What is the vagina called in Colombia?

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In Colombia, the female organ is called arepa, biscocho, cosa, cuca, chimba, chocha, chucha, pan, panela, panocha, papo, toad and turtledove (Haensch and Werner, 1993).

What is the vagina called in other countries?

Mexico: sponge cake, the shell, abajito, the one I told you about, the one from there, among many others. Panama: Tontón, little thing, clam, cocorrón, among others.

How can you call the intimate part of the woman?

The vulva is the set of female genitalia: it includes the vaginal lips, the clitoris, the vaginal opening and the urethral orifice (through which you urinate). Although the vagina is only part of the vulva, many people say “vagina” when they are actually talking about the vulva.

How do you call the vagina in Latin America?

But empanada, mano and panocho are also used (Durán, 68). In Honduras cuca predominates (as in Venezuela and Cuba), stuffed animal, pupusa, cosa, pan, chimadero (the most common), hole, monkey and soursop (Sierra, 56). And in Guatemala the most widely used name is pusa (the last two syllables of pupusa.

How do you say the vagina in Peru?

In South America, “chucha”, like “choro” and “concha” refers to the vulva. Chucha is a kind of clam that occurs in Peru, which the Incas called “chucha” in Quechua.

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What is the vagina called in Venezuela?

totona – Wiktionary

What is the breva in Venezuela?

Breva is the fruit of the first of the two harvests produced by the fig tree. It is highly appreciated as it is larger than the fig, but it is not as sweet as the fig. It is pear-shaped and has different colors, depending on the varieties.

What does the dove mean in Venezuela?

Pigeon. The tender dove of peace has other meanings in countries like Peru and Venezuela. “dove” is used to designate the male member.

What pigeon meaning?

It is a name of Latin origin that means “wild sparrow” or “symbol of peace” and that comes from the Greek name “palumba”. It symbolizes peace and reconciliation and is related to the Holy Spirit.

What does it mean to tell someone Palomo?

The term “Palomo” is well used in the daily life of the Dominican, with the intention of letting another person know that he is acting as a disinterested person, that he acts without any personal purpose or in cases where the person is acting without thinking in a way logic.

What does dove mean in Chilean?

He first explains that eating pigeons has a sexual meaning in the sense that Paloma could refer to the “phallus”, that “vital, fertile and aggressive flap of the male”.

What is the difference between the fig and the breva?

Brevas are figs from the previous year that did not ripen as a result of the cold and are harvested between the months of June and July. For their part, figs are harvested between August and September. In addition, they do not share the same color or flavor.

What benefits does the breva have?

Breva benefits

antioxidant fruit. … For healthy skin. … Natural energetic. … Natural laxative. … A digestive fruit. … Reduces blood pressure. …Ideal for athletes. … Helps regulate cholesterol levels.

What is the breva tree?

Brevas, like figs, come from the fig tree. Brevas are the first harvest from June to July and figs are the second from August to September, that’s where the term “de figs a brevas” comes from.

What can you call a penis?

50 ways to call the penis

Anaconda. Bin bin (used in the Dominican Republic). Arm and ‘child. Cachano. Cyclops. Darth Vader. Finger without a nail. The big head.

How do you say vagina in Costa Rica?

Panocho: Common name for the vagina.

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