What planet is Enceladus?

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Enceladus is the sixth largest satellite of Saturn at about 500 km in diameter, about one tenth that of Titan, the largest Saturnian satellite.

What is an Enceladus?

adj. colloq. Ar. Said of a person: Very in love.

What is the name of the brightest moon in the solar system and of which planet is it a satellite?

Enceladus is the brightest moon of Saturn -and of the entire solar system- and adorns the ringed planet as one more jewel of the 82 moons that this gas giant possesses, the planet that has the most natural satellites.

What is the name of the moon’s satellite?

Also by extension, any natural body that revolves around a celestial body, even if it is not a planet, is called a natural satellite or moon, as is the case of the asteroidal satellite Dactyl that revolves around the asteroid (243) Ida, etc.

What is the moon a planet or a satellite?

The Moon is the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System with 3,475 kilometers in diameter, which is equivalent to a quarter of the size of the Earth and 80 times less its mass.

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How old is Enceladus?

However, numerous mathematical models show that such a ring is unstable, with a lifespan of between 10,000 and 1,000,000 years. Therefore, the particles that compose it have to be constantly replenished. Enceladus orbits within this ring, in the area where it is narrowest and densest.

What is special about the moon Enceladus on the planet Saturn for humanity?

This moon of Saturn is about 500 km in diameter, Enceladus is one of the innermost small satellites of Saturn. Research has shown that it has a very shiny surface, reflecting practically all the light it receives from the Sun.

What are water satellites?

Aqua, also called EOS-PM 1, is an earth observation satellite dedicated to the study of the water cycle (precipitation, evaporation…).

What is the satellite that has a frozen crust but inside there is a liquid ocean?

Enceladus is a small satellite that sits in the E ring of Saturn. After the Cassini spacecraft flew over it, NASA scientists have concluded that its surface is ice and they think that under that frozen crust there could be an ocean of liquid water.

What space probe revealed to us that Enceladus had an ocean of water that could support life?

The small moon Enceladus of the planet Saturn has just become a strong candidate to harbor life after NASA’s Cassini space probe has found a huge ocean of liquid water under kilometers of ice.

What kind of life is there on Saturn?

Saturn’s interior has an environment with pressure three million times greater than the pressure at sea level on Earth, and temperatures as high as 10,000 degrees. In general, this environment seems to be very unfriendly for life as we know it to exist on Earth.

What characteristics does Saturn have?

Saturn is the sixth planet in the solar system from the Sun, the second in size and mass after Jupiter, and the only one with a ring system visible from Earth. Its name comes from the Roman god Saturn. It is part of the so-called outer or gaseous planets.

What is the planet Saturn for children?

It is a gas giant, like Jupiter. It is composed of hydrogen and helium, mostly. It has a thick atmosphere. It has a beautiful group of seven rings separated by space between them.

What is the Moon for children?

The moon is the only satellite that revolves around our planet and it takes 28 days to go around the earth completely. It has 2 main movements, the rotation movement, when it turns on itself, and the translation movement, when it revolves around the Earth.

what moon?

Today the moon is in waning phase.

What is the name of Earth’s satellite?

Earth’s only natural satellite is simply called the moon because people didn’t know other moons existed, until Galileo Galilei discovered four moons orbiting Jupiter in 1610.

What is the name of Earth’s only natural satellite?

The Moon is the only natural satellite of our planet. Since its formation, it has accompanied the Earth in the solar system.

What is the name of the only natural satellite that planet Earth has?

The Moon is the only satellite that the Earth has.

What did the Huygens probe investigate?

The Cassini-Huygens mission, a $3 billion joint project of NASA and the European Space Agency that launched in 1997 from Cape Canaveral in Florida, studies Saturn, its rings, its moons and its atmosphere.

What do you think were the most important facts of the Cassini mission that surprised humanity?

It has discovered a global ocean with signs of hydrothermal activity on Enceladus; seas of liquid methane and ethane on Titan, raining down from hydrocarbon clouds. It has scrutinized Saturn’s turbulent atmosphere with violent hurricanes and its ever-reshaping dynamic rings.

How long did the Cassini probe take to reach Saturn?

13 years of mission.

In addition to the 7 it took to reach Saturn, Cassini has spent thirteen years hanging around Saturn, during which time it has been able to fly closely over its main satellites 15 times, although the record is held by the moon Titan with 127 times.

What is the satellite that has frozen crust?

The moon Europa is covered by a crust of ice. Beneath this frozen layer, researchers believe the satellite contains a body of water 170 km deep.

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