What is the origin of popular culture in Venezuela?

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Culture in Venezuela began with the symbiosis of entirely different cultural elements found at the time of the Columbian discovery: the Indian, the African, and the Spanish.

What is the origin of Venezuelan popular culture?

Venezuelan popular culture is the result of the mixture of three cultures: indigenous, African and Spanish, which were found in America after the arrival of Christopher Columbus. This mixture produced a rich culture, different in each region of the country.

How does popular culture arise?

Popular culture is a compendium of artistic and folkloric manifestations that emanates directly from the people, and is rooted in the traditions, values ​​and beliefs of the people, and has been transmitted from generation to generation for decades or even centuries.

What do you understand by Venezuelan popular culture?

In Venezuela it is common to speak of popular culture to refer to the set of expressions that are the product of the work of the mass of the population, that is to say, of everything that makes up the Venezuelan socio-cultural background, product of the ethnic complexity typical of the fusion of the diverse cultures that in the historical event they have…

What is Venezuelan popular culture and its importance?

The Venezuelan Popular Culture is a symbol of resistance of the peoples who have had to coexist mutually, assimilating alien traits, contributing their own and losing some.

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What is popular culture?

Popular culture comes from the miscegenation between the two types of culture. The concept “others” is relevant since it implies differences in cultural dynamics. The differences are important because they come from creativity, which must be respected and maintained in the face of fear of its elimination.

What are the elements of Venezuelan popular culture?

Dance, Music, Plastic Arts, Literature, Architecture, etc, fall within these manifestations and over time many of them have become traditions. Here you have a video that somehow represents what Venezuela is seen in the streets, churches, squares, its people…

How was the Venezuelan popular culture Wikipedia shaped?

From the first period, indigenous, Spanish and African peoples were mixed, and today the majority of Venezuelans have one or more of these ancestries: mulattos 30%, mestizos 35%, descendants of Europeans 25% (mostly Italians, Spanish , Portuguese, German, among others).

When was popular culture born?

Pop culture emerged in the second half of the 20th century, in the year 1967, when the world was then shaken by war conflicts and arms races. In that year, a counterculture promoted by youth was born to fight against the uncertainty that these events caused.

How is popular culture manifested?

Traditional popular culture, as a social phenomenon, has an integrating character that is manifested from the implications of the phenomenon as a reflection of a way of life, containing all the material-spiritual expressions and the various forms of their social relationships, it is popular as the subjects who live …

How was culture formed?

Culture is made when the protagonists, the ideas, the works that throughout history and in our present create the thought and perception of our reality are made known. This knowledge gives us the ability to analyze and judge.

What is the popular culture of Ecuador?

Republic of Ecuador. Traditional popular culture is a synthesis of the active participation of creative subjects and bearers of values ​​in the spontaneity of the process.

How was the evolution of Venezuelan culture?

The evolutionary process of contemporary Venezuelan culture derives from the pre-Hispanic, Hispanic and African roots, consolidated in the colonial centuries. Cultural specificity has been achieved through an intense process of transculturation and miscegenation.

What are the Venezuelan cultural values?

Among the cultural traditions declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the following stand out: Dancing devils from Venezuela, the feast of San Pedro in Guarenas and Guatire, traditional knowledge and techniques linked to the cultivation and processing of curagua, the Mapoyo oral tradition and its references. ..

What is popular culture and what does it give us?

Popular culture is based on the tradition that values ​​the contributions of those who preceded us in time and maintains a good part of their behavior patterns.

What is popular culture according to authors?

Popular culture is understood as the accumulation of diverse cultural manifestations such as music, literature, art, fashion, dance, cinema, cyberculture, radio, television, etc., which are consumed by the widest public.

How has culture evolved throughout history?

Culture became a survival strategy as skills to transmit and develop knowledge, skills and technology were adapted; characteristics that made the new lands and resources more humane. In short, the human being has conditioned himself to almost all the means of the earth.

How important is culture in Ecuador?

In Ecuador, the role of culture in development has been recognized in key documents such as the National Plan for Good Living 2009-2013, where the role of culture in well-being is linked to the affirmation of a national identity and the strengthening of different identities and multiculturalism.

How is our culture?

The culture of Mexico is the product of a process of mixing indigenous practices and traditions with the Spanish colonial presence, which ended up producing an indelible mark on all vital aspects.

What is culture as a socio-historical fact?

Culture is the articulated and accumulated set of parts of nature that surrounds man and that man as a social being has transformed throughout his historical development. Obviously, culture cannot be understood without understanding the socioeconomic structure, both form a unit.

When was cultural diversity decreed in Venezuela?

In accordance with this spirit, ends and purposes, the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela decreed on January 5, 2007 the Law approving the “Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions”, reaffirming the will of the State to guarantee the …

What are the cultures of our country?

It must be taken into account that the Mexican territory was part of one of the cradles of humanity: Mesoamerica. From there emerged different important American cultures: the Mayan, the Toltec, the Teotihuacan, the Mixtec, the Olmec and the Mexica or Aztec, to name just a few well-known examples.

What are the example cultural manifestations?

A cultural manifestation is the way we express our culture, for example, music, dance, literature, painting, handicrafts are cultural manifestations.

What were the first cultural manifestations of the human being?

The first cultural manifestations of importance date back to prehistoric times. As early as the Palaeolithic period, around 15,000 BC, there was a Franco-Cantabrian culture of cave art that stretched from northern Spain, through Europe, to Asia.

What are the cultural manifestations of Nicaragua?

Samples range from pottery, ceramics, wood carving, musical instruments such as the Marimba, stone carving, textiles, and leather. Historically Nicaragua is a country rich in literature, since pre-Hispanic times there are songs and stories of the first settlers.

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