What should an emergency plan contain according to resolution 1409?

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Contents. The program must contain prevention and protection measures against falls from heights and must be part of the safety measures of the Occupational Health Program, which from now on will be called the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SG-SST) .

What should a fall prevention and protection program contain?

Protection measures: Set of individual or collective actions that are implemented to stop the fall of people and objects once it occurs or to mitigate its consequences. Carabiner: Metallic equipment in the form of a ring that allows direct connections of the harness to the anchor points.

What is the purpose and field of application of Resolution 1409 of 2012?

The purpose of this resolution is to establish the Safety Regulations for protection against falls in work at heights and applies to all employers, companies, contractors, subcontractors and workers of all economic activities in the formal and informal sectors of the economy, that. ..

What is the 1409 clarity requirement?

Requirement of clarity or free fall space: Vertical distance required by a worker in the event of a fall, to prevent him from hitting the ground or an obstacle. The clarity requirement will depend primarily on the configuration of the fall arrest system used.

What is fall prevention and protection program?

According to Resolution 1409 of 2012, the prevention and protection program against falls from heights is defined as: “the planning, organization, execution and evaluation of the activities identified by the employer as necessary to implement in the workplace in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary manner , for …

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What is the clarity requirement?

Requirement of clarity or free fall space: Vertical distance required by a worker in the event of a fall, to prevent him from hitting the ground or an obstacle. The clarity requirement will depend primarily on the configuration of the fall arrest system used.

What is the clarity requirement?


Who issues Resolution 1409 of 2012?

This document is generally issued by the manufacturer of the equipment. 11. Certificate of labor competency: Document issued by a certifying body invested with legal authority for its issuance, where it recognizes the labor competency of a person to perform in that activity.

What is the resolution for safe work at heights?

Resolution 4272 of 2021 establishes the minimum safety requirements for the development of work at heights.

What are the functions of the height coordinator?

Work at Heights Coordinator: A worker designated by the employer who is capable of identifying hazards at the site where work at heights is performed, and who is authorized to apply immediate corrective measures to control the risks associated with those hazards.

What are the protection measures against falls from heights?

Active Protection Measures:

    Anchor point.Anchor mechanisms.Connectors.Body support.Rescue plan.

Who can sign the work at heights permit?

The “Permit for Work at Height” document must be filled out before the start of the activity by the worker(s) and must be authorized by the ISSUER of the permit and by the AREA HEAD, after evaluation and verification. in accordance with the conditions of safe work.

Who certifies work equipment at heights?

At the moment in Colombia it is not regulated who or who can certify the skills, but when the technical regulation for work at height comes out, SENA will be the one to certify it.

Who must sign the work at height permits?

Certified worker in safe work at heights. Coordinator of work at heights. Immediate boss and/or area supervisor.

What is clearance distance and how is it calculated?

The calculation of the fall distance (or clarity) consists of evaluating what will be the section that a person will travel after a fall. It is necessary to know this distance, to prevent the user from hitting the ground (or the first obstacle in a vertical fall) after falling, even with a fall arrest system.

How to calculate the safety factor in heights?

It is calculated by dividing the height of the fall by the length of the rope or webbing of the restraint system available to distribute the impact force of the fall. Basically, three fall factors are usually considered: 0, 1 and 2.

How much weight should an anchor point support?

Fall protection anchorages, as well as anchorage connectors, must be self-contained, capable of supporting 5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg) for each worker that is connected.

What weight does the lifeline support?

The maximum weight of each person, including tools and clothing, is 141 Kg (310 lbs). C. BODY SUPPORT: The EZ-Lineā„¢ Horizontal Lifeline System should only be used with personal fall arrest systems that contain a full body harness.

What is stopping distance at heights?

4.11 STOPPING DISTANCE: The total vertical distance required to stop a fall, including deceleration distance and activation distance.

Who is the issuer of a work permit?

Permit Issuer. The Issuer of the Safe Work Permit must be a trained, competent person authorized by TGN to issue it. It can be an Employee of TGN or a Contractor.

When is Heights Coordinator required?

It is considered that it is work at heights when the worker exceeds 1.50 cm in height, this means that if his work is below this measure, it is not necessary to have the advanced course in heights, with the basic operative course it is enough to carry out work below 1.50cm in height.

How many hours should a height coordinator have?

Duration (hours)

60 theoretical / 20 practical.

What does resolution 1248 of 2020 say?

The purpose of this Resolution is to dictate transitory measures, related to training and training for safe work at heights, within the framework of the health emergency declared on the occasion of the pandemic derived from the COVID-19 coronavirus; applies to workers and training providers…

What does resolution 4272 of 2021 say?

The employer or contracting party must define the prevention measures to be used in each workplace where work is carried out at heights, whether in routine or non-routine tasks. These measures must be in accordance with the economic activity and tasks that comprise it.

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