What is the structure of a pen?

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The pen or pencil is basically a tube of plastic, metal or alloys of different plastics or metals that contains the ink and that has, at one end, the writing tip, which encloses a small sphere or ball, from which it takes its name. , and that serves to regulate the output of ink to the paper in a fluid way and …

How is a pen made?

A variety of components are used to make pens, including plastic, metal, and chemicals. In most ballpoint pens, the writing ball is made of brass, although steel or tungsten can also be used. Plastic components are manufactured by injection molding.

What is the function of a pen?

«Writing instrument that has inside a tube of special ink and, at the tip, a metallic ball that rotates freely».

What materials does a pen have?

Ballpoint pens are usually made of thermolabile resin (plastic) and metal alloys.

What chemical elements does a pen have?

The tube that supports the pen and even the hood are made from phenolic resins and polystyrene. And the colors, all of them, are made with different chemical components such as tannic acid or glycerol, mixed with different dyes so that we can write in all colors.

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What kind of plastic does a pen have?

Today, most pens consist of a tube made of polystyrene, topped with a steel or tungsten ball that makes it easier for the ink to come out. As for the hood, it is usually made of propylene, a type of plastic widely used in other industries, such as food.

What are the needs that a pen satisfies?

Strength: it is what is needed to hold the pen steady and be able to write. Pressure: it is what is needed for the pen to work, since it allows the tip to enter or exit.

What need does writing satisfy?

“Writing satisfies multiple needs: it allows gathering, preserving and transmitting information of all kinds, it is an instance to express interiority and develop creativity, it opens the possibility of communicating regardless of time and distance, it is an effective instrument to convince others, and it’s a…

What needs does the vacuum cleaner satisfy?

A vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner or chupera is a device that uses an air pump to suck up dust and other small particles of dirt, usually from the floor. Most homes with tiled floors have a domestic model for cleaning.

What need does a coin satisfy?

The currency not only satisfies the need to establish commercial exchanges but also constitutes the image of power by offering its fertile field to the attributes imposed by men.

What are the types of plastic?

Types of plastics: sorting and recycling

    PET or PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate)HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)PP (Polypropylene)PS (Polystyrene)Other types of plastics.

What kind of plastic is the base of a plug?

Polyethylene or Polybutylene Terephthalate.

Where do you throw a pen?

1. Pens. They must be taken to clean points or, failing that, to the waste container.

Where to throw pens and markers?

For proper recycling, they must be taken to the municipal green point; There are also initiatives to generate specific recycling points, such as Terracycle for the collection of writing and drawing products such as pens, markers or correctors.

What is the name where the pencils are kept?

In Argentina it is a pen, in Uruguay a ballpoint pen and in other places a pen holder, the box or glass that contains them or where they are kept, and which in Spain is called a duster.

Where can knives be thrown?

The best option is to throw them in the yellow container, where plastic containers, cans are thrown away… as long as the metal is in a container. If the waste were of another type, it is convenient to take it to the recycling point, as happens with iron.

What plastic is soft and flexible?

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)

It is quite flexible and its transparency depends on the thickness. It is the material with which plastic wrap, bubble wrap or shopping bags are made.

What is rigid plastic?

The famous rigid plastics are those known as High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This type of material is one of the most used in the industry thanks to its rigidity, resistance, colorless property and easy processing.

What are thermoplastic plastics like?

Thermoplastics are plastics that can be melted and reformed multiple times. They have a molecular open chain structure. The containers with this plastic are easily identifiable by a symbol engraved on the base of the bottle or on the container itself.

What types of plastics exist and how are they classified?

There are two main types of plastics:

    Thermoplastics, which do not undergo changes in their chemical structure during heating. … Thermosets, which undergo a chemical change when molded and, once transformed by the action of heat, can no longer change their shape.

What is the most used plastic?

Today, both high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) remain the most widely used plastics.

What are the types of plastics used in your home?

7 types of plastics

    PEAD or HDPE (high-density polyethylene) One of the types of plastics most used in everyday life. … PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Very difficult to recycle. … LDPE or PEBD (low density polyethylene) Very elastic, hard and transparent. … PP (polypropylene) … PS (polystyrene) … Other types of plastics.

What is the importance of money?

Money is used to calculate how much different goods and services are worth in the same unit. Being an asset, money allows you to maintain wealth, and in fact both individuals and families or companies usually keep part of their assets in the form of money.

Why is money desired?

Money, or currency, is desired as a means to an end; however, in this case the general rule that the greater the means available to fulfill a given purpose, the better it will be achieved, does not apply.

What is the need that the cell phone satisfies?

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Talk to a person in real time, even if they are separated by great distances around the world. Make video calls with one or more people. Make video calls and games simultaneously through applications. Send standard text messages or multimedia messages.

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