Where are the videos from the security cameras stored?

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The recordings from the cameras are archived in storage units from where it is possible to monitor, record and manage the video sequences. Generally, IP cameras have a micro SD memory card in which many hours and even days of video are stored.

How many days are security camera recordings kept?

Image recordings can be stored for a maximum period of 30 days, except in special circumstances such as a police or judicial investigation. In these cases, the recordings can be evidence for the investigation and this period can be extended.

How to get recordings from security cameras?

The request must be made directly to the Secretary of Public Security of Mexico City, indicating the following identification data:

Number of preliminary investigation, matter or file. Authority before which the matter is filed.

Who can access security camera recordings?

However, those who can see the recordings of the security cameras are the people previously authorized by the security center or owner of the property, as well as the personnel of the police forces. In the latter case, as long as there is an active legal process.

How to know if the security cameras have audio?

It is a complicated question to answer, since there is no visual indication that allows to know if the cameras have audio. Normally these devices have pilot lights (usually red) that indicate if they are working, but not if they are recording image and/or audio.

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How to see the security cameras in my neighborhood?

An example of this is the site insecam.com, where you can see thousands of surveillance cameras that are connected to the Internet and use weak protection measures.

How to access the CDMX security cameras?

Where and who requests the C5 video? The video from the C5 camera must be requested from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City, which will be in charge of asking other security agencies to request the video from the C5.

Who can see the security cameras in a neighborhood community?

Can I see the recordings of a security camera in my community? The interested neighbor must file the appropriate complaint and the court or the police will be able to access the content of the images.

What does the law say about security cameras?

Article 21. Video cameras may not be used to take images or sounds of the interior of the dwellings, their entrances, halls or any other space of a private nature, except in the cases in which the laws so determine. Neither can conversations of a strictly private nature be recorded.

How to report illegal cameras?

Those people who believe their rights have been violated by the recordings of surveillance cameras or the like can report these facts to the General Agency for Data Protection or through the legal services of the CLI.

When can security cameras be viewed?

An alarm center can only see the images from the security cameras when a concatenated alarm jump occurs, that is, when at least two receivers detect a suspicious presence. Employees of an alarm reception center will only be able to see the clip corresponding to an alarm jump.

How to request a video to C5?

How to request a video to the C5 of Mexico City? An individual CANNOT request the video directly from the C5, said request must be made through the Public Ministry, Judicial Authority, Specialized Authority in Justice for Adolescents or Administrative Authority.

How many cameras are there in CDMX?

The C5 operates and monitors the more than 15,000 surveillance cameras in Mexico City (Technological Video Surveillance System STVs), in order to prevent and immediately alert the security and emergency authorities of the capital about any risk situation. .

How can I see my IP camera from anywhere?

To access the IP camera from the Internet or “OUTSIDE” the network, enter the WAN IP address (or Public IP) in your Internet browser, followed by the assigned port number separated by a colon.

Where are the radars and cameras in CDMX?

Locate speed cameras in CDMX

    LOCATION DIRECTION. Av. … Av. … Av. … Fray Servando Teresa de Mier and Cucurpe West to East. Central Axis Lázaro Cárdenas and Fortuna South to North. Viaduct Río de la Piedad and 1ro de Mayo West to East. Axis 3 South José Peón y Contreras and José María Bustillos East to West.

What is c2 c4 and c5?

An example of a Monitoring and Control Center are the Command, Control, Communications and Computing Centers, also called C4, and the Command, Communications Control, Computing and Citizen Contact Centers, better known as the C5 Monitoring Center.

What range do the C5 cameras have?

The C5 has more than 15,000 units with more than 30,000 cameras, 12,700 speakers and 15,000 emergency buttons, spread over 1,500 square kilometers. Each unit has environmental sensors to detect unusual weather conditions, earthquakes, shootings and explosions.

How to request recordings of the C5 State of Mexico?

Go to the Public Ministry corresponding to the place where the crime occurred and request access to the C5 cameras. The MP will make the request to the corresponding authority and this in turn will send the request addressed to the holder of the C5.

How long are the C5 recordings?

Recordings are generally only kept for seven days, after which they are discarded. However, it is expected that in the coming weeks the protection of the videos will be announced for at least 30 days.

How does the C5 work?

The Center for Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Citizen Contact of the CDMX (C5), is the dependency of the Government of Mexico City in charge of capturing comprehensive information for decision-making in matters of public safety, medical emergencies, environment environment, civil protection, mobility and …

When the Internet goes away, do the cameras continue to record?

If the Internet connection is cut, the camera continues recording?? If you record on the internal memory of the camera, the Internet cut would not affect you, since the recordings are made directly on the IP camera. If instead you record in a cloud service, the connection cut will affect you.

What happens if my neighbor puts security cameras?

Can a neighbor record the interior of my property or the public road? No, since the capturing of images is limited to the interior of the house. Therefore, areas of public roads, adjoining land or homes or any other foreign space are excluded.

What to do if a neighbor records you?

Administratively, you can file the corresponding complaint with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, so that it orders the removal of the cameras if your neighbor is recording these images that occur outside your property, even sanctioning fines around the two a thousand euros.

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