What is the subject of RC VAT?

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Individuals and undivided estates and public institutions that contract the services of consultants, whose work is carried out full time.

What is the VAT subject?

Subjects of the tax They are obliged to pay the value added tax, the natural and moral persons, who in national territory, carry out activities of alienation, provision of independent services, use or temporary enjoyment of goods, and the importation of goods or services.

What does RC VAT tax in Bolivia?

is the tax levied on the income of natural persons, its purpose is to complement the Value Added Tax regime, on the income of natural persons and undivided successions, from capital investment, work or joint application of both factors.

How is RC VAT paid in Bolivia?

The tax, which reaches 13% of the net salary, is calculated on the basis of four national minimum wages (SMN). Despite the latest wage increase ordered by the Government, the RC-VAT payment is in force for those who earn a net salary higher than four national minimum wages (7,220 Bolivians).

What are the payments on account of the RC VAT?


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What does VAT IT RC VAT IUE tax?

VAT is levied on the total income obtained by all persons, organizations and companies that make any sale of goods or services.

Who is the active and passive subject of VAT?

– The active subject of this tax is the State. It will be administered through the Internal Revenue Service. Article 4.

What subjects are covered by the IUE?

IUE – Corporate Income Tax. Treatment of withholdings for the purchase of services and/or goods not invoiced. Procedures for line consultants, consultants by product and consultants to the Comprehensive Pension System (SIP)

How is it determined?

ARTICLE 74. – The tax will be determined on the basis of the gross income earned during the fiscal period for the exercise of the taxed activity.

What is the IT rate?

ARTICLE 6 (RATE). The Tax Rate on Financial Transactions (ITF) will be 0.15% (ZERO POINT FIFTEEN PERCENT). ARTICLE 7 (LIQUIDATION AND PAYMENT).

When is Form 610 filed?

National Tax Service – #StayHome | If you must declare the form. 610, you can do it until May 29.

When are the monthly statements due?

When does it show up? No later than the 17th day of the month immediately following the one to which the payment corresponds. Or, no later than the day indicated below: Considering the sixth numerical digit of the code of the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC).

What date do I have to declare?

Between August 10 and October 20, 2021, the deadlines expire for natural persons required to declare income this year to submit their declaration for taxable year 2020 to the Dian.

What is the deadline to pay taxes?

If you are a calendar year taxpayer and your tax year ends on December 31, the deadline to file your personal federal tax return is generally April 15 of each year.

What is the IT rate in Bolivia?

the Transactions Tax (IT) rate is modified from 1% to 2% (Art. 20, Law 1141) and replaced at 3% by numeral 11 of Art. 1 of Law 1606′.

How is IT paid in Bolivia?

It is a tax that applies to any type of person who has income. It taxes 3% of all gross income, that is, income without any discount. The Tax on IT transactions can be compensated with the annual tax IUE (Tax on Business Profits).

When is IT paid in Bolivia?

It must be paid monthly, according to the expiration according to the last digit of the NIT. For example 6172289015. For companies with or without legal status within 10 business days after the date of the Declaration of Heirs, Minutes of Transfer, or Legitimate Advance.

What people are obliged to pay IT?

The natural or legal persons, who receive commissions for the commercialization of goods, both those subject to prices established by public organizations, as well as those subject to agreement with these organizations and that are not subject to free supply and demand, such as hydrocarbons and others, …

Who pays the ITI, the buyer or the seller?

β€œIn general, due to uses and customs, the owner pays the ITI or schedular tax and 50% of the stamp tax and the buyer the rest.

What is the IT tax base in Bolivia?

The Taxable Base of the Tax on Financial Transactions is given by the gross amount of the transactions taxed by this Tax. ARTICLE 6. – (RATE). The Tax Rate on Financial Transactions (ITF) will be 0.15% (ZERO POINT FIFTEEN PERCENT).

What is VAT and IT in Bolivia?

Among the main taxes within the Bolivian territory we have the Transaction Tax (IT) that is paid for carrying out economic activities and the Value Added Tax (VAT) that is paid for all the sale of goods, contract for the provision of services, contract works and imports…

What activities does it tax?

What is the Transactions Tax – IT and what is it levied on? The Transactions Tax is levied on the gross income earned and obtained from the exercise of any lucrative activity or not, which includes: Commerce. Industry.

When is the last day to file taxes 2021?

The deadline to file your federal tax return for tax year 2021 was April 18, 2022: If the deadline has passed and you did not request an extension, it is very important that you file your tax return as soon as possible.

When does the 2021 annual declaration start?

In order to facilitate compliance with your tax obligations, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) puts at your disposal some tools to prepare and submit it in a timely manner for the 2021 Annual Declaration, which takes place from April 1 to 30. .

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