When is the Infonavit page updated?

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How does Infonavit update the points? Each of the contributions and savings that you carry in Infonavit will be updated every two months, that is, every two months (or seven weeks) when it comes to an end.

When is Infonavit 2022 updated?

On January 21, 2022, through its internet portal, the Institute of the National Workers’ Housing Fund (Infonavit) reports the update of the value of the Infonavit Mixed Unit (UMI), confirming an increase of 4.99%, so its value will be MXN 91.56 by 2022.

When is infonavit 2021 updated?

2021 Points Update

The point updating system can be changing at times, but the data will always be updated at the end of the bimester. The Infonavit point update reports are presented in the third week of the month following the end of a two-month period.

How long does it take to update the Infonavit page?

* The approximate time in which a data update made before the AFORE is reflected in INFONAVIT is approximately 20 business days from the date on which the Worker submits his request.

How long does Infonavit take to activate?

Infonavit offers a tolerance period of 2 months so that you can find a new job and continue receiving employer contributions, thus avoiding losing these points. On the other hand, if you stop contributing for more than 2 months, you could lose all your points.

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How to update my Infonavit?

If you are already registered, log in and go to the “My Profile” section and select the option “Correction of CURP and name”, the system will validate your data and make the correction immediately.

How to check my Infonavit 2022 points?

To consult and check how many Infonavit points you have, you must enter the website: https://micuenta.infonavit.org.mx, create an account, and once created you must pre-qualify online.

How much do Infonavit points go up every two months?

Infonavit points for time working

The more bimonthly periods you have been working uninterruptedly, the more Infonavit points you will have. If you have less than 6 months working you would not have points. If you have been working between 3 and 8 bimonthly periods, you would collect 90 points, and if you have been working for more than 5 years, you would reach 191 points.

How many points are accumulated per two months in Infonavit?

From 6 to 12 bimonthly periods (that is, from one to two years of continuous contribution) 16 points are awarded, while those who accumulate 16 bimonthly periods onwards (plus two years with eight months), obtain 38. Infonavit points are non-transferable and non-transferable. They are equivalent in money.

When are the Infonavit 2021 bimonthly periods reflected?

Each of the contributions and savings that you carry in Infonavit will be updated every two months, that is, every two months (or seven weeks) when it comes to an end.

What is IMU 2022?

1. Value of the UMI for 2022. The Infonavit Mixed Unit (UMI) is the unit of measurement for Infonavit credits denominated in minimum wages.

How many Infonavit points do you upload per month?

For its part, in terms of savings from the Housing Subaccount, which is made up of the contributions made by the company you work for to Infonavit equivalent to 5% of your salary, they make it possible for you to add between 24 and 39 points.

How can I check my Infonavit points by cell phone?

Messages on your cell phone

Text your Social Security Number or your credit number to 30900.Text any of the following keywords followed by a space and your Social Security Number or your credit number to 30900.BALANCE, to find out how much you owe.

How to know how much money I have in Infonavit?

It’s very easy, you just have to go to the My Infonavit Account page.

– Enter your email with which you registered and password. … – When entering, select the option ‘My credit’ and click on ‘Balances and movements’.

How to know my Infonavit points with my name?

Step 1: Enter the Infonavit portal called My Infonavit Account with your user, write your name and social security number (NSS) and then a tab will open where you can check your balance (If you have an Infonavit credit you should already have a user to access this platform.

How to reactivate my Infonavit credit?

How to recover my Infonavit points

– Make voluntary contributions to your housing subaccount. – Verify that the company in which you work quotes in real salary and that the employer is in charge of paying every two months before the Infonavit. The news by all means.

How long do I have to be working to get my house out?

After approximately two and a half years, if you have not changed jobs, and the contributions to your housing subaccount were made on time, you will be able to request your loan to buy a house.

How can I quote in Infonavit without working in a company?

To be part of Infonavit as a freelance or independent worker, you must comply with the statutes required by the institution, which are:

Be a taxpayer in compliance with the Tax Incorporation Regime. No employer contributions or contributions to IMSS or Infonavit during the last 24 months.

How long do I collect 116 Infonavit points?

The time to collect the points varies according to the conditions of each worker, but it is estimated that the time would be between nine months and five years to collect this score and access housing loans ranging from 6,000 to 3.9 million pesos .

How much is 100 Infonavit points worth?

How much money is equivalent to 100 and 116 Infonavit points? Points do not equal anything in money. Remember that you need at least 116 points to apply for an Infonavit credit. Based on that, Infonavit will analyze your situation and grant you the corresponding credit.

What is the value of the UMI for 2022?

Infonavit also indicates that for 2022 the credits in minimum wages were updated at a rate of 4.99%, so the value of the UMI for this year will be 91.56 Mexican pesos per day.

What is the UMI value?

The UMI is the value applicable in substitution of the minimum wage for purposes of determining and withholding the amortization of credits granted by the Institute in Times of the Minimum Wage (VSM).

What does the word UMI mean?

Demonstrative pronoun. Those, those, those, those.

What does UMA and UMI mean?

UMA (Unit of Measurement and Updating) UMI (Infonavit Mixed Unit)

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