What peseta coins have value?

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The most wanted pesetas

But not all pesetas have a high value. Some historical ones, such as the four-escudos coin from 1729, the peseta coin from 1884, the 100-peseta coin from 1962 and the 1976 banknote can have a price of between 300 and 1,000 euros as they are very rare, practically unique copies.

What is the most expensive peseta coin?

The most expensive peseta in the world is a 1946 peseta minted during the Franco dictatorship and designed by the Valencian sculptor, Mariano Benlliure y Gil.

How much is a 25 peseta coin with a hole worth?

25 peseta coins, with a hole, from the year 1996, from the community of Castilla-La Mancha. They are sold at €60 each. In case of buying both, the price would be €100 for both.

Where can I sell my peseta coins?

How to sell and buy ancient coins

In order to carry out this type of operation you will have to go to a numismatic shop or an auction house. There are also online numismatic stores.

How much is a one peseta coin worth?

1 peseta 1947: you can sell them for about 1,400 euros. The effigy of Franco could be seen on the coin and they were popularly known as “Rubias”. 2.5 pesetas from 1953: due to how difficult it is to get one, they can be sold for 1,700 euros, always depending on their state of conservation.

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How much is a Franco peseta worth?

– 1 Peseta from 1944. The price ranges between 3.19 euros and 354.76 euros depending on the state of conservation.

What is the most expensive coin in Spain?

Gold coin of one hundred shields, the most valuable

With a price of 614,250 euros paid at auction, the second most valuable coin, an eight-escudo gold coin, was used during the reign of Philip IV and belonged to the Archer Huntington collection.

Who buys the coins?

1: The bank

If your bill or coin is still in current and legal use, the bank accepts it at its nominal value, or what it is actually worth.

Where can Franco coins be sold?

Those in possession of any of these rare coins can turn to the Internet to sell them. Portals such as Todocoleccion and Catawiki have a section dedicated to the sale and auction of coins, and others such as Foronum are dedicated exclusively to the exchange of these collection pieces.

Who buys old pesetas?

Some of the most renowned portals to sell your old pesetas are Todocolección, Catawiki, Foronum, Vives de Cortada and Roma Coins. Where you can also find information on which are the most sought-after specimens of the moment.

How much is a 25 peseta coin from 1996 worth?

€0.80 VAT incl.

How much is a 25 peseta coin from 1994 worth?

Two from the Canary Islands, years 1994, €3 each.

How much is a 25 peseta coin from 1995 worth?

Its value is around 60-70 euros.

What pesetas are valuable?

5 peseta coins from 1949, star 51 and 51

The 5 peseta coin from 1949 has a really high value. But not all the 5-peseta coins are valuable, but only some pieces are the ones that are really valuable. Collectors can expect to pay between 12,000 and 20,000 euros.

How can I sell my coins?

Another option is to sell it through internet platforms, the most popular in numismatics are Mercado Libre and eBay. You just have to open your account and expose your piece in the best way, with the best photos and a consistent description of why it has that value, as well as a reasonable price in exchange for it.

How do you know the value of a coin?

The state of conservation is a determining factor to know the value of ancient coins. A well-preserved coin is worth more than one that is not. One in good condition is worth more, especially if it does not have dirt, stains, bumps or is not very worn by time and circulation.

What are the most expensive 2 euro coins?

Currently, the price offered for the most valuable two euro coin is 2,750 euros. This is a Monaco coin created in 2007 dedicated to Grace Kelly, to mark the 25th anniversary of her death.

Where can I sell my $20 coin?

Where do they sell the 20 peso coin? This is MercadoLibre, this platform sells all kinds of items, among them, they offer free market 20-peso coins.

How can I sell my 20 peso coin?

Visit a numismatic establishment, they will know the real value of your coin, in addition, according to different collectors, the best place to offer coins and bills in CDMX is Coins and Medals Palma and Numismatic Carranza.

Where can ancient coins be sold?

Where to sell coins on the internet? These are the sites that offer the best deals

CoinInvest. Coininvest is a page specialized in buying and selling gold and silver bullion and coins from different parts of the world. … The World of Currency. … Todocollection. … Milanuncios. …Ebay. …Ebid.

What is more the dollar or the euro?

Official euro to dollar exchange rate

Let’s answer question after question. The first, which currency is more valuable? It is clear: the euro.

What are the most sought after coins by collectors?

What are the 4 most sought after Mexican coins by collectors?

Commemorative coins of 5 pesos of the Bicentennial. … Centennial, gold coin. … Old coins of 20 pesos. … 20-peso coin to celebrate the death anniversary of Emiliano Zapata.

What is a 1963 Franco peseta worth?


They are sold at €0.5 per unit.

How much is a peseta from the year 47 worth?

8. 1 Peseta 1947. This year the first coins with the effigy of Franco appeared and became popularly known as “blondes”. Today they can be sold for up to 1,400 euros, depending on the state of conservation.

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