life we ​​experience situations such as war and peace, which despite being contradictory and opposite, have a relationship between them.

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