When is the next Correos 2022 exam?

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When will the Correos 2022 exam be held? The public company has announced the bases of the call and, although not exactly, the date of the test. It is expected to be held at the end of 2022, in the month of November.

What oppositions to prepare for 2022?

As the experts in the opposition sector point out, the years 2022 and 2023 will be good to prepare the oppositions of Health, State Administration, Civil Guard, Justice or Post Office.

When can I sign up for the postal exam?

The official registration period for the call will be from November 23 to December 2. There are a total of 10 days so don’t let too much time go by and complete your registration as soon as possible.

When is the Correos 2021 exam?

For a few hours it has been official that next September 12, 2021 is the date of the Exam…

How to register for the Correos 2021 oppositions?

Do you want to know how you can register for the next Correos call? The formula is always the same: you will have to enter the Correos website, in the menu on the main page, People and Talent > Public job announcements > Entry of Permanent Labor Personnel.

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What is the easiest opposition?

In this post we explain what are the easiest oppositions to pass.

The easiest oppositions to pass

    Troop and Marine. … Judicial Assistance. … National Police and Civil Guard. … Postal Staff. … Assistants of Penitentiary Institutions. … Mobility Agent. … Keepers. … Operators of local corporations.

What is the simplest opposition?

The easiest opposition: State Administrative Assistant

One of the oppositions usually classified as simple is that of State Administrative Assistant.

What are the oppositions with the most output?

Public Administration Oppositions

It could be said that they are the most common, massive and most demanded oppositions in Spain. They are the oppositions that call for the most vacancies every year without a doubt, since they are national, regional, provincial and local in nature.

What are the most difficult oppositions?

The oppositions to Registrar are, without a doubt, of the most difficult that exist in Spain. The agenda covers 372 topics, which must be memorized with an extraordinary level of demand. Otherwise, it is impossible to perform well in the two oral exams with which the selection process begins.

What is the best civil servant position?

The Corps of State Lawyers is one of the bodies with the best salaries in Spain, the salaries of the officials of this body are around 70,000 euros per year. Judges and Magistrates also have a high salary, but much lower than State Lawyers. The same thing happens with prosecutors.

How to know which oppositions to choose?

10 keys to choosing the ideal oppositions

Look for an opposition according to our academic training. … Check the history. … Monitor the big calls. … Choose an opposition compatible with personal circumstances. … Not being afraid of demanding topics. … Check the number of vacancies/applicants.

What police oppositions are easier?

Although we recognize that the opposition to the National Police is slower, more confused and disorganized and the opposition to the Civil Guard is simpler, faster and cleaner, this should not confuse you.

How many hours do you have to dedicate to an opposition?

You will have to study at least 4.5 hours a day to pass an exam or oppositions.

What are the oppositions without competition?

What are oppositions without competition? This type of opposition, known as without competition or free, are those that are only made up of a selective process in which what will be valued will be the grade of the different tests.

How to study an opposition in a short time?

Here are some tips on how to approve an opposition the first time and in a short period of time:

Choose an easy opposition. … Solve the doubts. … Plan and organize. … Get yourself a good study place. … Communicate your decision. … Take advantage of every minute. … Outline and prioritize. … Discard matter.

How to prepare an opposition?

How to prepare an opposition

Get the theme. … Go to an opposition preparation center. … Organize your study time. … Create a good study environment. … Use study techniques. … Rest to regain energy. … Manage emotions. … Review periodically.

How long administrative opposition?

Medium term to prepare the opposition

Being an opposition in which the syllabus is not very extensive and the questions are quite accessible and they do not delve into the laws of development of the syllabus, they mean that the average time to prepare and pass is 9 months.

How many hours to study secondary oppositions?

We recommend at least 3 hours of study per day for teachers and 4 hours for high school, 6 days a week.

What is more difficult the oppositions to National or local Police?

Therefore, although the oppositions to Local Police are not the most difficult, you will have to prepare yourself properly if you want to get your place. On the other hand, it could not be affirmed that they are the easiest oppositions in general.

What is more difficult to be a firefighter or a police officer?

Firefighter oppositions are among the most difficult in that they require passing a theoretical examination of 132 subjects (in 2018) and high-performance physical tests for which applicants prepare well in advance.

How long does it take to remove the opposition from the National Police?

The average time it takes to prepare oppositions to the National Police is between a minimum of one year and a maximum of two. In any case, remember that this is a standard measurement.

Which officials charge more?

Group A1: 1,214.39 euros per month (base)

They are the ones who charge the most. They have a college degree. They start with a payroll of 1,214 euros per month plus 46.72 euros per accumulated three-year period. This is 16,000 euros per year without supplements.

What is the highest salary of an official?

According to the Ministry of Finance in 2021, the highest base salary that an official can receive is 16,071.44 euros per year, while the minimum was set at 8,408.12 euros.

How much does a C1 official earn?

Officials in group C1 have a base salary of €804.19 gross per month. Officials in group C2 have a base salary of €669.30 gross per month.

What is C1 in oppositions?

Subgroup C1: Baccalaureate or Technical degree, and includes oppositions such as State Administrative, Public Treasury Agents, Procedural and Administrative Processing (Justice), Assistants of Penitentiary Institutions, etc.

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