What to do in Stockholm at Christmas?

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10 things to do in Stockholm in December

Discover the city in the footsteps of Alfred Nobel. … He attends a procession of Lucia. … Visit a Christmas market. … Tour Stockholm behind its Christmas lights. … Go ice skating at Kungsträdgården. …Try the julbord. … Behold the world’s largest Christmas tree.

What to do in Sweden in December?

10 things to do in winter in Sweden

Ice skating. … Kayaking off the coast. … Dog sledding. … From island to island in the archipelago. … Winter mountain biking. … Horseback riding through the woods. … Snowmobile excursions. … Alpine skiing for all levels.

What clothes to wear to Stockholm in December?

What to wear to Stockholm:

If you go in winter, take a coat, scarf, gloves and shoes or boots that protect you from the cold. In summer you can wear lighter clothes, but remember that even summer evenings and nights can be cold.

How hot is it in Stockholm in December?

Weather in December in Stockholm Sweden. Daily maximum temperatures decrease by 2 °C, from 3 °C to 1 °C and rarely go below -6 °C or exceed 8 °C. Daily minimum temperatures drop 3°C from -2°C to -4°C and rarely drop below -13°C or exceed 4°C.

How is Christmas celebrated in Sweden?

Swedish Christmas is characterized by traditions such as Christmas markets, Julbord banquets, processions with candles, gingerbread cookies or ice skating rinks, among others. Of course, being where the country is located, there is a whole world of Santa Claus in many places.

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What are the customs of Christmas?

The 6 Christmas traditions that are always present in December

    Assemble the Christmas tree. … Make the manger. … Listen to December music. … Exchange gifts. … Brand new clothes. … Make the family dinner.

How is Christmas celebrated in Switzerland?

Bright lights, intoxicating aromas, Christmas music and a fairytale atmosphere: at Christmas time, Switzerland takes on a very special look. Stroll through the Christmas market, enjoy a fondue on the tram, relax in the spa or explore the ice rinks.

How is winter in Stockholm?

Stockholm in winter

Winters in Stockholm are quite similar to those in Oslo or Copenhagen, with thermometers reaching -20ºC in December, January and February. The average annual temperature in the capital is about 7 °C, so the cold is almost a constant in Stockholm weather.

When does it start to snow in Stockholm?

The yearly snowy season lasts for 4.8 months, from November 11 to April 4, with snowfall of at least 1 inch over a moving 31-day interval. The snowiest month in Stockholm is February, with an average snowfall of 81 millimeters.

What to wear to Switzerland in winter?

Winter. You will need suitable winter clothing: a warm coat or jacket -that can withstand negative temperatures-, a hat, a scarf, gloves, waterproof shoes or boots that resist snow or rain.

What clothes are worn in Sweden?

Usually in dark colors (mörka): black or navy, but also some in electric blue or green colors. For the upper part of the body, hoodies combined with a blazer have always been very successful in Sweden for the most casual look.

What to take on a trip to Sweden?

A tripod to photograph the Northern Lights in Lapland in winter. A swimsuit to dive into a lake or enter a sauna. An eye mask to be able to sleep with the midnight sun that is in summer. Shoes for walking and going out to discover the Swedish forests.

What is the best date to travel to Sweden?

The best time for a trip to Sweden are the late spring and summer months, ie those between May and September. During these months, in addition to the fact that the temperatures are mild and pleasant, they also have very long days.

What is the best time to travel to Sweden?

The best time to travel to Stockholm is spring and summer. Winter is cold and dark with one or two hours of sunshine per day and 6-7 hours of daylight. Spring usually takes a long time, so to enjoy the good weather it is better to wait until June. The best months to travel are June, July and August.

What is Sweden like in winter?

Temperatures drop below 0 degrees, but with climate change, winters are much milder and temperatures range between -4 and 4 degrees. The most beautiful thing, without hesitation, is the change of rain for snow since it provides light and clarity.

What is the best date to travel to Stockholm?

The best time to visit Stockholm is at the end of spring and also in summer. These are the seasons with the best weather conditions and the seasons with a significant increase in temperatures.

How do they get hot in Sweden?

Biomass is currently the main source of heat in Swedish homes. Coming from forest masses in the form of pellets, chips and logs, they are used both in private boilers and centralized biomass heating or ‘district heatings’.

How is December 24 celebrated in Switzerland?

On the night of Christmas Eve, that is, on December 24, all the members of the family gather to have dinner together and sing songs of the season. On the table there is usually meat, chocolate and the famous fondue chinoise. In Switzerland, the Christmas tree is also set up and it is usually decorated as a family.

What is Christmas dinner in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, during the Christmas season, fondue is usually eaten, an ideal dish to share with friends and family.

What is celebrated on December 6 in Switzerland?

December 6 is celebrated in Switzerland as the “Samichlaus” day (in other German-speaking countries they call it Skt. Nikolaus). The children leave their boots in front of their pieces and Samichlaus is “supposed” to fill them with tangerines, nuts, chocolates and large “Lebchueche-Lebkuchen” cookies in the shape of Samichlaus.

What is custom and what is tradition?

A tradition is a creation, activity, rite or custom, which is transmitted from generation to generation within a community. There are family traditions, local traditions, national traditions and traditions that are linked to the beliefs of each person, among many others.

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