What is the synonym of the word protect?

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22 synonyms of protect in 4 senses of the word protect: Favor someone: 1 favor, protect, support, endorse, sponsor, advocate, patronize, protect.

What does protect mean?

Take advantage of someone’s favor or protection. Defend yourself, protect yourself.

What does it mean to protect a law?

Use the favor or protection of someone or something. It is built with the preps. of, in and against: shelter from the rain, in a law, against the enemy.

What do they support and defend synonym?

Protect: 1 protect, preserve, care. Protect: 2 protect, guard, shelter, asylum, shelter.

What is the opposite of benefits?

Antonyms of benefit: damage, loss, damage, impairment, detriment, deterioration, extortion, inconvenience…

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What is the synonym of benefits?

Action and result of helping or doing good: 4 beneficence, patronage, favor, protection.

What is the profit formula?


Don’t worry I’ll explain it to you.

What is the act of defending called?

1 protect, preserve, care, safeguard. Example: He was willing to defend his mother from anything. Protect: 2 protect, protect, guard, protect, shelter, shelter.

What does the word protect mean?

The word ‘protect’ also corresponds to the formal second person singular (‘you’) of the imperative of the verb protect. Avoid danger to a person, animal or thing, covering it with something. Example: The fence was installed to protect the houses from thieves.

What is a protection and example?

The amparo is a means of defense available to all people and can be promoted by the natural or legal person affected by the rule or act. The complainant may do so by himself, by his legal representative or by his proxy, or by any person and through his defender or any other person.

How is a shelter made?

The 4 steps to present your amparo

Original demand (1). Acknowledgment of receipt (1). Copies addressed to the authorities identified as responsible (5). Copy for the Public Ministry attached to the court (1) Incident of suspension (2)

How does a judicial protection work?

The amparo trial is the main instrument for defending the rights of the individual against the acts of the authority before the legal systems, as well as norms that violate the human rights recognized in the constitution or international treaties in which the state participates, which means it’s a…

What does the word shelter mean in the Bible?

1. sm Protection, defense.

What does amparo RAE mean?

shelter | definition | Spanish language dictionary | RAE – ASALE. 1m Action and effect of protecting or protecting oneself.

How do you spell the word protect or protect?

Protect, with g, is the correct spelling of this word. The form protect, with j, is incorrect and should be avoided. Protect is a verb that means to protect or protect someone or something from danger or harm, or to favor or defend someone or something.

How do you spell the word protect?

Second person plural (ustedes) of the affirmative imperative to protect oneself (with the enclitic pronoun “se”).

What does position to defend mean?

d (=cover, score) oppose the opponents’ action, (sports) Professionally defended his position during the match.

What does it mean to attack and defend in games?

The attack-defense transition is the moment of the game in which the attacking team loses the ball while it is in play and the defending team presents a closed defensive block that can be used by the team that loses the ball to quickly return to seek recovery due to the narrow front line…

How to calculate the cost benefit?

To calculate the B/C ratio, we first find the sum of all discounted benefits, brought to the present, and divide by the sum of discounted costs.

How is the profit of a company calculated?

Gross profit = total income – variable costs

In short, in the case of commercial companies, gross profit is equal to the value of sales less the acquisition cost of the goods sold.

What is the accounting profit?

The accounting profit of a company is the result of subtracting from the income from the sale of goods or services the expenses resulting from that activity. These expenses can refer to purchases related to the acquisition of raw materials, payment of workers’ wages, etc.

What does benefit mean in the Bible?

The word benefit refers to a good that is given or that is received. … Benefit is a word that originates from the Latin beneficium, which means blessing or a positive action. Receiving or giving a benefit represents a good action that, surely, generates well-being and happiness.

How do synonyms and antonyms benefit us in our speech?

The importance of using synonyms lies in the fact that with the help of these you can demonstrate your level of command of the language, write texts with a high quality and can speak more properly. Synonyms give our vocabulary a unique richness, which is not the case with other languages.

How do you say when you want to improve something?

3 make improvements, refine, polish, fix, correct, adjust, perfect, amend, repair. Example: You can improve that paragraph. Achieve a higher level in something: 5 to surpass, surpass, surpass.

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