What taxes does a self-employed person pay in Argentina?

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freelancers VAT: you have to register for this tax with the AFIP and pay it monthly. The general percentage of VAT is 21%. A system of credits and debits is used that results in the amount that you will have to deposit.


How much does a freelancer pay in Argentina 2021?

As for the tax to be paid for all of 2021, in the case of a self-employed person with an average monthly billing this year of $150,000, with a spouse and two dependent children, the amount is $215,023 (if expenses are not deducted), while that if the monthly income is $120,000, the tax burden reaches $109,479.

What taxes does a self-employed person pay in Argentina?

The General Regime includes all taxpayers covered by any of the taxes: The most common are Income Tax and VAT Registration must be made with the Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP) for each tax.

How is the personal income tax paid by a self-employed worker calculated?

While employed workers assume the IRPF withholdings on their monthly payroll, the Self-Employed pay them when issuing invoices. The withholding in the form of a percentage is the amount that you will have to pay to the Treasury quarterly through model 130 for self-assessment of the installment payment of IRPF.

How much does a freelancer pay in Argentina 2020?

The new amounts of Self-Employed in force since June 2020

Category I (annual gross income less than or equal to $20,000): $3,029.18. Category II (annual gross income greater than $20,000): $4,240.84. Category III (annual gross income less than or equal to $15,000): $6,058.36.

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How much does a self-employed person pay for retirement?

The average pension of a self-employed worker when he retires is 780.95 euros per month, according to the latest Social Security data. This is 40% less than the average pension of an employee in Spain, which is currently 1,315 euros per month.

When are freelancers paid in Argentina?

The remaining five installments will be paid on the 16th of each month from the month following the initial payment. The term to present the affidavit of the taxpayers reached by the Solidarity and Extraordinary Contribution is next March 30.

How much does a self-employed person pay for VAT and personal income tax?

The new self-employed pay 7% personal income tax and those who have been self-employed for two years, 15%. The amount resulting from the difference between income and expenses is considered as profit, and 20% of said amount must be entered in form 130, if it is by direct estimation.

How is the quarter of a self-employed?

In the General Regime: To make the declaration, form 303 or form 309 must be filled out, and the maximum term to make the payment is until October 20. In the event that you prefer to domicile the payment, keep in mind that you must present the model through the internet, between October 1 and 15.

How much does a freelancer pay for modules?

4% of the applicable net income. 3% in almost having a hired worker. 2% when there are no hired workers or the activity is agricultural.

How much does a self-employed person pay in taxes?

IRPF or Income Tax for self-employed workers

This is a tax paid by all self-employed. It is paid quarterly based on the income you have had. Normally, the self-employed pay 20% on the quarterly benefits they have had through model 130.

What is the difference between autonomous and monotributista?

Regarding the differences between the two, Pérez Acchili expressed: “The discrepancy between the monotributista and the self-employed is that the latter pays for VAT (Value Added Tax) and Earnings without limit, on the other hand the monotributista does not, he only pays an amount controlled in a concept.

What quarterly declarations does a self-employed person have to make?

Every three months the self-employed must submit different tax returns, including those related to VAT (model 303).

    From January 1 to 20 or 30 for the taxes of the last quarter of the previous year. From April 1 to 20, for the taxes of the first quarter of the year.

What models must a self-employed present quarterly?

Model 111 is the quarterly model by which companies and freelancers declare and enter the withholdings they have made during the quarter to workers, professionals or businessmen.

What declarations does a self-employed person have to make?

What declarations and forms must the self-employed present? Quarterly VAT declaration, having to present form 303 until the 20th of the months of April, July and October and until the 30th of January. If you quote in modules, you must present the part related to the simplified VAT regime in form 303.

How much does a self-employed person pay IRPF 2021?

The type of withholding or percentage to apply to invoices in 2021 is, in general, 15%.

What is self-employed personal income tax?

The IRPF is the Tax on the Income of Physical Persons, that is, a tax on the earnings of natural persons, whether they are employees or self-employed workers (self-employed). The self-employed must declare it annually through the income statement.

What happens if freelancers in Argentina are not paid?

The Chamber understands that the contributions of self-employed workers “are mandatory” and the omission to cancel them means that the Federal Administration of Public Revenues is entitled to legally claim their payment.

What is the maximum pension that a self-employed person can collect?

On the contrary, the maximum pension of the self-employed will be the same as that of an employee. Right now the maximum amount of the public pension is set at 2,683.34 euros per month after the revaluation of pensions in 2021.

What is it to be self-employed in the AFIP?

One who carries out an economic activity, on a regular, personal and direct basis for profit, without an employment contract. It is included in the general regime that is administered by AFIP.

What is the difference between autonomous and registered responsible?

When we speak of Registered Responsible, we refer to that taxpayer who has the obligation to present and pay VAT on a monthly basis, and Earnings on an annual basis. The figure of the Registered Responsible is linked to that of the self-employed worker or employer, whose billing is greater than that of the monotributista.

What is a monotributista worker?

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE HIRED AS A MONOTRIBUTOR? It means that you are NOT actually an employee. We would be in the presence of a person who is self-employed, issuing a “C” invoice for the payment of a service that another person hires.

How much self-employment fee is paid?

Flat rate of 60 euros per month. The flat rate for the self-employed consists of starting with a monthly payment of 60 euros to Social Security instead of 289 euros, the minimum fee set in 2021 after the increase.

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