What is the salary of a first sergeant?

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Salary compensation table for 2021 for Army NCO positions. Following the salary table published by the Unified Association of Spanish Military (AUME), the salaries of non-commissioned officers in the army are as follows: Sergeant: 1,990.40 euros. First Sergeant: 2048.30 euros.

How much does a first corporal in the Army earn?

C2 official: from first corporal to soldier (or sailor), with a temporary service relationship, with 656.18 euros per month.

How much does a Spanish military 2021 earn?

Once graduated, they are promoted to lieutenant, or ensign of a ship in the navy, and the salary rises to around 1,985 euros in 2021. With regard to troops and sailors, it starts with 359 euros gross per month. Once graduated, the soldier or sailor receives a salary of 1,016 euros in fourteen installments.

How much does a sergeant earn in Colombia?

Sergeant (Sgt.) Major ($337,000) $440,265; second first ($291,000) $376,880; Sgt.

What is the salary of a Civil Guard sergeant?

Royal Decree 950/2005 sets the basic salary for the Civil Guard, with a base salary of** 10,823 euros per year** for guards (category C1), 14,132 for sergeants (A2) and 16,071 for the captains (A1).

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How much does a 2021 Civil Guard Sergeant earn?

The base salary this 2021 is 10,823.90 euros per year for the group of guards (category C1), 14,132.38 euros per year for Sergeant agents (category A2) and 16,071.44 euros per year for captains (group A1 ).

How much does a Civil Guard 2021 charge per month?

Basic remuneration of the Civil Guard salary

The basic salary on the Corporals and Guards scale (Group C1), and the most common in access to this body, is 9,650.28 euros per year in 2021. This is equivalent to about 804.19 euros per month, distributed in 12 payments.

How much does a colonel in the Colombian army earn?

Colonel: his salary is $4,411,174. Lieutenant Colonel: he is paid $3,440,816. Major: 2,991,815. Captain: 2’462.132.

How much does a transit agent earn in Colombia 2021?

The average agent salary in Colombia is $11,841. 131 a year or $6,072 an hour. Entry level charges start with an income of $10,225. 964 a year, while more experienced professionals receive up to $20,400.

How much does a military man earn in Spain per month?

The monthly amount ranges from €167.00 for a soldier or sailor to €1,429.40 for a general. A lieutenant (or ensign of a ship) would correspond to €362.50. Seniority, according to the years of services rendered (in the form of trienniums).

How much does a soldier earn per month?

According to information from SEDENA, the gross income of a Mexican soldier is 14,734.83 pesos, and the net amount amounts to 12,808.29 pesos. We share with you the Salary Table (ordinary monthly earnings) of the military personnel of the Mexican Army and the Air Force, updated to 2022.

What is the salary of a priest?

The basic salary of a priest today is 978.58 euros, a salary that, as Calvo explained, is the same for all priests, including the bishop himself, and despite the fact that there are later supplements for different reasons, either for positions or for work , if the salary they receive is higher, the salary difference with …

How much does an army general earn in Spain?

The generals charge, on average, about 3,500 euros, to which must be added the trienniums and up to 1,500 euros as a complement.

How much does an Army Lieutenant Colonel make?

According to the SEDENA salary table, a colonel can earn up to 78,247 pesos (3,826 dollars); lieutenant colonel, 53,413 pesos ($2,611); major, 42,539 pesos (2,080 dollars); first captain, 36,713 pesos (1,795 dollars); second captain, 33,265 pesos (1,626 dollars), among others.

How much does a Colombian Army officer earn 2020?

Salaries for officers of the Armed Forces were as follows: lieutenant colonels or frigate captains 385,200 pesos; corvette majors or captains 307,200 pesos, ship captains or lieutenants 282,800 pesos, frigate lieutenants or lieutenants 249,700 pesos, and second lieutenants or second lieutenants of…

How much does a military earn in Mexico 2022?

A Division General has a gross monthly salary of 163,910 pesos; one Brigadier, 149 thousand 205.42, and a Brigadier General, 129 thousand 929.52.

What does a sergeant do in the army?

Currently, the functions of the sergeant, as an intermediate step between the officers and the troops, usually consist of the instruction, training, coordination and supervision of the subordinate troops under their charge, both in instructional and operational or technical areas, assuming command and leadership of…

How much pension does a Civil Guard have left?

How much pension does a retired Civil Guard have left? The amount of the pension is set in the General State Budgets, and is updated year after year. Currently a Civil Guard would receive the amount of 25,498.08 euros in 14 payments.

What is the salary of a royal guard?

According to Indeed Mexico, the average base salary for a national guard in Mexico is $15,000 per month, although, as we mentioned, the hierarchy or the experience you have will be decisive to access better remuneration.

What earns more a policeman or a Civil Guard?

The salary of both is quite similar, a civil guard earns 24,515 euros annually compared to 24,524 for a national police officer. The syllabus to access the Civil Guard bodies consists of about 25 topics compared to the syllabus of the National Police, which is made up of 41.

How much does a Civil Guard earn in 2022?

To answer this question, the first thing to know is that the basic salary of a Civil Guard is set for this year at 9,650.28 euros per year for Group C1, including extra payments for June and December.

How much does a Civil Guard earn in 2022?

The base salary this 2022 is €10,823.90 per year for the group of guards (cat C1), €14,132.38 per year for Sergeant agents (category A2) and €16,071.44 per year for captains (group A1 ).

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