What is the useful life of a building?

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In Spain, according to the Technical Building Code (CTE), residential buildings are designed to have a useful life of at least 50 years, although logically, depending on various factors, their real life can last for many more years.

What is the lifetime of a building?

In general, buildings have an approximate life expectancy between 50 and 75 years, after which a general intervention is required for their survival, which will be necessary depending on the building and its location, its use and also the maintenance that has been carried out. practiced throughout his life.

How many years does a concrete building last?

The useful life of the concrete is fixed in the project and cannot be less than: 50 years in homes or offices. Between 15 to 20 years in agricultural or industrial buildings. 100 years for monuments.

How is the useful life of buildings measured?

The first and most recommended to start designing a property is the one indicated by the method by factors of ISO 15686, which implies estimating a useful life from a series of durability factors and a reference useful life. , which in architectural matters we call design life.

What is the useful life of a property?

Normal useful life: number of years that a property will work before reaching an unusable condition due to physical deterioration. Remaining useful life: physical life that remains to a property. It is calculated by subtracting the age of the property from its normal useful life.

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How to know the age of a property?

The most reliable way to know the year of construction of a property is to have the Certificate of Works. This document tells us that the works for which a license has been requested are finished. This certification must be signed by the construction manager and the execution manager.

How many years does a property depreciate?

It is obvious that buildings with poor maintenance and without any repairs will depreciate more than others, which are well preserved. Properties that are more than 15 years old have been depreciated by 25%. The second type of depreciation -which affects the entire property- is market depreciation or commercial depreciation.

How is the useful life of a reinforced concrete structure determined?

In Mexico, the Complementary Technical Standards for the Design and Construction of Concrete Structures of the Construction Regulations of the Federal District (NTCC, RCDF) establish that the structures for buildings must have a useful life of at least 50 years, although the ideal is that they be extend as long as possible.

How many years does a concrete house last?

There is no exact answer to the question of how long industrialized houses last, but some professionals estimate the life of a properly maintained pine or fir wood house at around 100 years. If it is a prefabricated concrete house, it is somewhat less, around 70 years.

What is the useful life of concrete?

When this is not specified, it is assumed that the useful life is 50 years, since CIRSOC 201-05 establishes the minimum requirements to achieve it.

How long does a brick building last?

In the case of hollow brick construction, it has been proven that its useful life is more than 100 years with practically no maintenance. Today, 90% of the constructions that are built include hollow brick, due to its intrinsic characteristics.

How long does a noble material house last?

The exterior and interior can last up to 15 years, but it is better to repaint the house every 7 years and, above all, prepare the surfaces well to last longer. pipes. The plastic ones should be eternal but it depends on the placement. The old iron and lead pipes can last 70 years, the galvanized ones, barely 30.

How long can cement be stored?

Cement expiration date

The usual thing is that a bag of cement has an expiration date of 45 days after the day it was packed, so that the cement retains all its properties, its usefulness and quality.

What is the best material for a prefabricated house?

Compared to traditional concrete construction, prefabricated or modular houses are built in less time, because as their name says, they are already factory-ready, this means a lower price of the work, they are practical and efficient in terms of functionality. and energy consumption.

What is the useful life of a structure?

In accordance with the CEB/FIP Model Code 1990, useful life is understood as the period of time during which the structure is capable of performing the functions for which it was designed, without the need for unforeseen interventions. [4].

What is the durability of a structure?

Durability is the ability of reinforced concrete structures to keep their physical and chemical conditions unchanged during their useful life when they are subjected to the degradation of their material due to different effects of loads and solicitations, which are foreseen in their structural design. .

How long does a reinforced concrete building last?

Although there is talk of a nominal useful life of 100 years, it is estimated that a structure built with concrete (or with prefabricated concrete, of course) can last up to 2,000 years without suffering excessively.

How is the depreciation of a property calculated?

To calculate the corresponding depreciation in each period, simply divide the value of the asset by the number of periods (whether years or months) of the asset’s useful life.

How is real estate depreciation calculated?

To determine depreciation using this method, first divide the value of the asset by the number of units it can produce over its entire useful life. Then, in each period, the number of units produced in the period is multiplied by the depreciation cost corresponding to each unit.

How to calculate the depreciation of a property?

The basis for calculating depreciation is generally the cost of acquisition or production of the good, including expenses for installation, assembly and other similar; and, if applicable, disbursements for concepts of improvements incorporated on a permanent basis.

How can I find out what year a house was purchased?

The fastest way to know the year of construction of a home is to consult the cadastre. All (or almost all) existing farms are registered in the cadastre and through its website you can find the year of construction of the building quite accurately.

How do you know what year a building was built?

The age of a building is given from the year of construction that appears in the cadastre. From the website of the cadastre, this information can be publicly consulted.

How to know the date of a deed?

At the top of the public deed, the title, the protocol number, the place and date of execution, the place of residence of the notary and the Notarial College to which he belongs are indicated.

How to know if the cement no longer works?

How to know if the cement is bad? This is something that is usually very easy to notice, but only when it is too late, if you notice too many stones, lumps or parts of the cement already hard, it may not be the best to use that bag in your construction.

How can cement be preserved?

Cement should be stored in dry, leak-proof and damp-proof sheds with a minimum number of closed windows and doors. The cement bags should be stacked on wooden boards placed about 150 to 200 mm above the ground. The space between the piles and the outer walls should be 450 to 600 mm.

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