What should I take into account to solve a philosophical problem?

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Coaching and philosophy share the use of questions and reflection as the greatest source of results. Learn the five steps to solve them.

Problem: identify it. What is the conflict situation? … Emotions: list them. … Analysis: options. … Contemplation: gain perspective. … Balance: Peace.

What is it that makes a problem philosophical?

What is a philosophical problem? A problem is always a question, a question for which we do not yet have a satisfactory answer. For it to be philosophical: • It must be a significant problem for human beings as such. That is, a problem that is neither private nor trivial.

What should be taken into account to understand philosophy?

To understand philosophy it is necessary to read a lot on the same subject, since the first few times you read it you may not understand or not fully understand what the text wants to tell you.

What are the steps to make a philosophical reading?

Tips for reading Philosophical texts.

1- Read to understand.2- Philosophy is about arguing.3- Time is a good ally.4- What is the main point?5- Write down.6- Think critically.7- But don’t think on your feet .8- Cultivate philosophical empathy and self-criticism.

What are the 3 problems of philosophy?

appearance and reality. The existence of matter. The nature of matter. Idealism.

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What are the philosophical problems?

A philosophical problem is, like any problem, a question that presents itself with, at least, a suspicious solution. … There is something in philosophical questioning that makes it a special problem of philosophy and not of other human activities.

What are the 4 great themes of philosophy?

If so, keep reading!

    Metaphysics. This branch of philosophy was developed thanks to such illustrious authors and thinkers as Immanuel Kant, Socrates, René Descartes and Aristotle. … Esthetic. … Epistemology. … Ethics. … Politics. … Philosophy of language.

What are the 6 tips for philosophizing?

Ten provisional guidelines for philosophizing

    Not dogmas. The philosopher avoids accepting those beliefs that lack some type of evidence. … Skepticism. … Not to the principle of authority. … Rationality. … Analytics. … Modesty. … Dialogue. … Humanism.

What is a philosophical text and its characteristics?

A philosophical text discusses and treats a philosophical problem, which must be delimited and explained before being solved. It is best to state the philosophical problem in the introduction.

What is the philosophy of reading?

Philosophical reading is a specific type of reading, in the same way that Philosophy constitutes a specific form of Literature. Books, newspapers and magazines of all stripes alike await the attention of a friendly reader who approaches their inked or digitized pages and full of generosity.

What is a physiological text?

Texts that make up messages that are impregnated, at the same time, with a diffuse second meaning, generally ideological, which is called “connoted meaning”.

How do you comment on a philosophical text?

The commentary of a philosophical text consists of the emission of a judgment or consideration on the place that the ideas defended in the text occupy in the whole of knowledge, and in the exposition of our point of view in this regard (do not confuse this with what you call “personal opinion”).

What are the philosophical continuous texts?

Continuous Text is defined as that organized syntactically (in sentences and paragraphs) following a logical order, immersed in a superstructure whose nodal characteristic is its reading in sequence.

What topic does philosophy address?

Philosophy allows you to generalize statements from particular sciences and apply them to more general areas. Philosophy also poses problems that affect certain assumptions of a given knowledge, its limits or its claims and questions presumed evidence of common experience.

What is philosophical article?

It is called a philosophical essay to any essay (prose text that analyzes, evaluates or interprets a topic) that deals with a topic of philosophy, such as love, life, death, etc.

How do you make a text comment?

We explain how to successfully make a text comment in six steps

1. Please read carefully. … he Frames the work and the context. …he Specifies the literary genre or the philosophical current. … Analyze the content. … Analyze the shape. … Write a conclusion.

What does the word physiological mean?

adj. That it is related to physiology or that it develops physiologically, that is, in a normal way.

What is a physiological process?

A physiological process is a process related to the functioning and functions of living beings or integrated living units, that is: cells, tissues, organs and organisms.

What is physiology and an example?

Physiology explains the relationships between the functions of the body that give life to the living being, these functions range from renal physiology, to neurophysiology, the respiratory system, the circulatory system and the endocrine system, and in general and / or processes related to body functions.

What are the physiological processes in the human being?

general physiology related to all the basic processes that are common to all living forms. Examples of physiological functions: urination, defecation, erection, digestion, breathing, etc.

What are the physiological functions?

Physio The process performed by organ, tissue and cell to maintain health: respiration, coordination, excretion, circulation and reproduction are the main physiological function.

What are the physiological characteristics?

It is understood to be the set of body structures that enable reproduction, and therefore the conservation of the species, as well as its functioning. This is not the same in men and women, each having its singularities.

What parts does a text comment have?

The most frequent structures are: a) Deductive or analysing, from the general to the particular. c) Framed, it begins with a main idea and, after showing other secondary ideas, ends by going back to the main idea. d) Parallel, all ideas are equally important and are developed at the same time.

What is the comment and what are its parts?

The comment must be structured in three parts: Title: “Comment on the article `Add the name´ by `Add the author’s name´. Introduction: a brief description about the argument on which the comment is about, of approximately 50 words.

How to comment on the text of a story?


Indicate the title of the story that will be discussed. Provide the name and some information about the author: nationality, when he wrote the story, what motivated it, among others. Mention in broad strokes the plot of the story (beginning, development, climax and outcome).
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