What Tec weeks are there?

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The study plan for all careers includes three Tec Weeks per semester. These will take place in weeks 6, 12 and 18; in the first two you choose the activity according to the purpose you want to achieve at that time, while Week 18 will be for feedback on your progress.

What is Week 5 at the Tec?

Below is a four-week exercise program that will work on upper, lower and middle body conditioning.

What is the week at Tec de Monterrey?

Week i is an opportunity for companies and organizations from different strategic sectors to rely on the talent of Tec de Monterrey students to solve a specific problem. What really enriches the experience is the interaction of our students, teachers and companies.

What are the stages of the Tec 21 educational model?

he added. There are three stages in which the professional training of students is divided: Exploration, Focus and Specialization, explained the director. This stage occurs in the first third of vocational training. Students will enter an area of ​​study to explore their profession and aspects of other careers.

What is Tec de Monterrey Week 18?

From your study plan in this first Week 18, the transversal subcompetence of self-knowledge will be evaluated and for the entry of health, the disciplinary subcompetence of health risks. In addition, you will also be able to define commitments and new goals for your student and professional development plan.

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What is Tech 21?

Tec21 allows the formation of solid and comprehensive skills that will help you creatively and strategically solve the challenges of the present and the future.

How is the Tec de Monterrey divided?

There are 45 careers at Tec de Monterrey, which are offered under the Tec21 Educational Model, which seeks to provide students with greater experiential learning. In the Tec21 Model you can choose one of its six areas of study.

What is the Tec semester?

WHAT IS A TEC SEMESTER? In Semestre Tec you can take professional internships, a concentration, a stay or incubate your own company, among other options. You can spend a Tec Semester between the sixth and seventh semester of your degree while you are in the Specialization stage.

How many semesters does a degree at Tec de Monterrey have?

The duration of each career ranges from 8-10 semesters, depending on the program.

What does Tec do?

TEC Purposes

Generate, adapt and incorporate in a systematic and continuous way, the necessary technology to use and transform productive resources and forces profitably for the country.

How much does it cost to study a semester at Tec de Monterrey?

On average, a program of 48 units for a career of 8 to 10 semesters, has a semester cost of $120,700 pesos, not including additional costs, this would be equivalent to 5 monthly installments of $25,295 in each period. The price of student insurance of $3,464 and medical expenses of $3,054 must be taken into account.

What is the monthly fee at Tec de Monterrey?

The price of the monthly fee at Tec de Monterrey is around $23,094 pesos, as you can see it is a large amount that we have to be prepared to pay.

How much does a high school semester at the Tec cost?

We looked up the cost of the top high schools in Mexico, here are the results: Tec de Monterrey – from $54,373 MXN to $67,173 MXN.

What is the largest TEC?

The largest (1,000 square meters) is located on the corner of Junco de la Vega and Luis Elizondo avenues, next to the Technological Sports Center (CDT).

How difficult is it to study at Tec de Monterrey?

Getting into Tecnológico de Monterrey is more complicated than getting into other private schools in Mexico. But it’s much easier than being accepted into the most in-demand public schools in our country.

What is the minimum GPA to enter Tec de Monterrey?

Submit complete documentation for the admission process. Have a minimum average of 9.0. Obtain at least 1360 points in the last Academic Aptitude Test.

What does TEC look for in its students?

Self-knowledge and management: Know yourself and be a good planner and manager. Innovative Entrepreneurship: Not only to form companies but to be an agent of change, innovative and with social impact. social intelligence. Knowing how to relate and interact with other people and cultures, as well as knowing how to negotiate.

How to enter the Tec 21 experience?

It is important to consider that access can also be done through the direct link https://experiencia21.tec.mx/ (payroll and password), however, the areas involved promote the use of access from the teachers’ environment.

How to get a 100% scholarship at Tec de Monterrey?

To apply you must meet the following profile: -Have outstanding abilities: cognitive, leadership and execution. – Require 100% tuition support to study at the Tec. – Have a cumulative average up to the last year of high school, equal to or greater than 90.

What careers are there at Tec de Monterrey?

Know all the Races.

    All Careers.Architect entering through Built Environment.Architect entering through Creative Studies.Bachelor in Global Business.Biomedical Engineer.Civil Engineer entering through Built Environment.Civil Engineer entering through Engineering-Innovation and Transformation.BA in Architecture.

How much does a semester cost at Universidad Panamericana?

The fees vary according to the study program, but the bachelor’s and engineering degrees have a registration cost of around 21,500 pesos, or 93,500 pesos per semester. The medicine course has a registration fee of about 25,000 pesos and the semester ranges between 100,000 and 125,000 pesos.

How much does a semester cost at Tec de Monterrey 2021?

Tec de Monterrey is an elite private school.

Total cost per semester (48 credits): $120,700 pesos. Split payments: $25,295 pesos. student insurance: $3,464 pesos.

What is TEC in technology?

The “Technique” is the skill that is used to carry out a process while the “Technology” are means of support or facilitators of the channels we use to comply with a certain process. Technology=tools. Technique = way of using the tools.

What are the values ​​of the Tec?

Institutional values

    Honesty. Conduct ourselves in a transparent, consistent, sincere and fair manner; always based on the truth. Respect. … Service. … Responsibility. … Loyalty.

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