What place does Ecuador occupy in the world in terms of shrimp exports?

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Ecuador is the world’s second largest supplier of shrimp. Between January and November 2018, companies in the sector made exports for USD 2,971.5 million, which represents 15% of total Ecuadorian exports.

How much does Ecuador export in shrimp?

The amount of shrimp exported is equivalent to 1,669 million pounds, 20% more than 2020 when it reached 1,395 million pounds. The figure reached in 2021, both in volume and in dollars, is one of the highest in the last five years.

What countries export shrimp?

Ecuador also exports shrimp to South Korea, the second largest Asian market after China. 13,600 tons of shrimp were exported to South Korea, which meant a growth of 34% in that market. In Asia, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan also buy Ecuadorian shrimp.

What is the country with the largest shrimp export?

Ecuador breaks record in the export and production of shrimp and this will raise it in the world ranking. During the past year, it exported to the world more than 5,055 million dollars, more than 840,000 tons, according to figures from the National Chamber of Aquaculture (CNA).

How much shrimp does Ecuador produce?

If in 2019 Ecuador exported 645,000 tons of shrimp, in 2020 it was 688,000 tons. The pandemic situation was felt in prices. For 43,000 more tons sold, the country received 67 million dollars (56.6 million euros) less than the previous year.

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How much do they pay to peel shrimp in Ecuador?

“A woman can earn up to twelve dollars in about four hours, if she manages to peel one hundred or one hundred and twenty pounds of shrimp, since they pay 0.10 cents per pound.

How much does a pound of shrimp cost in Ecuador?

The medium went from USD 2.80 to 3. The large shrimp went from USD 3 to 3.50. While the shrimp, which was at USD 4, now costs USD 4.50 per pound.

How much does a pound of shrimp cost in Ecuador 2021?

They were down slightly from $5.36/kg to $5.35/kg in February 2021. Compared to the previous month’s export prices, they were $0.16 lower. Year-over-year export prices to Europe showed a slight decrease from $0.28 to $5.49/kg in February 2021.

How much does a kilo of shrimp cost in Ecuador?

The price of counting shrimp is 2.40 USD/kg.

What is the price of shrimp per kilo?

Average Shrimp Costs in 2022

Its average price per kilo is 209 pesos.

How much does a person earn in a shrimp farm?

The average salary that a CAPITAL CAMARONERA Production Operator receives per month in Mexico is approximately $5,910, which coincides with the national average.

How much does it cost to produce a hectare of shrimp?

of $49,551.32 dollars, the working capital in three months is $319,711.32 dollars as detailed in Table 5, and the cost of production per hectare is $3,052 dollars.

How to export shrimp from Ecuador?

How do I do the process?

Request the procedure through the VUE (Ecuadorian Single Window). Receive notification in case of inconsistencies in information. Make the payment. Submit payment at the institution’s single window and receive the utility bill.

What is needed to export a product from Ecuador?

The activities to follow to perform an export are the following:

Transmission of DAE by the declarant through the Ecuapass system. Entry of goods to the temporary warehouse and/or primary zone. Record of Entry of goods (IIE) by the temporary warehouse.

How is shrimp packed for export?

The product is placed in the hopper of the sorting machine, which is filled with water and ice, the temperature must be between 0 and 4.4ºC. At this stage, the shrimp is classified into sizes according to the batch that is being processed.

What can be exported from Ecuador?

This growth is led by the increase in exports of tuna, fish and canned goods, crude oil, metal manufactures, shrimp and bananas; while exports of extracts and vegetable oils, as well as flowers, show a negative growth rate.

How much does shrimp larvae cost?

Once the ponds are filled, the “seeding” is carried out, that is, the shrimp larvae are deposited, which are purchased at a price of 5 dollars per thousand from laboratories dedicated to the breeding of shrimp.

How many shrimp larvae per hectare?

In the country there are 220,000 hectares planted with shrimp. The average stocking density is 180,000 larvae per hectare.

How much does a hectare of shrimp produce in Ecuador?

The volume of production in Ecuador is 1,800 pounds per hectare, as a national average.

How many pieces does a kilo of shrimp have?

So, in head-on shrimp, size 5 – 10 means that in one kilo, there are between 5 and 10 shrimp; and in the case of headless shrimp, size 16 – 20 means that in one kilo there are between 16 and 20 shrimp.

How is shrimp sold in markets?

In Mexico, shrimp is marketed in the following ways: Fresh/chilled shrimp in shell and with head. Fried shrimp in brine with and without head. Frozen shrimp with and without head.

How much does a kilo of shrimp cost in Puebla?

Finally, he said that so far the prices are between 160 and 220 pesos per kilogram of cheap shrimp; 180 to 220 pesos for brown shrimp; 140 pesos the octopus and 170 pesos the saw.

How much does a kilo of shrimp cost in the beam 2021?

In particular, the fish and shellfish market La Nueva Viga, located in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, has become a reference for purchasing this type of product, where you can get a kilo with prices ranging from 34 to 865 pesos.

How much does a kilo of mojarra cost in Puebla?

Between 70 and 120 pesos per kilo, the prices of fish and shellfish in Puebla.

How much does a kilo of salmon cost in Puebla?

$519.00 /kg

Fresh salmon fillet per kg. Find it in your online store, complement your order with the drink and side dish of your choice.

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