What is the time zone of Venezuela 2021?

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The Venezuela Standard Time has a time zone of UTC -4.

How to know what is the time zone of my country?

The official time of Mexico (UTC-6) is the time of Mexico City, capital of the country.

What time zone determines the legal time in Venezuela?

Venezuela is located between two time zones (GMT -4:00 and GMT -5:00) and throughout its history there has been a debate between setting its time according to the Villa de Cura meridian, throughout the center of the country (GMT -4:30) or the Punta de Playa meridian (GMT -4:00) in the far east.

What does UTC 4 mean?

UTC-04:00 is the thirty-first time zone on the planet whose geographical location is at the 60th meridian west. Those countries that are governed by this time zone are 4 hours behind the Greenwich meridian.

How many hours is Venezuela behind world time?

With the change, the difference between Venezuelan legal time and Greenwich meridian will go from minus four hours (-4:00 GMT) to minus four and a half hours (-4:30 GMT).

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What time is it in Venezuela Peru?

While in Peru the actual local time is 19:00, in Venezuela the time is 20:00.

How many hours difference exist between Venezuela and Spain?

Venezuela is 6 hours behind Spain. Spain is currently in summer time, but Venezuela is not. Between Venezuela and Spain there are 6 hours difference.

What is the UTC of Mexico?

The central time or central zone is the official time zone corresponding to UTC -6, that is, six hours less than in the coordinated universal time or UTC, also known as GMT time.

What is the UTC of Mexico?

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

What does GMT 3 mean?

The official Argentine time (HOA) is the legal time established by the Argentine government to organize the country. The current official time is the Coordinated Universal Time minus 3 hours (UTC-3) as indicated in article 1 of Law 26 350 of the year 2007 in force to date.

What is the time zone of Venezuela 2022?

The Venezuela Standard Time has a time zone of UTC -4. Venezuela Standard Time does not have an associated daylight saving time.

What time is it now in Spain?

Solar noon: 14:16PM. The current local time in Madrid is 136 minutes Before Apparent Solar Time.

How many hours are there between Venezuela and Spain in winter?

Venezuela(UTC -4.5 hours). Winter: 5.5 hours. Summer: 6.5 hours.

How long does Peru and Venezuela take?

The shortest distance (air line) between Venezuela and Peru is 2,248.32 km. The shortest route between Venezuela and Peru is 4,966.97 km according to the route planner. The journey time is approximately 74h 54min. The middle of the trip is at 0.08605009966156742,-77.18050754797166.

What country is GMT 4?

GMT-4: Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Eastern US, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic. GMT-5: Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru; Mexico central time (summer time). GMT-5:30: Venezuela.

How is UTC time calculated?

UTC is derived from International Atomic Time, a time standard calculated from a weighted average of the signals from atomic clocks, located at about 70 national laboratories around the world.

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