What is the role of the CLAPs in the defense of the homeland?

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The CLAPs represent a form of popular organization in charge, together with the Ministry of Popular Power for Food, of house-to-house adjudication of regulated goods at fair prices.

What is the political and productive role of the CLAPs?

The Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP) is a program for the distribution of some basic imported foods promoted by the Venezuelan government since 2016 in which the communities themselves, organized in committees, supply and distribute priority foods through a . ..

What is the function of the CLAPs?

The CLAPs must implement a meeting system that allows them to control and monitor the Popular Food Distribution System. Political debate and training meetings must be held at least every fortnight.

What are the functions of the militiaman in the CLAP?

The Militiamen will certify a report from the Heads of Families who receive the monthly market, with supervisors in each street. Reports will be obtained from each beneficiary Head of Family through the Homeland Card.

What is CLAP community chief?

Community Manager: Person in charge of coordinating the census of families, supply routes, distribution points and other actions that make up the popular food distribution system.

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How is a CLAP formed?

Unlike that first scheme, the CLAPs are made up of members of community organizations and politicians linked to the government who coordinate to sell and distribute food awarded directly by the government to households within a community.

Who chooses the CLAPs?

The CLAPs are part of a bureaucratic apparatus that includes the Ministry of People’s Power for Food, the Popular Distribution and Supply System, 24 State Agrifood Commands, the National Women’s Union, the Francisco de Miranda Front, Communes, Communal Councils, UBCH, parishes, families…

What are the CLAP laws?

The purpose of this Constitutional Law is to regulate the constitution, organization and operation of the Local Committee for Supply and Production (CLAP), as well as the recognition of the organization of the instances of aggregation and participation and grassroots organizations of the People’s Power, to ensure the …

What are productive CLAPs?

– The Venezuelan head of state, Nicol├ís Maduro, pointed out that the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP) have as their objective -since their creation- to supply and produce from the communities, in addition to consolidating urban agriculture.

How to report the CLAP of my community 2020?

Complaints are received by the organization through the “Say Here” application, the email denuncia@transparencia.org.ve and the telephone number (0412)3122629.

When was CLAP born?

In this context, an unprecedented system of food distribution in the territory itself and house to house, started on March 12, 2016, and with it a new social fabric was born that incorporated women and men in each community giving way to a model bold and effective, to ensure family nutrition and in what …

How many CLAP boxes per family 2020?

At a press conference, Edison Arciniegas, director of the organization, explained that during 2020 Clap boxes or bags were distributed to 2.3 million families, leaving more than 3.7 million households out of the food subsidy.

How many CLAP boxes per family 2019?

Through the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP), during 2019, 120 million boxes of food were delivered throughout the national territory, equivalent to one million 800 thousand metric tons, with a subsidy of 99% of the commercial value, to benefit to 6 million 200 thousand families…

How much does a CLAP box cost?

The so-called CLAP box costs less than 10 cents on the dollar, equivalent to one and a half days of the Venezuelan minimum wage. If your relatives had to buy these groceries in a supermarket, they would pay 7 dollars.

What does the CLAP 2020 bag bring?

In 2020, that program distributed 149,326 metric tons of food, at a rate of 100.61 kg per family throughout the year. The main items included were sardines (23.10 kg per family), tubers and starchy vegetables (19.02 kg) and poultry meat (21.70 kg).

Where to claim CLAP?

Likewise, through the e-mail address clapnacional2016@gmail.com, the community will be able to inform everything related to the Local Supply and Production Committee (CLAP), including sending proposals, projects or suggestions to improve the quality of the service.

Where are meetings reported in quarantine?

To report quarantine violations or institutional violence, contact the Ministry of Security at the toll-free number 134.

How to make a complaint in Venezuela?

Complaint process

Go directly to the Public Prosecutor’s Office (find the closest one here). File your complaint online (check here if you can do so in your state). File your complaint anonymously by calling 911 or the Attorney General’s Office at 800-00 -85-400.

What are the requirements to file a complaint?

Requirements to Make a Complaint. Name, address and telephone number of the person or organization you represent. The acts, facts or omissions reported, that is, the description of the reported problem.

How do you make a written complaint?

1) Formulate verbally or in writing. 2) It must contain the identification of the complainant, the address or domicile. 3) a detailed narration of the facts. 4) indicate the person(s) who have committed the taxable event.

How do I make a complaint?

The complaint is filed at the prosecutor’s office to which you have access and can be made verbally or in writing, leaving a record of the day and time of filing and must contain a detailed description of the facts known to the complainant (how , when, where did the events occur).

Where to report social gatherings?

To report cases of violation of preventive and mandatory social isolation throughout the country, you can contact the national line 134.

How to report parties in a pandemic?

The authority announced that three channels are available for this purpose: the website www.denunciaseguro.cl, WhatsApp +569 3430 3541 of the Metropolitan Health Seremi and phone 134 of the PDI.

Where to make anonymous AFIP complaints?


    Telephone: 0800-999-DENU (3368) – option 2 – from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. In-person: at any AFIP office.

How to make claims on the homeland platform?

To access this new option, the user must enter their account in the Patria System, locate the “Profile” tab and then click on the item “Blocks and complaints” in the list on the left.

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