What municipalities belong to Getxo?

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The municipality includes the towns of Las Arenas, Algorta, Neguri, and Santa María de Guecho, which in turn are divided into the following neighborhoods: Las Arenas: Las Mercedes, Santa Ana, Zugazarte, Romo, Gobela and Antiguo Golf. Neguri: Neguri, San Ignacio, Aiboa.

What municipalities make up Getxo?

Getxo is officially made up of the neighborhoods of Las Arenas, Algorta, Romo, Neguri and Andra Mari.

How many inhabitants does Getxo 2021 have?

According to the data published by the INE as of January 1, 2021, the number of inhabitants in Getxo is 77,139, 631 inhabitants less than in 2020. In the following graph you can see how many inhabitants Getxo has over the years . Inhabitants in localities of the municipality of Getxo.

How many cities are there in Biscay?

It is made up of 112 municipalities organized into seven counties. With an area of ​​2,217 km², it is the second smallest province in Spain, but it is the tenth most populous (1,159,443 inhabitants) and the third in population density (518.55 inhabitants/km²).

What is the name of Getxo beach?

Barinatxe beach is known as “La Salvaje”. It is, without a doubt, the most famous beach in Getxo and the one that attracts hundreds of surfers every day.

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What is Algorta beach called?

Algorta beach – Arrigunaga beach.

How many beaches does Getxo have?

Nabigatzeko, sakatu gezi-teklak.

How many cities make up the Basque Country?

The 7 Basque cities, the 7 cities of the Basque Country.

How many inhabitants does Las Arenas Getxo have?

According to data published by the INE as of January 1, 2021, the number of inhabitants in Areeta/Las Arenas was 25,748, 388 inhabitants less than in 2020.

What does Getxo mean?

Getxo (in Basque and officially Getxo) is a Spanish municipality located on the coast of the historical territory and province of Vizcaya, in the autonomous community of the Basque Country.

How many inhabitants are there in Algorta?

Algorta is a neighborhood in the Biscayan municipality of Guecho, located in the Basque Country (Spain), in the province of Vizcaya. It is the largest population center in the municipality with around 39,000 inhabitants.

How many inhabitants does Neguri have?

With some 28,414 inhabitants (INE 2005), this neighborhood emerged at the end of the 19th century as a coastal vacation town for the Bilbao bourgeoisie, which little by little was transformed into a residential area.

What are the 7 Basque provinces?

The Basque Country is made up of 7 regions or provinces: Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, Araba, Navarra, Lapurdi, Behe ​​Nafarroa and Zuberoa.

What is the largest town in Spain?

1. L’hospitalet de Llobregat, the largest town in Spain.

What is the language spoken in the Basque Country?

Of the almost 3,000,000 Basques, 632,000 are Basque-speakers, of which some 566,000 live in the Spanish-Basque Country and the rest in the French-Basque part. In the Mondragón area, 66% of the population speak Basque. All the inhabitants of the Basque-Spanish area speak Spanish.

How many provinces does Vizcaya have?

The autonomous community of the Basque Country is made up of three provinces: Álava, whose capital is Vitoria-Gasteiz; Guipúzcoa whose capital is San Sebastián / Donostia; and Vizcaya, whose capital is Bilbao.

What is the largest town in Biscay?

Most populous municipalities in Bizkaia:

Municipality of Bilbao with a total of 350,184 inhabitants. Municipality of Barakaldo with a total of 101,486 inhabitants. Municipality of Getxo with a total of 77,770 inhabitants. Municipality of Santurtzi with a total of 46,069 inhabitants.

Where is Arrigunaga beach?

In the neighborhood of Algorta, within the municipality of Getxo and under the cliffs of La Galea, with views of Abra and the Aixerrota Mill, we find Arrigunaga Beach. With gravel sand and calm waves, this beach is an ideal place to sunbathe, enjoy a pleasant swim and take a walk.

What is the closest beach to Bilbao?

The closest beach to Bilbao’s urban area is Las Arenas beach.

How many beaches does Bilbao have?

And the first thing you should know is that Bilbao does not have a beach, it is the regions that surround the Biscayan capital that offer us the sandbanks that we find near Bilbao.

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