When does the new Traffic Law come into force?

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The new Law on Traffic and Road Safety comes into force today, March 21, 2022. The points to penalize drivers with behaviors that carry more risk, such as driving with a mobile phone in hand, not using the seat belt or carry radar jammers. Collect more than 50 novelties.

When does the new Traffic Law 2021 come into force?

On Monday, March 21, the new traffic law comes into force; a law that adapts to the new times and that takes another step to continue advancing in improving road safety in Spain.

What is mandatory to carry in the 2022 car?

All those vehicles manufactured after July 6 of this year must have a seat belt alert installed in the rear seats, an emergency braking system, a fatigue detector, a device that warns of lane changes, the rear camera , a speed assistant, a…

What to carry in the car?

When driving there are 3 documents that you must always carry with you: Driving license, circulation permit and ITV card. There are three documents that you must carry, and be in force, compulsorily when you drive, for all types of journeys: Driving license of the driver.

When does the Law enter?

The entry into force of a norm is established in it, normally in a final provision. In the event that it is not mentioned, they come into force twenty days after their publication in the BOE. The period between the publication in the BOE and the entry into force is called vacatio legis.

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What is the new Traffic Law?

This new regulation reviews the infractions that lead to loss of points and focuses on driving behavior that is considered dangerous, legislates for the first time on new means of personal mobility, such as scooters, and advances in the protection of cyclists.

What is the maximum rate of alcohol allowed?

Alcohol rates allowed in Spain. Whether it is for a motor vehicle or a VMP, remember that the DGT penalizes drivers who give a figure higher than 0.25 mg/liter in expired air or 0.5 gr/liter in blood.

What rate of alcohol is considered a crime?

In order for driving under the influence of alcohol to be considered a crime, it is necessary to exceed a rate of 0.60 milligrams per liter of expired air or a blood alcohol rate greater than 1.2 grams per liter in the breathalyzer test.

What happens if you give 0 70 in alcohol?

Between 0.26 mg/l and 0.50 mg/l: financial penalty of 500 euros and four points less on the card. Between 0.50 mg/l and 0.60 mg/l: fine of 1,000 euros and loss of six points. More than 0.60 mg/l: it is already a criminal offence.

How much alcohol is 0 25?

Today, in a breathalyser test, a driver is considered positive when he or she gives a result greater than 0.5 grams of alcohol per liter of blood (0.25 mg/l in expired air). For professional and novice drivers, the rate is 0.3 g/l in blood and 0.15 mg/l in air.

How are the points on the driver’s license recovered?

You have two options to recover points, if you still have points left on your driving license: Do not commit any more offences: after two years, if you do not lose any more points, you will have the initial 12 again (12 are always recovered even if you started from 8 by be new or have had to recover your permit).

How to see the points of the driving license?

Go to www.dgt.es. Tap Check Your Points at the bottom left. Click on Check your balance with certificate. The data of the certificate you have installed will appear on the screen, accept and the summary of your balance will appear, as well as the movements of your points on your card.

How do you overtake a cyclist?

When overtaking, you must maintain a lateral separation distance of 1.5 meters. According to current regulations, groups of cyclists can circulate in parallel, so we recommend that you be patient and wait until you can overtake, respecting the minimum lateral separation distance.

How to overtake a cyclist in a continuous line?

Also, remember that as long as there is sufficient visibility it is allowed to pass a continuous line to overtake a cyclist. To overtake a cyclist, it is allowed to pass a continuous line, as long as there is sufficient visibility and no vehicles are approaching from the opposite direction.

How to know my card points without a password?

First, enter the Points Balance Consultation website without a password, through the following link: https://sedeclave.dgt.gob.es/WEB_COPACI3/consultarPuntos.faces. If it is the first time you enter this platform, enter your NIF or NIE in the corresponding field.

How long does it take to recover the points of the driver’s license?

Do not commit any more violations.

The balance of 12 points is recovered if no infractions are committed within a period of two years that imply deduction of points, unless the original loss is due to very serious infractions, in which case the period increases to three years. The new traffic law will unify the term to two years.

When do they give you 12 points on the card?

Remember that a novice driver has a maximum of eight points on his driving license. After two years, if he has not had any infractions, this will increase to 12 points. After another three years without infractions, the driver will have the maximum 15 points on his driving license.

How long does it take to recover all 15 points?

If we have 12 points or more, we will get extra points, in a maximum of 2 points each time up to a maximum of 15, within 3 years each time, if we do not commit any infraction that implies loss of points.

How many points can be recovered?

The partial recovery of points courses are face-to-face -these are the centers where they are taught-, they last 12 hours and after completion you can recover a maximum of 6 points from your driving license. It can be done once every two years or every year in the case of professional drivers.

How many cups is 0 25?

The estimated amount needed to reach 0.25 fasting for men weighing 70 kilos is 1.5 glasses of beer, two glasses of wine or shots of liquor or a mixed drink. For a 60-kilo woman, the amount drops to a glass of beer, a glass and a half of wine, a shot and a half of liquor and not a single mixed drink.

What happens if you give 1 in alcohol?

Fines for giving a positive breathalyzer test

If the breathalyzer reads between 0.26 mg/l and 0.50 mg/l, the financial penalty will be 500 euros and you will lose four points. In case of registering a figure higher than 0.50 mg/l and up to 0.60 mg/l, the fine amounts to 1,000 euros and the loss of points is a total of six.

How much is 05 degrees of alcohol?

According to the Institute of Legal Medicine of the Public Ministry, 0.50 grams of alcohol is equivalent to up to six glasses in the case of beer; two or three glasses in the case of wine; and only one ounce when it comes to pisco, vodka or whiskey, since the degree of alcohol is higher in those liquors.

How much is 0 5 alcohol Argentina?

According to National Law 24,449, everyone cannot drive their private vehicle if they have more than 500 milligrams of alcohol per liter of blood (the famous “0.5”). As for drivers of motorcycles and mopeds, the tolerance is 200 milligrams.

How many degrees of alcohol is full drunk?

What is the blood alcohol limit? In Mexico, the limit to be able to drive is 0.40 degrees of alcohol, which is equivalent to just one glass of wine or one beer. If this limit is exceeded, the sanctions are as follows (applied only in Mexico):

How many beers are 1 degree of alcohol?

Grade One: between 40 and 99 milligrams of ethanol in the blood, which is equivalent to more than 3 beers. Grade two: between 100 and 149 milligrams of ethanol in the blood, equivalent to more than 4 beers.

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