What is the standard of good storage practices?

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The Good Storage Practices (BPA), are a set of minimum storage standards for import, distribution, dispensing and sale establishments of pharmaceutical and related products, regarding facilities, equipment and operating procedures, aimed at guaranteeing the .. .

What is the objective of Good Storage Practices?

Good Storage Practices are a set of standards that establish the requirements and operating procedures that must be met by establishments that manufacture, import, export, store, market or distribute pharmaceutical products, medical devices and health products, in order to…

What are Good Storage and Distribution Practices?

The Good Storage and Distribution Practices (BPAD), constitute a set of mandatory minimum storage, distribution and transportation standards that import, distribution, transportation, dispensing and sale of pharmaceutical and related products must comply with. .

How to implement Good Storage Practices?

The warehouse must have good ventilation, that is, have a place with air inlet and outlet, it must also have reinforced doors and windows to protect from direct sunlight. The temperature must be adequate inside the warehouse to guarantee the chemical stability of the drugs.

What are the Good Supply Practices?

It is the ordered and systematic set of actions and procedures necessary for the promotion, prevention and recovery of individual and collective health, based on pharmaceutical and related products.

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What is the pharmaceutical NOM 059?

Official Mexican STANDARD NOM-059-SSA1-2006, Good manufacturing practices for establishments of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry dedicated to the manufacture of medicines (amends NOM-059-SSA1-1993, published on July 31, 1998).

What are BPA Good Storage Practices and why is their application important in the pharmacy?

Good storage practices (BPA), constitute a set of mandatory minimum storage standards that import, distribution, dispensing and sale of pharmaceutical and related products must comply with, regarding facilities, equipment and operating procedures, …

When we talk about a specialized warehouse, do we mean?

It is the place or physical space destined for the conservation, management, safety and control of products, taking into account the importance of complying with GAP.

What are Good Distribution Practices?

Good Distribution Practices (GDP) is a quality system for warehouses and distribution centers dedicated to medicines. Internationally accepted pharmaceutical GPG regulations state that pharmaceutical distributors must bring their operations into compliance with the standards.

What are Good Documentation Practices?


Define specifications and procedures. Ensure that the personnel involved in manufacturing comply with it in its entirety. Ensure traceability of manufactured products. Provide support for audits.

Why is compliance with Good Storage Practices standards important?

Good Storage Practices (BPA) are currently very important within the pharmaceutical industry, since the quality of a pharmaceutical product, medical devices and health products from its manufacture to its dispensing has to be the same; For this reason, storage systems contemplate…

What is the advantage of a correct storage of medicines?

The correct storage of medicines is a very important way to maintain the safe use of medicines until their expiration date. To guarantee this safe use, it is also necessary to fully comply with the instructions for conservation and storage, which are detailed in the box and package insert of the medicine.

What is bpd in pharmacy?

Good Dispensing Practices (BPD) are a set of standards established to ensure proper use of these products.

What is NOM 059 SSA1 2015?

This Standard establishes the minimum requirements necessary for the manufacturing process of medicines for human use marketed in the country and/or for research purposes.

Why is NOM 059 important?

The purpose of NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010 is to identify the species or populations of wild flora and fauna at risk in the Mexican Republic, through the integration of the corresponding lists, as well as to establish the criteria for inclusion, exclusion or change of category of risk to species or …

What is qualified according to NOM 059 SSA1 2015?

According to NOM-059-SSA1-2015, the most important element for the safety, efficacy and quality of medicines is the personnel; which makes it one of the pillars that the pharmaceutical industry must ensure for the manufacture of these.

What does bpd mean in the industry?

BPD: Good distribution practices. NCF: Good manufacturing standards.

What are GAPs for pharmacy offices and pharmacies and for pharmacies in health establishments?

Good Pharmaceutical Office Practices (BPOF) are the set of regulations established to comprehensively ensure compliance with Good Storage Practices, Good Pharmacovigilance Practices, Good Dispensing Practices and, when applicable, Good Distribution Practices and . ..

What are the advantages of suspensions in medicines?

Advantages of ready-to-use premixed drugs

    They reduce medication errors related to preparation and administration. They save time and are ready to use at any time and when they are needed. They reduce contamination by infections.

What is the storage of medicines?

Pharmaceutical warehouses or pharmaceutical distribution are those establishments whose activity consists of obtaining and preserving medicines. In addition to supplying pharmacies.

What is medication storage?

It is the space where orders are placed when they arrive at the pharmaceutical service, to later be submitted to the Reception process (technical and administrative) and be used.

What are good documentation practices in the pharmaceutical industry?

Good laboratory practices are a set of regulatory and internal guidelines, as well as procedures to ensure that the established analytical results comply with traceability, accuracy, precision and safety.

What are good documentation practices in the pharmaceutical industry?

The BPD have been created to ensure the correct and permanent use of the documents associated with the preparation of a drug; in order to ensure that pharmaceutical operations were carried out properly, allow timely traceability of information and facilitate …

How is a good practice built?

Characteristic of good practices

They achieve a successful result. They are sustainable over time, maintaining themselves and producing lasting effects. Innovative. They reduce risk. They respond to specific needs. They allege clear perspectives of the problem. They systematize processes and results.

How is it considered a good practice?

A ‘good practice’ has to have potential for repetition and therefore be adaptable to similar goals in various situations or contexts. Reduces disaster/crisis risks, if applicable: A “good practice” contributes to disaster/crisis risk reduction for resilience.

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