What year did Christopher Columbus discover America?

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October 12, 1492, is a date of enormous importance in Western history: It is the day that Christopher Columbus completed his journey across the Atlantic Ocean and reached the “New World.”

What happened after October 12, 1492?

October 12, 1492 was marked as the date on which the caravels carrying Christopher Columbus arrived in America in search of the Indies. Some called that day the Discovery of America or Columbus Day and it has also been called Columbus Day.

What year did Christopher Columbus discover America?

In this way, on October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus arrived in what we know today as America when he met the Antilles and landed on the island of Guanahaní, which he baptized with the name of San Salvador (later he arrived in the current territories of Santo Domingo and Cuba).

What did Christopher Columbus discover in 1502?

On the trip he discovered the Caribbean coasts of the current countries of Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, as well as some small islands such as Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

What is celebrated on October 12, 1942?

On October 12, Ibero-America commemorates the 527th anniversary of the Discovery of America, when the Genoese navigator Christopher Columbus arrived at the island that was baptized as San Salvador, today Guanahani in the Bahamas.

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What is celebrated on October 12 for elementary school children?

More than five centuries after the discovery of America, October 12 is commemorated as Columbus Day in memory of that struggle waged by the indigenous people and the Spanish colonizers in 1492, after the Genoese sailor Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. .

What is celebrated on October 12?

On October 12, the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America is “commemorated”, or “celebrated”.

What happened in the year 1502?

events. January 1: Américo Vespucio discovers Guanabara Bay, where Rio de Janeiro would later be founded. February 14: Pragmatic of the Catholic Monarchs that ordered the conversion or expulsion of all Muslims from the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada, before April 1502.

What happened in 1492 and 1502?

Thus, on this date, October 12, today we remember the beginning of the meeting of the American peoples with the Europeans, in the arrival in America of Christopher Columbus. For our part, we could schedule September 25, 1502 for this same reason.

What happened between 1492 and 1502?

Christopher Columbus, representing the Catholic Monarchs of Castile and Aragon, Spanish kingdoms, made four famous voyages from Europe to America in 1492, 1493, 1498 and 1502. On the first of these, he arrived in America on October 12, 1492, at an island in the Bahamas called Guanahani.

Who came to America first?

Popular history places the navigator Christopher Columbus as the man who discovered America in 1492.

Who discovered America first?

Despite the diversity of theories about this discovery, the official history recognizes Christopher Columbus as the legitimate discoverer of the new continent in 1492, mainly because of the great use his voyages had in the commercial sector of his time.

What happened on October 12, 1492 for children?

October 12, 1492 is the date that Christopher Columbus and his expedition arrived at the island that the natives called Guanahaní and that he baptized as San Salvador.

What is celebrated on October 12 in Ecuador short summary?

Through Executive Decree year 2011, the National Government declared October 12 as the Day of Interculturality and Plurinationality. Since then, this date seeks to vindicate the true meaning of the so-called “Discovery of America”.

What happened on October 12, 1492 Wikipedia?

Columbus Day is one of the names given to October 12, the day on which the arrival in America of the navigator Christopher Columbus in 1492 is commemorated. This day is celebrated in most Spanish-speaking countries and in the United States. United States, among other countries.

What changes occurred after the discovery of America?

Consequences of the discovery of America

Unveiling of the world map. Conquest and colonization of the American continent by Europeans. Submission of the Amerindian populations to the Western military, political, religious and cultural order. commercial expansion of Europe.

What happened in 1492 in the modern age?

The Modern Age corresponds to the third period of Universal History, which takes place from the year 1492 with the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, until the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789.

What century is between 1492 and 1502?

The fifteenth century AD C. (fifteenth century after Christ) or fifteenth century ce (fifteenth century of the common era) began on January 1, 1401 and ended on December 31, 1500. It is called the “Century of Innovations” and opens the so-called “age of discoveries”

What events occurred in the year 1492?


    Alexander VI succeeds Innocent VIII as pope.Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.End of the Reconquest with the capture of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs.Isabel I la Católica creates the Marquesado de Zahara in favor of Rodrigo Ponce de León y Núñez.Isabel the Catholic orders the expulsion of the Jews.

What happened in 1502 in the conquest of Mexico?

Contact between Europeans and Mesoamericans took place in 1502 AD. C., when, during his fourth voyage, Christopher Columbus came across a ship presumably occupied by Mayan merchants off Isla Guanaja.

What happened on April 3, 1502?

Map of the fourth voyage of Christopher Columbus (April 3, 1502-November 7, 1504).

What is celebrated on October 12 in Peru?

(1) An informative note from the year 2009 states: “October 12 was declared the “Day of Native Peoples and Intercultural Dialogue” according to a presidential decree published by the official state gazette “El Peruano”.

What is celebrated on October 12 in Argentina?

October 12 in the collective memory: from the Day of Race to the Day of respect for cultural diversity. Special diffusion dossier. On October 4, 1917, President Hipólito Yrigoyen decreed a national holiday on October 12.

How to explain to a child the discovery of America?

On October 12, 1492, a group of Spaniards led by the Italian Christopher Columbus arrived on an island called Guanahaní after crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Although they thought they were in the Indies (in Asia), they had actually discovered a new continent: America.

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