Where are you recruiting for the 2021 National Guard?

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The recruitment centers for the National Guard are located in CDMX, Mexicali, Mazatlán, Irapuato, Apodaca, La Mojonera, Puebla, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Oaxaca, Acapulco, Mérida and Torreón.

How can I get into the 2021 National Guard?

What documents do I need?

CURP.INE.Proof of address.Certificate of secondary school or higher.Birth certificate.Electronic signature.RFC.Cartilla del Servicio Militar Nacional.

How to join the National Guard?

The requirements to join the corporation are:

– Being Mexican by birth.- Being single and not living in concubinage.- Minimum age of 18 years and maximum of 30 years.- Minimum height:- Men 1.63 meters.- Women 1.55 meters.- Index of body mass between 18.5 and 27.9.

What tests do you do to enter the National Guard?

Along the same lines, what exams do you take to enter the National Guard? Among those requirements is the trust control, which consists of a series of five tests: polygraph (lie detector), socioeconomic, toxicological, medical and psychological.

What does the National Guard offer you?

What are the benefits of working as a National Guard?

Job stability and career plan. Uniforms and equipment. Saving Fund. Student scholarships for children.

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How much does the 2021 national guard pay?

How much does a Security Officer make at GUARDIA NACIONAL in Mexico? The average salary that a NATIONAL GUARD Security receives per month in Mexico is approximately $15,000, which is 116% above the national average.

When does the call for the 2021 national guard close?

The registration deadline for the National Guard convocation is October 31.

Where are there openings for the 2022 national guard?

National Guard Recruiting Centers for Women and Men

    CDMX Military Region. La Mojonera Military Region, Jalisco. Puebla Military Region, Puebla. Mexicali Military Region, Baja California. Mazatlán Military Region, Sinaloa. Apodaca Military Region, Nuevo León. Oaxaca Military Region, Oaxaca.

When does the call for the 2022 national guard close?

Registration is done online and is already available on the official website of the Sedena, those interested have a deadline until February 17, 2022.

How much does a person make in the National Guard?

Salary range offered

Salaries range from just over 107,000 pesos for the highest position to more than 19,000 for the lowest rank; since most of the salaries depend on the Secretary of Defense, Navy and Federal Police, reported El Financiero in 2020.

How many hours does a National Guard work?

I. The duration of the maximum working day will be eight hours.

How much does a sergeant earn in Colombia?

Sergeant (Sgt.) Major ($337,000) $440,265; second first ($291,000) $376,880; Sgt.

How much does a Spanish military 2021 earn?

Once graduated, they are promoted to lieutenant, or ensign of a ship in the navy, and the salary rises to around 1,985 euros in 2021. With regard to troops and sailors, it starts with 359 euros gross per month. Once graduated, the soldier or sailor receives a salary of 1,016 euros in fourteen installments.

How many days does the National Guard rest?

Like all the armed forces, the members of the National Guard will enjoy vacations of 15 days every six months.

How long can I be in the National Guard?

“Actually they are courses that range from two days to four months.

What is the military schedule?

Instead of having a twelve-hour clock, which calculates twice, in military time, you work with a clock that starts with 0000 at midnight and runs all the way to 2359 hours (23:59) until resets at 00:00 at midnight.

When do the calls for the Army 2022 come out?

From May 24 to June 6, 2022.

When does military service start 2022?

If you are Mexican and you are between 18 and 40 years old, the dates to carry out this procedure for free are from this month of January to December during the year in which you reach the age of majority, and the process is done at the recruitment board municipal or delegation or consular offices of Mexico in the …

When is the registration for the military 2022?

Calendar of admission to military campuses 2022. Online registration. From January 17 and until 2359 on February 17, 2022; It is done through the website of the Ministry of National Defense. Somatometry (weight and height measurement).

What diseases prevent you from entering the National Guard?

Citizens with defects and physical limits such as overweight, height, eye and otorhinolaryngological conditions, as well as the absence, deformity or chronic disease of the nose and nostrils, which disturb the phonation, breathing and ventilation of paranasal sinuses and of the middle ear.

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