What’s the name of the degree you get in high school?

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Graduate Certificate in ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education). It corresponds to the end of the compulsory stage and is usually acquired at the age of 16.

When you finish high school, what degree do they give you in Peru?

Graduate Certificate in Compulsory Secondary Education (GESO)

What is the title of the ESO?

The ESO certificate is a graduate certificate in compulsory secondary education. It is a basic title that allows access to vocational training cycles of intermediate level and baccalaureate.

What is the Argentine secondary degree?

In Argentina they are integrated into secondary studies, so the Argentine Secondary School degree is equivalent to the Spanish Baccalaureate degree. IN WHICH COURSE CAN I ENROLL MY CHILDREN? You will be able to enroll them in the course immediately superior to the one they have completed in Spain.

What degrees are equivalent to ESO?

The Certificate of Primary Studies derived from Law 07/17/1945 on Primary Education and Law 21/12/1965 on Primary Education Reform, will be equivalent to the sole purpose of access to public and private jobs, to the title of Graduate in compulsory secondary education.

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What validates the ESO?

The title of school graduate and the graduate of secondary education are equivalent. The first has to do with Basic General Education (EGB) and was obtained in the old curriculum with 14 years. In contrast, the ESO is achieved with 16 years as long as the student does not repeat any course.

What is baccalaureate or equivalent?

The degrees and courses that are equivalent to high school are: The Polyvalent Unified High School degree, also known as BUP (for employment purposes). The University Orientation Course (COU). The second year of an experimental Baccalaureate modality.

What is the secondary?

Secondary education, secondary education, secondary education, secondary education, secondary education, secondary education, or Comprehensive Training Center (CFI), are the names given to the next stage in formal education, after primary education and before higher education.

How to apply for a lost secondary degree?

Secondary Level Title (due to loss, theft or theft of the original)

File the police report. Deliver the report and the signed request letter to the Secretariat (see model). The process takes between one and five months. They will be contacted when they can pick up the new title.

What are the primary and secondary studies?

the school system

Formal education begins in elementary school (grades 1 to 6), continues through middle school (grades 7 to 9) and high school (grades 10 to 12).

What is a high school diploma?

Graduate Certificate in ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education). It corresponds to the end of the compulsory stage and is usually acquired at the age of 16.

How long does ESO take?

The ESO has a duration of 4 academic years, which the students will study in general from the ages of 12 to 16.

What can I do with the title of the ESO?

If you have passed ESO, you can choose between the following options:

    Baccalaureate. … Intermediate vocational training cycles. … Artistic teachings. … Sports teachings. … Non-regulated training. … Vocational training for employment. … Language teaching.

What grade is 4 high school in Peru?

It has the same objectives and quality equivalent to the EBR, and consists of four cycles of studies, each one lasting eight months: First Cycle (equivalent to 1st and 2nd grade of secondary school), Second Cycle (equivalent to 3rd of secondary), Third Cycle (equivalent to 4th of secondary) and Fourth Cycle (equivalent to 5th of …

What does bachelor mean in Peru?

The baccalaureate is a degree of higher education aimed at university students, which allows expanding the range of employment and academic opportunities.

What happens if I lose my high school certificate?

If you wish to request a duplicate of the Certificate of Primary or Secondary Education, you can carry out the process and submit the requirements at the School where you completed your studies or at the School Control Area of ​​the Entity in which you reside, even if you have completed the studies in another Entity.

What happens if I lose my analytic?

If the student lost the title and needs a duplicate or triplicate, the following must be attached (in JPG or PDF format): Front and Back of the DNI. Police report of loss of the title.

What to do in case of loss of high school diploma?

How do I do the process?

Enter the URL: https://servicios.educacion.gob.ec/mogac-web/faces/paginas/formularioCiudadano.xhtml. Enter the requested data. The Legal Representative of the Educational Institution will receive the response or resolution of your procedure in window on the days established for each request.

How many years are high school in Chile?

Primary and secondary education lasts a total of 12 years (8 + 4) and is compulsory for all students. Education is compulsory for children 6 years and older. The system consists of 2 types of education: Basic Education and Secondary Education with a duration of 8 and 4 years, respectively.

How old are high school kids?

Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) consists of four courses, between 12 and 16 years old.

What are the high school courses?

The New National Curriculum considers 11 areas of teaching or learning for Secondary Education: Communication, English, Art and Culture, Personal Development, Citizenship and Civics, Social Sciences, Physical Education, Science and Technology, Education for Work, Mathematics, Religious Education ( who profess…

What is an equivalent title?

Equivalence is the recognition that a degree (or a set of studies passed by the interested party) has the same academic and/or professional effects as another, although it does not entitle the interested party to obtain the degree with which the qualification is established. equivalence.

What degree of FP is equivalent to baccalaureate?

Within this group is C1 and C2. This means that the Intermediate Degree (FP I) is equivalent to the bachelor’s degree to be able to present an opposition if they request it.

What is the bachelor’s degree?

The bachelor’s degree or diploma accredits the second level studies that are taken, after completing primary education.

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