What is Volkswagen long drive?

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What is Volkswagen Long Drive, Audi fulldrive and ŠKODA LongDrive? This is a series of monthly payment services, adapted to your needs and those of your vehicle, which includes a flat rate for maintenance, wear and tear, or complete insurance coverage.

What does the long drive include?

What does the Volkswagen Long Drive Pro package include? The Volkswagen Long Drive Pro ⁠4 product includes, during its validity, in addition to the Inspection and Maintenance Services and wear components, the tire replacement service always using leading brands.

What does official Volkswagen maintenance include?

Visual check of the engine and gearbox. Checking the brake system, thickness of the pads and condition of the brake discs. Windshield wiper antifreeze protection fluid. Cooling system liquid.

What is long drive Skoda?

Skoda Long Drive is a flat rate that takes care of you Skoda and that you can contract if your vehicle is new or less than 8 years old from its registration date or less than 120,000 km. Skoda Long Drive currently has two maintenance plans: Silver and Gold, according to the needs of each driver.

What is changed at 120,000 km?

Normally, with the 120,000 km revision, a complete and very important maintenance is carried out, which in addition to including an oil change and an oil filter, also includes a change of the engine air filter, a change of the gasoline filter, as well as the change of spark plugs (gasoline car) or heaters (car …

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How much does a golf review cost?

In the VW Golf, each maintenance check costs 190 euros, and includes other operations such as: Battery check, Front and rear lighting and headlight adjustment.

When is the timing belt changed on the Golf 7?

In Volkswagen Golf 7 it is recommended to replace the timing belt after 6 years of use or 150,000 km of mileage. Actually, these are two fairly standard parameters, used by many manufacturers for many car models.

How many km to change timing belt?

A few years ago it was common for timing belts to have to be changed at intervals of less than 90,000 km. However, today the recommended change interval is between 100,000 and 120,000 km.

How do I know if I have to change the timing belt?

Five signs that indicate that you should change the timing belt

Cracks in the strap. If a visual inspection reveals that the belt has cracks, it is time to replace it. … Transmission noise. … The car vibrates. … Difficulty starting. … Unusual shine.

When should the timing belt be changed?

Timing belt change based on your kilometers. Car manufacturers establish intervals to change the belt. You will find this information in the owner’s manual of the car in question. This interval can range between 65,000 km and 130,000 km.

How many km does a Volkswagen Golf last?

Well maintained, they can last more than 500,000 km without major problems. But without a doubt, the Volkswagen Golf Mk4 are also well known for their diesel engines. The 1.9 SDI and 1.9 TDI are very robust, very economical, reliable and very powerful engines.

How many liters of Golf 7 oil?

How many liters of engine oil do I need for my Golf 7? If the time has come to change the engine oil, you should know that your Volkswagen Golf 7 takes about 4 liters (Refill Service). This should be replaced by scheduled maintenance every 30,000 km or 24 months.

What oil does Golf mk7 use?

CASTROL – Edge 5W-30 LL – ref.

Viscosity index: 5W30.

How many liters of oil does a Golf GTI mk7 take?


What type of oil does the Golf GTI use?

CASTROL – Edge 5W-30 LL – ref.

Viscosity index: 5W30.

What oil does a Golf 14 TSI use?

CASTROL – EDGE 5W-30 LL 1L – ref.

Viscosity index: 5W30.

How many liters of oil does the golf engine take?

In moyenne you will have to prepare a 5 liter container to empty your Volkswagen Golf . Cans of 1 liter and even 2 liters are reserved to maintain accuracy. We do not recommend taking this type of product for an oil change will not be enough.

How many liters of oil does the 16 TDI take?

The amount of oil needed to drain the engine is 4.6 litres.

How many liters of oil does the golf 16 take?

If you have a Volkswagen Golf 7 1.6 tdi 2017 and it’s time to change the engine oil, you should know that the engine oil tank of your car has a capacity of about 4.7 liters: therefore, this is the amount of engine oil.

How long does a Volkswagen diesel engine last?

Diesel engines usually have a useful life of about 400,000 kilometers if the maintenance and driving conditions have been adequate. Despite this, if the vehicle has been treated poorly, it is very likely that the engine will not exceed 200,000 kilometers.

How long does a VW engine last?

Well, how many kilometers does an engine last? The average useful life of your engine could be between 320,000 and a million kilometers, certainly a wide enough range that indicates that the activity of the car could extend to more than forty years.

How many kilometers can a Volkswagen diesel engine do?

How many kilometers does a diesel engine last? A diesel vehicle has a useful life of about 400,000 kilometers under normal conditions and with proper maintenance.

What happens if I don’t change the timing belt?

In cases where the belt unexpectedly breaks or cuts, the motor loses its timing. That is, the pistons repeatedly hit the valves, which can cause them to bend or break completely.

What happens if I don’t change the timing belt?

A timing belt that has gone beyond its recommended change interval can snap, and if it does, the synchrony between the pistons and the valves that allow the engine to feed and breathe is lost.

How much does a timing belt change cost?

A change of the timing belt, under these conditions, will cost us between 350 and 450 euros, approximately, while its replacement without a water pump will be somewhat cheaper. In this case the change would have a price of 250 to 350 euros, approximately.

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