What is the relationship between art and health?

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In theoretical terms, the field of art and health is heir to the positive and comprehensive concept of health – understood not as the absence of disease but as a process of collective well-being influenced by economic, psychosocial, cultural and environmental factors13-15.

What is health art?

Through the ability of art to represent and externalize the emotions, doubts and conflicts of humans, giving the person the opportunity to face them from a safe and healthy space, connecting with himself, his interests, his expectations, his strengths and real needs.

How does art influence health and well-being?

Among the benefits of art for health is also the improvement of memory and the focus of concentration. To begin with, the different artistic manifestations allow us to concentrate, so attention is optimized when performing tasks.

What is the role of art in health education?

– All recognized that it affects their training as professionals: it prepares them as future doctors, improves the human quality of its members, allows them to learn how to get deeper into people and their problems; because it constitutes a way to raise the knowledge and cultural heritage of them and the population in general.

What is the relationship between art and well-being?

Through the ability of art to represent and externalize the emotions, doubts and conflicts of humans, giving the person the opportunity to face them from a safe and healthy space, connecting with himself, his interests, his expectations, his strengths and real needs.

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How is art related to physical and psycho-emotional well-being?

The expression of one’s emotions through art can help solve problems from the past and can help improve self-knowledge, self-esteem, emotional control, reduce stress and anxiety, improve consciousness, attention or creativity.

How does art influence emotional well-being?

It is a type of therapy as a means of expression so that patients can communicate, reduce stress and overcome emotional problems, among other benefits.

Why is art important in health?

The World Health Organization (WHO) is clear: “Artistic activities, from dancing to singing, from reading to theater, benefit health and can help treat complicated problems such as diabetes, obesity, Parkinson’s or mental illness.

How does art influence medicine?

Medicine is more than a technique, it is fundamentally an art, not because its activity is aimed at an aesthetic objective (it does not belong to the field of Fine Arts), but because of its human objective, which is the neighbor with all its complexity. Medicine is a bridge to another to improve their condition.

How does art help mental health?

Artistic activities in emergency settings, including music, crafts, and performances, have been found to reduce anxiety, pain, and blood pressure, especially for children, but also for their parents.

How does art influence our lives?

Art plays a mediating and driving role in communication, since the artist through his creation transmits not only emotions, but also messages, and makes us reflect on our existence, social problems or life in general.

What culture developed the art of medical techniques?

The first truly scientific methods began to develop in the Egyptian civilization, Herodotus came to write that in Ancient Egypt there was a doctor for each disease.

Why is medicine a science?

Medicine has been commonly defined as “the science that aims to preserve and restore health” (2), or “the art of preventing, caring for and assisting in the cure of disease” (3), or finally , “the science of curing and preventing diseases” (4).

Why medicine?

The main purposes of medicine are: The prevention of illness and injury and the promotion and maintenance of health; are core values, prevention because it is common sense that it is preferable to prevent disease or damage to health, when possible.

How can art influence a person’s attitude?

benefits of art

With a drawing you can: detect emotional conflicts, treat mental and physical disabilities, improve mood, self-esteem and even develop mentally. Therefore, we can free our imagination, our ability to express ourselves.

How does artistic production help the well-being and emotions of adults?

works as therapy

The stimulation of creativity allows positive isolation from reality, which reduces stress and generates feelings of happiness.

What artistic project can we develop to transmit to other people the physical and emotional well-being that is achieved through dance?

Production: An artistic project that guides and informs people of the benefits of expressing their emotions through dance to maintain their physical and emotional health.

What is scientific medicine?

Scientific medicine (also known as allopathic or western) is conventional medicine, considered official in our health system. For many, both are apparently irreconcilable practices that are at the antipodes of medical practice.

What culture invented medicine?

But where the medicine of antiquity advanced the most was with the Greeks who learned it from the Egyptians. Among them was Chiron and his disciple Aesculapius, considered as God and to whom great miracles were attributed. Its most notable representatives were: Hippocrates and Galen.

Who is Hippocrates?

Hippocrates was a Greek physician born on the island of Cos, Greece, in 460 BC. He was seen as the greatest physician of all time and based his medical practice on the observation and study of the human body.

Who is the founder of medicine?

Hippocrates: The beginning of scientific medicine focuses on the appearance in Greece of an exceptional historical figure symbol of the ideal doctor, Hippocrates.

How is art related to everyday life?

Painting, drawing, writing or reading a book, making a sculpture, participating in a play or sitting down to enjoy one, devising or filming a movie or watching one, making a building or enjoying its aesthetics, composing music or listening to it, to name just a few actions linked to art…

How is art present in everyday life?

Advantages of having Art in everyday life:

Remove the population from bad vices such as drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, etc. Help express feelings, thoughts and emotions that influence that moment. Be a recreational activity that helps to relate effectively with other people.

What is art in my life?

What is art in life? ART is a form of manifestation of the human being, where he seeks to communicate his thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings influenced by his relationship and vision of the world, through means such as painting, music, dance, literature, among many others. plus.

What does art do in the brain?

The development of artistic skills greatly improves attention, the state of consciousness and improves emotional control, self-knowledge and self-esteem. In addition, it helps to solve problems that affected in the past and that are manifested in the present.

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