What to do in Andalusia at Christmas?

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The best Andalusian towns to visit at Christmas

Estepa: shortbread, shortbread and the city of chocolate. Lepe: the grapes twice. Puente Genil, spectacular lights in Córdoba. Beas, Huelva: a living nativity scene. Almuñécar, Granada, start the year with a swim in the sea.

What to visit in Andalusia at Christmas?

Where to spend Christmas? Towns of Andalusia to go by car

    Setenil de las Bodegas (Cádiz) Surely you have already seen a photo of its peculiar streets. … Cazorla (Jaén) … Vélez-Blanco (Almería) … Frigiliana (Málaga) … Écija (Seville) … Puente Genil (Córdoba) … Castril (Granada) … Higuera de the Sierra (Huelva)

What activities can you do at Christmas?

Examples of Christmas activities that you can do with your sons and daughters

    Preparation of Christmas recipes. … Reading evenings. … See the Christmas lights. … Kings Parade. … Outdoor activities. … Theatre for kids. … Cinema. … Sing carols.

Where to go in Andalusia in winter?

7 Places to visit Andalusia in winter

    Breña and Barbate marshes (Cádiz) Bolonia Beach (Cádiz) Gorafe Desert (Granada) Sierra de Castril (Granada) Sierra Nevada (Granada) Cabo de Gata (Almería) Sierra de las Nieves (Málaga) Jabugo Route (Huelva)

What town to visit at Christmas?

Towns in Spain you should visit at Christmas

    Sepulveda, Segovia. Sepulveda, Segovia. … Ochagavía, Navarre. Ochagavía. … Cold, Burgos. cold. … Buitrago de Lozoya, Madrid. Buitrago of Lozoya. … Alcalá del Jucar, Albacete. Alcala del Jucar. … Penalba de Santiago, Leon. … Grazalema, Cadiz. … Caldes de Malavella, Girona.

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What is the most beautiful town at Christmas?


Its well-kept houses, its flowery balconies and its snow covering everything make it the perfect place to spend Christmas. For all these reasons, Bagergue has been part of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain Association since 2019.

Which Spanish city to visit at Christmas?

Discover the 10 most charming cities in Spain to spend Christmas

    10 cities to visit at Christmas. Oviedo. Oviedo. Oviedo is known for its lights and its Bethlehem, and this year it has prepared a special lighting. … Grenade. Alhambra. … Seville. Seville. …Madrid. Madrid. … Vigo. Vigo. …Segovia. Segovia.

What to visit in winter?

10 destinations to travel in winter

    Prague, Czech Republic. Panoramic snowy Prague. … Lapland, Sweden. Lapland in winter. … Dublin, Ireland. Snowy St Stephen’s Green Park. … New York, USA. Snowy New York. … Reykjavik, Iceland. Overview of Reykjavik, Iceland. … Venice Italy. … Berlin Germany. … Madrid Spain.

What to visit in Andalusia with children in winter?

    Royal Alcazar of Seville. 35,021. Historical places. … Citadel. 10,972. Historical places • History museums. …Marbella Old Town. 5,443. Neighborhoods • Panoramic walks. … Puerto Marina Benalmadena. 8,497. Sport ports. … Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. 28,488. … The Carihuela. 3,746. … Biopark. 5,145. … Cave of Nerja. 7,109.

What towns in Andalusia to visit?

The most beautiful villages in Andalusia (to fall in love to the bars)

    Ronda, Málaga.Frigiliana, Málaga.Setenil de las Bodegas, Cádiz.Aracena, Huelva.Cazorla, Jaén.Pampaneira, Granada.Mojácar, Almería.Arcos de la Frontera, Cádiz.

What do we do at Christmas with the family?

8 activities to spend a family Christmas


What activities do you do as a family to celebrate Christmas?

8 essential plans to celebrate Christmas day in…

    Prepare your greeting cards. … Christmas markets. … Family Christmas crafts. … Make your own Christmas carol. … Cook with the children. … Clean up toys. … An afternoon at the movies. … Pull classics.

What to play at Christmas with the family?

7 Christmas games to enjoy with the family

    hoop toss Surely this Christmas you store more than one cardboard box at home. … I shoot the tree. … What is Santa hiding. … Knock down the doll. … He hits the fir tree. … Three in a row. … Precision scale.

What to do and what to see in Malaga at Christmas?

Visit Malaga at Christmas: What to see and do 2022

    Lose yourself among the Christmas markets of Malaga. Rich fritters with chocolate and roasted chestnuts. The Snow Village in Muelle Uno. Get to know the Nativity scenes scattered around the city. Video mapping in the Cathedral. Enjoy the lighting of Calle Larios.

What to do on the December bridge?

10 plans for the December Bridge

1 Las Médulas and El Bierzo in Castilla y León. … 2 The Aran Valley in Catalonia. … 3 The Bárdenas Reales in Navarra. … 4 The Sierra de Francia in Castilla y León. … 5 Getaway to a quiet Ibiza in the Balearic Islands. … 6 Villages of the Sierra de Grazalema, in Andalusia.

What can you see in Seville at Christmas?

What can you do in Seville at Christmas?

    Enjoy the Christmas lights in the center of Seville.Go ice skating.Enjoy the Three Kings parade in Seville.Listen to the bell ringers in Seville.Visit the Nativity Scene fair in Seville.Visit the Christmas markets in Seville.

Where to go on holiday in Andalusia with children?

10 perfect beaches in Andalusia to go with children

    Las Negras (Níjar, Almería) Las Negras Beach. … Monsul (Níjar, Almería) Monsul. … La Herradura (Granada) La Herradura, from Cerro Gordo. … Nerja (Málaga) View of Nerja from the Balcón de Europa. … Fuengirola (Málaga) … Zahara de los Atunes (Cádiz) … Isla Canela (Ayamonte, Huelva)

Where to go with children at Christmas in Andalusia?


    – MEDINA SIDONIA: The cradle of the alfajor.- JEREZ: Flamenco zambomba.- MÁLAGA: Christmas lighting.- RUTE: The largest chocolate nativity scene.- HIGUERA DE LA SIERRA: The Three Kings are coming.- ESTEPA: It already smells like mantecados.- ARCOS DE LA FRONTERA: Living nativity scene.- SIERRA NEVADA.

When is it best to visit Andalusia?

The best months for good weather in Andalusia are April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November. On average, the warmest months are July and August. Andalusia has dry periods in June, July and August. The coldest months are January and February.

What places to visit in Europe in winter?

The 10 best European destinations to travel in winter

Rovaniemi, Finland, land of Santa Claus. … Christmas markets in Germany and Austria. … Northern lights in Abisko, Sweden. … The best time to enjoy the monuments of Athens, Greece. … Copenhagen, Denmark, a fairy tale.

Where to travel at Christmas 2021?

Where to travel for Christmas 2021: my favorite Christmas destinations

Alsace, route through the Christmas towns in France (the fashionable destination for 2021)… Budapest, say goodbye to 2021 with a good hot bath in its mythical spas. … New York, the movie Christmas we all dream of.

What is the most beautiful city in Spain?

1. Seville, the most beautiful city in Spain.

What to do at Christmas in Spain 2021?

    See the Christmas Lights in Madrid. Stroll down the Gran Vía at Christmas. Christmas bus in Madrid. Videomapping in the Cibeles Palace. Gospel Festival 2021 in Madrid. Christmas and New Year 2021 concerts in Madrid. Nativity Scene of the Community in Puerta del Sol. Bethlehem of the Town Hall in Palacio de Cibeles.

Where to go at Christmas in the Valencian Community?

Christmas in the towns of Valencia

    ALZIRA. The Alzira City Council has prepared a varied Christmas program, we highlight the children’s workshops where children will enjoy during the Christmas holidays. … BENAGUASIL. … BENIMAMET. … BURJASSOT. … THE POPULATION OF VALLBONA. … MELIANA. …RAFEL BUNYOL.

What to do to spend a happy Christmas?


Create Christmas atmosphere. … Buy a special ornament every year. … It also shares the kitchen. … Take the opportunity to spend time with your family. … Help them see how lucky they are. … Don’t look for a perfect Christmas.
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