What soap can I use to bathe my guinea pig?

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It is important that you use special shampoo for guinea pigs or, if this is not possible, one for rabbits would also work. They are animals with very sensitive skin that can become irritated if products that are not suitable for them are used. Then you will have to rinse it with plenty of water until there is no trace of soap.

What happens if you bathe A Whose with human shampoo?

One of the most frequent doubts about washing these pets is whether it is possible to bathe a guinea pig with white soap or with our own shampoo, but we must be clear that NO since their skin is not like ours and we can cause health problems. to our little rodent.

What shampoo to use for guinea pigs?

Make sure the water is lukewarm. To wash the guinea pigs, it is recommended to use a rabbit shampoo or a neutral one, never a dog shampoo. When you’re done bathing your guinea pig, dry it off with a towel as well as you can. They are sensitive to drafts so be careful if your hair gets wet.

How to bathe a guinea pig without shampoo?

Moisten the bottom beforehand so that he feels the water on his paws and gets used to it. Then open the tap very softly with lukewarm water, neither cold nor hot, and begin to wet her body with your hands very slowly. Bathe your guinea pig in a container.

What vaccines does a guinea pig need?

Guinea pigs do not require vaccines for the prevention of diseases, but it is very important to carry out regular check-ups to rule out internal and external parasites, skin problems, reproductive and digestive systems.

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What diseases can guinea pigs transmit?

Other infections that rodents can pass to humans include leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and a type of meningitis caused by a virus called lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Although they are rare diseases, these infections can have serious consequences.

When can I bathe Ami guinea pig for the first time?

Guinea pigs, regardless of their breed, are quite clean animals and do not usually smell bad or get excessively dirty, however it is advisable to bathe them once in a while to maintain their perfect hygiene. Once every three or four months will suffice.

How to teach a guinea pig to go to the bathroom?

The first thing you should do to teach your guinea pig to go to the bathroom is to observe it. Most of them relieve themselves in a certain part of their cage. If you build the sandbox in that space, he will most likely use it. Analyze your guinea pig for a few days and take into account the place where he usually goes to the bathroom.

How to make the guinea pig drink water?

With a balanced diet rich in hay and vegetables, you will have less need to hydrate, since the vegetables themselves provide a part of the liquids required by your body. Still, the dryness of food such as hay leads the guinea pig to drink water.

How to make a guinea pig happy?

Give him a lot of entertainment.

A guinea pig without a cage mate will need a lot of stimulation due to a lot of time spent alone. Make sure you give him plenty of toys so he doesn’t get bored in his cage. Ping pong balls are very entertaining as guinea pigs enjoy chewing and chasing.

What to do if my guinea pig scratches a lot?

One of the most common causes of this type of behavior in guinea pigs is a lack of vitamin C in their diet. It is very important that these nice rodents receive about 10 mg of this vitamin every day.

How do you remove lice from whose?

Lice are eliminated with external antiparasitic sprays or shampoos. This disease is highly contagious among guinea pigs, therefore it is necessary to treat all the animals that live together and quarantine any animal that joins an already established group.

How do you clean the guinea pig?

Once you have removed the shavings or straw, you will have to clean the bottom of the cage with soap and water, rinsing very well and placing new bedding inside. You can use a mixture of water and white vinegar to disinfect the cage once a week. In this way, you will be able to eliminate bad odors.

What tricks can you teach a guinea pig?

Decide what word you are going to name each trick with. Ideally, it should be one word for each, no more than two or three syllables; never try to teach him two different tricks with the same word. Say the word once first, then guide your guinea pig to do the trick.

How do you know if your whose is happy or not?

When your guinea pig loves you, you can tell that he enjoys your caresses and makes a very characteristic sound that indicates that he is happy. It is not very difficult to recognize, since it is a small high-pitched and intermittent moan that is accompanied by a kind of purr.

Where do guinea pigs urinate?

Guinea pigs urinate a lot: It is very important to note that, by nature, guinea pigs urinate abundantly. Female guinea pigs generally urinate in a specific place in the cage, which makes it easier to clean the cubicle, however, male guinea pigs urinate all over the cage, territorially.

How do I know if my whose is going to die?

Although it is normal for cataracts, tumors, joint stiffness or pain when walking to appear with aging, when our guinea pig is dying we can observe very difficult breathing, very slow movements or the total absence of them, or urinary incontinence, it is say, the one whose is…

Why does UN Cuyo drool?

When a guinea pig stops eating and drools constantly, the problem is centered in its mouth. Most of the time, we only look at the front teeth but guinea pigs also have molars and that may be where the problem lies.

How much does the vet cost for a guinea pig?

Regarding the veterinary expense, guinea pigs are recommended annual veterinary check-ups; In some cases, it is advisable to sterilize (non-breeding females, males with behavioral problems, couples, etc.) and this can cost around 120-250 euros.

What does it take to care for a guinea pig?

For a correct feeding of the guinea pig, do not forget to follow these tips:

You must always have fresh and clean water. You must always have fresh and unlimited hay. We will control the rations of feed or pellets, to prevent obesity. We will provide a variety of vegetables and fruit daily.

How to know if my guinea pig has fungus?

Ringworm in guinea pigs is characterized by the presence of bald patches, especially on the head and face. In addition, they also experience itching, redness, irritation, swelling… In general, the fungus causes a lot of discomfort on their skin.

How do you know when a guinea pig is sick?

Here are some symptoms that can help you know if your guinea pig is sick:

Lack of appetite. Weakness or lethargy. Rough hair. Hair loss. Itching. Bloody urine. Diarrhea. Snot and sneezing.

How to pet a guinea pig?


Don’t caress him against the grain, they don’t like it at all. … Don’t pass the palm of your hand in front of his face. … Stroking behind the ears does not usually bother them, and in fact some of them like it and show it with a tender purr (it resembles annoyance but the purr is sharp and tender).
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