What other legends are there?

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The 10 most popular short legends in the world

    Atlantis. The legend of Atlantis is one of the most popular in Western history. … Saint George and the Dragon. … The Loch Ness Monster. … Robin Hood. … King Arthur. … La Llorona. … The Golden. … The Abominable Snowman.

What other legends exist?

The most popular myths and legends of Mexico

    The Yeguatzihuatl in Chiapas. The Xtabay in Yucatán. The Maltos, the Witch of the Arches of Ipiña in San Luis Potosí The Mulata of Córdoba in Veracruz, Mexico. The Alley of the Kiss in Guanajuato.

What is the most famous legend?

The Llorona. It is the most famous creature of legend in the country. She is about a woman who crosses Mexico City (and other regions) at night screaming at the top of her lungs “Ay mis niños!” The history of La Llorona has its origins in the colonial era.

How many legends are there and their names?

According to your place of origin

    Urban legends. They are legends that are located in a more current time and have a city as a setting. … Rural legends. …Local legends. … Children’s legends. … Etiological legends. … Historical legends. … Religious legends. … Moral legends.

What short legends are there?

13 short legends for children

The legend of the corn. … Legend of the red string of fate. … Kamshout and autumn. … Legend of the Olentzero. … The blue butterfly. … Legend of yerba mate. … The Caleuche. … Legend of the sun and the moon.39 related questions found

How to create an easy legend?

It tries to explain a natural or supernatural event embellished with fantastic or wonderful elements of folklore that are often exaggerated. It is transmitted from generation to generation. They need to be set in a real time or place, even if your story is made up. In this way, it will give credibility to the story.

What is a legend for an 8 year old?

What is a legend for children

A legend is a narrative in which we tell extraordinary and, above all, fantastic events as if they were real events of a historical nature.

What legends are there in Mexico?

We invite you to listen to some of the most representative Mexican legends that have passed from generation to generation since time immemorial.

    the crybaby … The nun in the cathedral. … The Sorceress’s Revenge. … The Empatado. … The nahual. … Legend of Artemio de Valle-Arizpe. … The mount of the souls. … The hairy hand.

What are the most heard legends?

Some of them are impressive, and are of greater tradition.

    La Mocuana. el Taconuda. Take your tit.

What are the best known myths and legends?

    John Machete. … The mysteries of Hacienda Yerbabuena. … Chibchacum, the wrath of the patron saint of Bacatá … Legend of the founding of Santafé … Legend: Curay’s ship. … Chiminichagua or the supreme being. … The legend of the Sombrerón. … Legend of the Mirthayu.

What is the legend of El Dorado?

Its history is brought from the time of the conquest of America. The great imagination of the conquerors led them to see, in their delusions, a brilliant town with streets and houses of gold, where the precious metal was so abundant and common that practically everything was built with gold, including kitchen utensils.

What is the legend of Atlantis?

On a cataclysmic night, the gods sent a battalion of fires and earthquakes so intense that the utopian kingdom of Atlantis sank deep into the ocean, never to be found again. This is explained by the famous myth of Plato, which has captivated the world for more than 2,300 years.

How many legends exist in the world?

They can be classified in two ways: By their theme: Historical legends: they are all those that narrate events that occurred in wars, in conquests or in battles. Etiological legends: clarify the origin of the elements inherent in nature, such as rivers, lakes and mountains.

What is a legend and 5 examples?

Legends are stories where they are narrated with a lot of imagination, stories based on reality. His word means “stories to be read”. … As an example of legend we can point to that of Arthur and the sword in the stone, and if you look for it, there are certainly many more.

What is the most famous legend of Nicaragua?

The Mona Bruja in Nicaragua

Also known as La Mona or Mico Brujo, this legend has its origins in pre-Columbian Mesoamerican societies. According to folklore, the monas were witches who through rituals shed their skin and grew their hair, transforming themselves into a large, monstrous-looking monkey.

What legend is the most remembered or told today in Mexico?

‘La llorona’, ‘The nurse’ and other traditional legends of Mexico | Culture | THE COUNTRY.

What are the traditional legends?

Traditional legends reflect a very different historical moment than urban legends, and usually have many more fantastic than supernatural elements; but both possess those two characteristics. Similarly, what is a legend and an example?

What is a legend to explain to children?

A children’s legend is a type of story for children that has fantastic or imaginary elements belonging to popular tradition. In some cases they try to explain the origin of a place or past events.

What is a summary legend for children?

A legend is a narration of supernatural, natural events or a mixture of both that is transmitted from generation to generation in oral or written form. Generally, the story is situated imprecisely between the myth and the true event, which gives it a certain singularity.

What is a legend for elementary school children?

For its part, a legend is a story that includes true elements, or is based on historical facts, but that have been exaggerated over time. These often include heroic characters or fantastical locations, and often encompass the beliefs and values ​​of the culture that gave rise to them.

Where did Atlantis sink?

For the Spanish engineer Paulino Zamarro, Atlantis is not just a legend. Moreover, the man assures that he knows where it was located and when it disappeared. According to the specialist, it was a large island that was in the center of the Aegean Sea and was submerged in the Mediterranean by a large tsunami.

When did Atlantis exist?

Plato tells in two of his famous Dialogues that nine thousand years ago there existed, beyond the Pillars of Hercules (the Strait of Gibraltar), an extensive island in the middle of the ocean called Atlantis. According to the Athenian philosopher, who lived between the 5th and 4th centuries BC.

What is said of Atlantis?

Atlantis is described as an island located beyond the Pillars of Hercules and “larger than Libya and Asia Minor combined.” Its power was such that it came to dominate all of Europe and North Africa until it was defeated by the Athenian armies.

When did the legend of El Dorado occur?

It is believed that the history that gave rise to El Dorado comes from the Muiscas, also called Chibchas; experts in metal casting who inhabited the area of ​​the Colombian highlands between the Bogota and Sogamoso rivers. They were defeated and subdued by Jiménez de Quesada in the year 1538.

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