What prison did they use for the marginal?

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In the first seasons of El Marginal, the actors had to move to the old Caseros prison, in the Parque Patricios neighborhood, in Buenos Aires. That huge complex went out of use in 2001 and has since been transformed into a wonderful TV set.

What prison was used for marginal 4?

There they built the new “Puente Viejo” prison and the recording was carried out, with rigorous protocols to avoid contagion of coronavirus, of season 4 and what would be the fifth season.

Why is Brian the marginal 4 imprisoned?

“Brian from El Marginal is in prison for stealing my heart,” one young woman joked, while another wrote: “I am totally hypnotized by the beauty of Brian from El Marginal.

Where is marginal 4 engraved?

This season is recorded in the Puente Viejo prison. This location was specially made for the recording of the new chapters of the Argentine series. It is located in Almagro, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA).

Who is Brian in the fringe?

(CNN Radio Argentina) – Actor Brian Buley, who plays Pedrito Pedraza in El Marginal, spoke this Wednesday on CNN Radio about his presence in the fourth season of the series produced by Underground and Telemundo and said that “people don’t know I expected”.

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What’s the name of Brian from The Outsider 4?

Ignacio Quesada, who plays Brian in Marginal 4, became one of the revelations of the new season of Netflix. He joined the series as one of the inmates that Borges and Diosito met in Old Bridge, and that he joined their side.

What about Emma in marginal 4?

However, and as always happens in “El Marginal”, things do not turn out as planned and Pastor is imprisoned again, Emma is mortally wounded and Diosito has apparently managed to escape. What was the end of the characters of the fourth season?

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When do they start giving marginal 4?

“Pastor and the Borges face each other again, now in the Puente Viejo prison,” they anticipated on Twitter and confirmed: “Marginal 4 arrives on January 19.” In addition, they also reported who will be the new artists who will join Juan Minujín, Nicolás Furtado, Martina Gusmán, Claudio Rissi and Gerardo Romano.

When does marginal 4 season come out?

The Marginal 4 is one of the most watched series on Netflix globally. Since its premiere on January 19, the Argentine production has been in the Top 10 of the most played non-English speaking series on the streaming platform for two weeks.

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How does marginal 4 end?

With the help of a guard, Coco’s men kill Barny. Bardo reappears and kills his mother-in-law before Coco can stab Pastor. Mario and Colombia take advantage of the move to avenge the death of their partner and keep their enemy’s money.

How does marginal 4 end?

What was the end of the characters of the fourth season? As we have already anticipated above, Pastor ends up being arrested by the police just minutes after having escaped from Puente Viejo with Diosito.

What happened to Miguel in the marginal?

In the fourth season of “El marginal”, which is available on Netflix from January 19, 2022, the Borges brothers and their two allies arrive at Puente Viejo, where they are received by Coco and his gang, César and Pastor/ Miguel Palacios , who was captured while trying to escape with his family.

Who is the boy who sings in marginal 4?

Brian Buley: his participation in “El Marginal 4”, his launch as a singer and his dream of filling Luna Park.

Where does Ignacio Quesada work?

Before Puerta 7, he worked in off-theatre, in El excentrico de la 18, where his mother also participated. Ignacio Quesada, who plays Brian in Marginal 4, became one of the revelations of the new season of Netflix.

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