Where can I pay a mutualist?

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Servipagos and agile payment

    Personal Banking.Customer Service.Agencies at the National Level.

Where can I pay the Mutualista Pichincha card?

Telephone Banking (Mupitel)

    Online banking.Online banking tutorials.Payment of services.

What payments can be made in servipagos?

Available services

    Deposits and withdrawals in savings accounts.Deposits and payment of checks in checking accounts.Payment of credit installments and Banco Amazonas cards.Hours until 8:00 p.m. on working days.Special hours on weekends and holidays.

How to pay for basic services?

Basic services payment process

Dial *153# and select option 9, Service Payment.Choose the service to pay.Once you have selected the service, enter the requested information and make the payment.You will receive a confirmation message.

How to open an agile payment?


Copies of citizenship card, client and spouse. Copy of Single Taxpayer Registration Certificate (RUC). Copy of Property Tax Payment. Copy of Lease Agreement (if you do not have one, fill out an attached exception letter)19 related questions found

How to pay Banco Guayaquil basic services?

How do I pay for a basic service at an ATM?

Enter your debit card and type your password. Select the Consult/Pay Services option. Choose the Water, Electricity or Telephone category. Select the company to which you must make the payment. Enter the code from your basic service form.

How do I pay by ATM?

How to pay the electricity bill at the ATM? You just have to enter the credit card and select the option to pay bills. Once you select it, in some banks they ask you for the CUP number or the invoice number.

What is a mutualist card?

The individual health card is the document that certifies the right to health care solely and exclusively through the private insurance entities that subscribe to the concerts or, where appropriate, through the public health service of the Autonomous Community of residence .

What is the Social Security card?

individual health card

It is an “individual” and personalized document that certifies the right to public health care for both the pensioner and the beneficiaries. Where and how to obtain it: At the Health Center or Doctor’s Office that corresponds to the address of the interested party.

How do I know if I am in a mutual?

How is it done?

Access through the “Start Online Procedure” button. Enter the User data gub.uy. Complete the data requested in the web form. The system will indicate whether or not it is enabled to change provider.

How do I get the Banelco payment code?

Please note that the 14-digit Electronic Payment Code is the same for both networks. Place your license plate in the search field and you will obtain your Electronic Payment Code in Link – Banelco networks (Pago mis Cuentas).

How do you pay with a debit card?

You can use your debit card at most stores to pay for purchases. Simply swipe the card into a device and enter your PIN number on the keypad. When you use your debit card, the money is immediately withdrawn from your checking account.

How to make a payment by Banelco ATM?

Payments through Red.Banelco. If you have never used Home Banking: Payment through Banelco ATMs. 1) Enter the ATM with your password. Select the Operation “Payments”2) Select the type of payment. I chose “Pay Electr. Services”

How to pay for water with pacificard?

As it does?

Go to the ONLINE TRANSACTIONS option. Select BASIC SERVICES. Click on PAY NOW (see image below). Choose the ACCOUNT to which you are going to make the payment. Click on the continue button, Choose the Card with which you are going to make the payment. payment.Enter the Value you want to pay,

How to pay for Riobamba water?

Cooperativa Riobamba, and its online payment services.Cooperativa Sagrario, and its online payment services.Banco del Pacífico, and its online payment services.Red Facilito, union of several cooperatives and mutualists.Cooperativa San Francisco, and its online payment services.

How to pay IESS Banco Pacifico payroll?

In the horizontal menu, choose “Payments and Recharges” › Payments › Institutions. Select the type of Institution and Establishment. (Municipality, IESS, SRI, etc) or Pacificard card. Select the account to debit to make the payment.

How to pay alimony Banco Guayaquil?

How do I make the payment of Supa (Alimony) in my Banquero del Barrio device?

In the menu, select Payment for Services. Choose Supa and enter the Supa Card Code. Confirm the data and select the payment method. Enter the password on the equipment and print the receipt.

How to pay for water from my cell phone?


Go to the Mexico City Water System page. Next, select the “Online Water Payment” option. Once there, you will find two options: “Current debt payment” and “Overdue debt payment” .Choose the one you want to pay.

How to pay electricity from my cell phone?

This is the CFE app. The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has a mobile application called “CFE Contigo” so that users can pay their corresponding bill and check their electricity consumption.

Where is the payment code?

The electronic payment code is a 14-digit number that allows you to pay your bills through an electronic payment method such as PagoMisCuentas or an ATM. The electronic payment code is located in the upper right corner of the first page of your invoice.

Where is the Banelco network code?

It is a 3-letter password that allows you to carry out transactions with greater security. When it is requested when operating at the ATM, you must identify the letters that compose it in order. You can generate it at any ATM in the Banelco network.

How to know what the payment link code is?

The PAYMENT LINK CODE is included on the front of all invoices or payment receipts issued by entities/companies.

How long does Fonasa last after losing a job in Uruguay?

Uruguay Presidency

Workers who lose Fonasa coverage between August 1 and October 31 will maintain that right for three months, both for them and their dependents, announced the authorities of the Ministries of Public Health and Worked.

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