When is the ITV passed in mixed vehicles?

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Mixed vehicles, which corresponds to vehicles for the transport of goods or things with an MMA less than or equal to 3,500 kg, must pass the first ITV after two years, and it will be biannual until the sixth year. From then on, it will be annual until 10 years after enrollment and every six months thereafter.

When does a mixed vehicle pass the ITV?

The adaptable mixed vehicles pass the ITV more frequently than the passenger cars. From the second year you must pass the ITV with a periodicity of 2 years until the sixth year after registration.

How do I know if I can go from mixed to tourism?

The first thing that must be taken into account to go from a mixed vehicle to a car is that the brand has its model approved for both uses. Once confirmed, a certificate will be requested from the manufacturer stating that the model in question can be classified as a car.

What vehicles must pass the ITV every 6 months?

ITV Vans and Trucks up to 3,500 Kg of MMA *

Up to 2 years old is exempt. From 2 to 6 years old, it has to pass the ITV every 2 years. From 6 to 10 years old, it has to pass the ITV every year. More than 10 years have to pass the ITV every 6 months.

What are mixed vehicles?

According to the traffic code, it is defined as a “car specially arranged for the transport, simultaneous or not, of goods and people up to a maximum of nine including the driver, and in which the load can be replaced, partially or totally, by people by adding seats.

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What is a mixed vehicle?

It is a car arranged for the transport of goods and people, generally at a professional level. The transport of people and goods can be simultaneous or not.

What is the maximum speed of a mixed vehicle?

Buses, vehicles derived from tourism and adaptable mixed vehicles must circulate at 100 km/h on highways and expressways. It should be reduced to 90 km/h if they do it on a conventional road.

How do I know if I have to pass the ITV?

When you have to pass it on the ITV sticker

that they gave you when you passed the inspection and that you must paste in the upper right corner of the front window. The month is marked with a notch on the sticker and the year with a number. This date will only serve to give you a quick idea of ​​what month and what year the ITV expires.

What license plates pass ITV in 2022?

Therefore, you will have to pass your first ITV in 2022 if your moped is registered in 2019, your motorcycle or car in 2018 or your truck in 2020.

What vehicles do not have to pass the ITV?

Vehicles exempt from passing the ITV – Motorcycles, tricycles, quads, among others… Quads, quadricycles, three-wheelers, motorcycles and light quadricycles are required to pass the ITV. However, the following criteria apply to them: They will be exempt for up to four years.

What vans can be converted to tourism?

Because a Van or Van up to 3,500 kg is intended for the transport of goods whose cabin is integrated into the rest of the bodywork. In short, only those that, in their classification, mention that they can transport people can be transferred to tourism.

How much is the fine for not carrying a load separator?

Regulations for the load separator

Normally, the authorities make sure that the load is well secured and that it does not fall due to the acceleration and deceleration forces of the vehicle. Otherwise, the driver will face a fine of at least between €150 and €200.

How to know if my van is n1?

If this number starts with 10 it is a car (M), if it starts with 20, 21 or 22 it is a truck, if it starts with 24 it is a van with category N.

When do vans pass ITV?

Specifically, this type of vehicle must pass the ITV every two years from the moment of its first registration and until the sixth year since then. From then on, and until they are ten years old, the inspections become annual and after ten years, they become semi-annual.

What registration must pass the ITV?

Remember: Those vehicles registered as Driverless Rental Vehicles (ASC), must pass their first ITV four years after registration. From the age of four and up to the age of ten, they must pass it every two years. Finally, if they are more than ten years old, they must pass the ITV annually.

When is the first ITV 2022 passed?

If you bought your car in 2019, 2020, 2021 or 2022 you will not have to worry about this process. The first ITV is passed when the vehicle is four years old: from then on, the review has to be carried out every two years.

How do I know when I have the technical revision of my car?

When should my first technical review be? Private cars: if your car is new, that is, from the year, the technical revision must be carried out after the fourth year, taking as a base or reference the date of manufacture of the vehicle. After the first review, it must be done annually.

What is the deadline to pass the ITV?

New vehicles have to pass the first ITV 4 years after their first registration. Between 4 and 10 years old, the inspection becomes biennial or every two years. It is worth remembering what we have in another article published here in coche.net.

How to know if a car is mixed?

For a car to be considered an adaptable mixed vehicle, it must meet two basic conditions: Have a height equal to or greater than 1.80 meters. Its owner must be self-employed or a company and the vehicle must be subject to at least 50% economic activity.

What will be the maximum speed for an adaptable mixed vehicle on a car road?

On conventional roads, with a paved shoulder 1.5 meters wide or more than one lane for one of the directions, mixed-use vehicles may not exceed 90 km/h. On the rest of the roads outside the town, they may only circulate at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

What vans can go 120?

Starting today, motorhomes and camper vans will be able to travel at 120 km/h on the motorway.

What is mixed tourism?

Is a derivative of tourism the same as a van or a mixed vehicle? A passenger car derivative is a vehicle with the same characteristics as a passenger car whose purpose is the transport of goods, so it only has one row of seats and does not have windows on the rear sides.

What does commercial vehicle mean?

Commercial Vehicle: Any vehicle used for business purposes.

Which vans are N1?

Closed van (N1) (24**)

They are vehicles designed for the transport of goods. The passenger cabin is linked to the rest of the vehicle (not like a truck, for example), but physically separated by a separating panel made of rigid sheet metal.

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