What to say to a person who is suffering?

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By asking how you can love them better, you demonstrate several important things: you know that person needs love; you focus on his well-being, on making the best of this uncomfortable trance; and you also know what the best qualities of that person are, what is the best of themselves.

What to say to someone who is suffering?

– Listen: Therefore, let the person experience their pain, do not judge, do not reproach, do not blame and do not be in a hurry to give advice. In order to offer a valid opinion of the situation, you must first become familiar with it, so listen carefully to everything the other has to say.

What to say to someone who is in pain?

Listening to the words “nothing happens” or “we’ll meet another day” will help the person not feel guilty or bad for not going.

How to tell someone that what they do hurts you?

12 ways to say what’s bothering you without hurting your partner

Relax, control your anger. … Find the best time to talk. … Do not deal with several topics at once. … Question instead of accusing. … Clarifies everything. … Talk about what your partner does and not what he is. … Listen to their reasons. … Avoid reproaches and the desire to hurt your partner.

How to say no to something without offending?


– The first and most important step is to refuse: “No, I’m sorry.” – The second step is to understand the reasons why the other person is asking us for something. … – The third step is to explain our motives to the other person, always to the point that we consider that the other person can understand.27 related questions found

How to say things without offending people?

How to say things without offending anyone?

1.Think before you speak. … Connect with the person. … Understand that conversations are living systems. … Value the other’s point of view. … Accept talking to people who make you uncomfortable. … Talk about things you don’t like. … Acknowledge emotions. … Think about your future conversations.

What to say to a person with problems?

What to say to someone with depression

“You’re not alone. … “I’ll be there if you need me. … “What can I do to help you?” … «I have seen that lately you are _____ (sad, depressed…). … «I have the feeling that something is bothering you and that you are going through a difficult time. … «It worries me to see you like this and I wish I could help you.

How to lift someone’s spirits by chat?

Instead of saying “goodbye” at the end of the conversation, you can say something lighthearted or fun like “I hope your dreams are sweeter than your day was!” You could also try saying something encouraging like, “Have an amazing afternoon. I can’t wait to talk to you later.”

How to make a man feel good by text?

To start sending sexy messages to your crush or your partner start with a casual and innocent greeting. Never go in fully more than anything because you don’t know how he is going to react and if you catch him at a good time. You can say something like “Hello handsome”, before continuing writing wait for him to respond.

How to cheer up a sad friend by chat?

Phrases to encourage a friend in difficult times

You will never be defeated. … Sadness will be in your life until you allow it. … If something doesn’t come back to you, it had better go far away. … In the end, everything will be fine. … Get up, repeat, experiment, but don’t let sadness win you.

How to encourage your boyfriend on whatsapp?

How to cheer up your boyfriend long distance

Send encouraging messages throughout the day. Send a funny video. Send a picture of yourself.

What to say in difficult moments?

Phrases of encouragement to face difficult moments:

    You will never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only option. Sometimes good things are lost to make way for great ones. You will not be able to change what you refuse to face. No one is perfect, and no one deserves to be .

How to give affection with words?

Some examples of words of affection that you can use to express what you feel are: – I love you and I appreciate you. -You are important to me. -You help me and support me in everything you can.

How to say something without saying it?

8 ways to say “I love you” without saying it

Let him know that you like him the way he is. You want that person, regardless of the relationship that binds you to him. … Respect her space and share your time. … Listen, count and support. … Surprise him. … Worry about that person. … Take care of the details. … Use other words. … Give in from time to time.

How to offer affection?

Hugs, kisses, words of comfort and every little gesture of affection contains infinite explanations that turn the relationship into a source of energy, maximum trust, rapprochement, contact and desire.

How to treat someone with love?

Treating with affection is touching with respect the soul of those we love. It’s using the right words and tone. And, above all, it is seeing the other person as part of oneself. Zick Rubin was the first psychologist who delved into the importance of affection and how it affected personal relationships.

What words of encouragement?

Short phrases of encouragement

    “If you fall down three times, get up four.” “Yes you can. … “Not allowed giving up”. «Fight for yourself, for what you are, for who you are». «Begin to be now, what you will be from now on». … «The day can be good or bad, that depends on you». … “You are much stronger than you think.”

How to cheer up your partner in the distance?

How to surprise your partner from a distance

Have a romantic dinner. … Dedicate a song to your long-distance partner. … Write her a love poem or letter. … Send him an emotional video. … Surprise him with a gift. … Get sexy before the video call.

How to motivate your partner?

Five ways to encourage an active lifestyle

Start small. Make sure your active lifestyle is motivating your partner, not intimidating. … Exercise together. Couples who exercise together, stay together! … Push each other. … Celebrate successes.

How to make your boyfriend feel better at a distance?

How to make your long distance boyfriend feel special

Send him a surprise email.Send him messages of encouragement.Call him at the end of the day.Take a sexy photo.Shop and deliver food.Help him with his daily chores.Send him a playlist.Post a romantic update on social media.

What can I do with my long-distance boyfriend?

8 distance activities that you can do with your partner so that the relationship does not cool down

    #1 Give a new value to video calls.#2 Watch series or movies together.#3 Deeper conversations.#4 Bet on online games.#5 Exercise together.#6 Surprise each other.#7 Learn together.

What to say to motivate?

10 motivational phrases for teamwork

    Arriving together is the beginning. … Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. … None of us is as good as all of us put together. … The strength of the team comes from each member. … If you want to go fast, go alone.

How do you motivate a man?

7 tips to stimulate a man

Expectation. Before you start stimulating the man, make him wait a bit, but be smart about it. … Do not rush. Stimulates erogenous zones. … Lingerie. Practice oral sex on her. … Jerk it off. … Watch sex movies.

How to motivate your partner when he is sad?

5 tips to help your partner with depression

Try to communicate and find out why it is wrong. For some it will be obvious, but for others, this task will be daunting. … Appreciate the small improvements of your partner. … Do not pressure or blame. … Help yes, overprotect no. … Specialized psychological help.

What to talk to your partner at a distance?

Here we bring you some recommendations to keep the flame of love alive and create expectations until the next meeting.

    Topics to discuss with your partner at a distance. Talk about your day. … Plans for the next meeting. … Watch series from a distance. … Listen to it. … Clarify misunderstandings. … Ask about your loved ones.

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