What truck did Jesuu buy?

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The truth is that the van that La Segura bought is a white Mercedes Benz GLE 450 Coupé. In the market it costs 330 million pesos and for that detail the followers of the influencer assumed that it bills hundreds of millions a month.

What car did Jesuu buy?

The Jesuu is brand new car; bought a BMW – Channel 1.

What truck does Jesu have?

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Caleña was the number one customer to obtain this vehicle, so she did not hide her happiness. The truck that the influencer bought was a Mercedes Benz Gle450 4matic, which would have an approximate value of 293 million pesos.

What did Jessu do?

Some believe that La Jesuu underwent surgery to achieve a slender figure. However, he has not confirmed it. For some time now, the content creator has been publishing images in which she poses with very little clothing and showing off her great body.

Who is Lajessu?

Her name is Valentina Ruíz, but she identifies herself on social networks as ‘La Jesuu’, and was widely recognized for a video that went viral on social networks when she approached a juice shop and asked for a banana juice in leche, with his characteristic sense of humor and his peculiar way of…

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Who is Jesu’s boyfriend?

La Segura confirmed romance with producer Sebastián Sánchez – People – Culture – ELTIEMPO.COM.

What illness does Jesuu have?

Jesuu, an influencer who suffers from alopecia, revealed that her boyfriend has never seen her without a wig. The young woman is recognized in social networks for her humorous content.

What surgery did Jesuu have?

It is important to note that “La Segura” revealed, in one of his videos from July 2017, that he had also undergone an aesthetic procedure for liposuction and a jowl intervention.

What treatment did Jesuu undergo to lose weight?

Jesús underwent #BariatricSurgery with the #ObesiMad team and recovered his health.

What procedure did Jesuu undergo to lose weight?

Obesimad – Obesity Surgery – Jesús lost 40Kg after bariatric surgery with the #ObesiMad team | Facebook.

What model is the insurance truck?

Among them was not a young man known as ‘Baby fat’, who, according to comments and videos published by those close to La Segura, would be the culprit. For now, it is known that La Segura realized that his Mercedes Benz truck was almost completely lost and the accident left no deaths or serious injuries.

What brand is the insurance truck?

Later, he learned that the man had suffered an accident while driving the Mercedes Benz van. “He had an entrance to my house, they didn’t advertise it here because, as I told you, he was like one of the house. Coincidentally, as life is, he had a horrible accident, the truck overturned, “said ‘La Segura’.

What model is the insurance car?

The truck that the influencer bought was a Mercedes Benz Gle450 4matic, which would have an approximate value of 293 million pesos.

What happened to the Jesu influencer?

Jessika Daniela Bonilla Bran November 7, 2021, 06:25 AM The ‘influencer’ Valentina Ruíz, better known as Lajesuu, crashed a vehicle when she was parking outside a hotel in Cartagena.

What is Lipo Blue?

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How much does the Jesuu weigh?

Although he wanted to humor her as soon as he got on the scale, “I have to get a pedicure” were his words, what his eyes saw he didn’t like very much. Well, the scale showed that María Jesús Ruiz weighs 66.7 kg, but how much did she weigh before confinement?

What is bariatric surgery?

Gastric bypass and other weight loss surgeries (collectively known as bariatric surgery) involve making changes to your digestive system to help you lose weight.

What operation did Valentina Ruiz have?

About this, it is worth mentioning that on November 26, 2021, Valentina subjected her reduced natural hair to a treatment with her friend’s keratin, even taking the opportunity to advertise it.

Where was the Jesuu born?

That is the case of “La Jesuu”, a young Colombian woman who has had immense growth on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, surpassing more than a million followers and creating all kinds of comedy videos to reach an increasingly larger audience.

Who is the boyfriend of the insurance?

La Segura and Sebastián Sánchez confirmed their engagement in April of this year, although they always stood out for keeping their relationship discreet on social networks.

What happened to baby fat?

A few weeks ago it became known that the content creator known as ‘Baby Fat’, while the influencer ‘La Segura’ was out of town, decided to take the young woman’s truck out without her permission, with such bad luck that a terrible accident and the car was a total loss.

What happened to the insurance truck?

One of the closest friends of the influencer from Antioquia Natalia Segura, better known as ‘La Segura’, suffered a vehicle accident after taking the truck he owned without permission.

Who damaged the car to the insurance?

Baby Fat was the friend of ‘La Segura’ who took his truck without permission and crashed it

How much did the car cost the insurance?

Although the renowned influencer Natalia Segura, known on social networks as La Segura, does not appear in the top positions of Forbes magazine, the truth is that the young woman recently surprised her followers with a luxurious van she bought. The vehicle exceeds 300 million pesos.

What happened to safe 2021?

“I went through moments of pain, I cried”: La Segura reappears and talks about her health. In the last month and a half, the influencer has had to face several health complications that made her move away from her social networks, all as a result of an attack of which she was a victim a few years ago.

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