What is the synonym of the word state?

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1 condition, situation, circumstance. Circumstance: 2 circumstance, situation, context, situation.

What noun is the word State?

Masculine noun

The set of institutions that make up the government of a sovereign nation. Usage: it is recommended to write with an initial capital letter: State.

What is a noun and adjective state?

State is a noun. The name or noun is that type of words whose meaning determines reality. Nouns name all things: people, objects, sensations, feelings, etc.

What is a summary statement?

The State is a form of political organization that has administrative and sovereign power over a certain geographical area. This political organization is constituted in a certain territory and has the power to order and administer life in society.

What is the synonym of the word?

A synonym is simply a word that means the same thing as the given word. It comes from the Greek “syn” and “onym”, meaning “together” and “name”, respectively.

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What are synonyms and an example?

Synonymous words are those words that have an equivalent meaning. For example: housing – house, hair – hair. The opposite of synonyms are antonyms, which are words that have opposite meanings. For example: alive/dead, night/day, poor/rich, big/small, cute/ugly.

What is the State and what is its role?

The functions of the State are various and very broad: the exercise of the defense and territorial integrity of the Nation as well as the monopoly of the public force, the foreign relations of the country, the protection of the life, liberty and property of its inhabitants. , administration of justice, education and …

What is the State and how is it formed?

The State has four basic and general elements: 1) it has a government (political power), 2) it has a people (as a nation); 3) holds territory; and, 4) it is regulated based on a rule of law that legitimizes it and that bases its organization on the division of powers: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

How to explain to a child what a State is?

As Yuval Noah Harari says, the state is a common myth that many people believe. The hard definition says that it is a social organization of a political nature endowed with stable bureaucratic institutions that exercises a legitimate monopoly of force over a population in a defined territory.

What is the right noun and adjective examples?

Substantive law and adjective law

That is, the right to freedom, or the right to marry or the prohibition of stealing is not an adjective right, but a substantive one. On the other hand, the right to appeal a sentence on appeal during a certain period is adjective right.

What is substantive and adjective law?

— The substantive law, on the other hand, grants a right or imposes an obligation. Allows or prohibits certain acts, regulates legal institutions. It is opposed to the adjectival law that establishes the means for effectiveness and guarantee of the relations and substantive norms.

What the noun?

-Nouns, also known as names, are variable words that designate people, animals, things, ideas, etc., that is, material and immaterial beings, such as child, cat, field, goodness or Paris.

What abstract noun?

An abstract noun is one that is used to signify an idea, experience, or quality rather than an object. It is a word that we cannot detect through our five senses. In other words, they are nouns that cannot be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched.

How does the noun appear?

Singular nouns: if the number of objects referred to by the name is unique. In the singular, nouns do not have any number morphemes. Plural nouns: if the number of objects referred to in the name are several or more than one.

How can it be a noun?

Nouns can be concrete and abstract. Concrete noun: refers to material beings that we perceive through the senses. Examples: locomotive, map, rabbit. Abstract noun: refers to an idea or concept that cannot be perceived by the senses.

How is a state constituted?

The period of formation of the Argentine State begins in 1810, after the May Revolution, has its milestone in 1853 with the sanction of the National Constitution and is consolidated towards the end of the 19th century.

What is the most important function of the state?

State functions

The main functions of the State are: The legislative function. It is assigned to the Congress of the Republic and consists of the creation, modification or annulment of laws. Congress also has the function of controlling the Executive Power.

What are the five functions of the state?

Title IV of the Constitution refers to the “Participation and Organization of Power”, that is, we are facing what is known as the Organic Part of the Constitution, which is integrated through five Functions: Legislative, Executive, Judicial and Indigenous Justice, Transparency and Social Control, and…

What is the goal of a state?

The goal of the state is the common good. The common good “does not refer to the good of all -as if they were all a real unit-, but the set of appropriate conditions for everyone -intermediate groups and individual people- to achieve their particular good” (López, 1994).

As for example synonymous?

1 as, as well as, namely, that is, specifically, in particular, such as, as an example of, to illustrate, let us take the case of, one can cite, by way of example, example, verbigracia, verbi gratia. Example: You can bring whatever you want to dinner, for example, a wine.

What is a noun for children?

A noun is a kind of word that names or designates people, animals, things, places, feelings or ideas. The objects that surround us, what we wear, the parts of our body, the words we use to express our feelings, are all nouns. Nouns have gender and number.

What is a noun examples for children?

Common nouns are the names we give to beings or objects IN GENERAL. For example BOY, SHARK, or CLOUD. Proper nouns refer to PARTICULAR beings or objects. That is, differentiating them from the others.

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