Where did the Fuenteovejuna work take place?

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In FUENTE OVEJUNA there is a background thematic nucleus of a historical nature. The action takes place in Spain at the end of the fifteenth century, and more precisely in 1476. King Henry IV had died in 1474, and the succession to the throne had caused a dispute that would lead to a civil war.

What are the scenarios of Fuenteovejuna?

Scenarios: The play takes place mainly in the Plaza de Fuenteovejuna, a place where the townspeople meet to talk. On some occasions the stage changes to closed places, such as the room of the Palacio de los Reyes, the Casa de la Encomienda, the house of the Master of Calatrava, etc…

Where does Commander Fuenteovejuna live?

The master accepts and the commander goes to where he lives, Fuente ovejuna. While there, in the plaza, two farmers, Pascuala and Laurencia, talk about the commander because he likes Laurencia and she sends her servants to act as pimps.

What is the time of the work Fuenteovejuna?

It brings together a large part of the characteristics that Lope himself advised in his work New Art for Making Comedies in This Time (1609). Fuenteovejuna (written between 1612-1614 and published in 1619), like almost all baroque comedies, is written in verse. It consists of three acts.

How does Fuenteovejuna start the work?

Thus we see that the first act takes place over several days and in different spaces: It begins in Almagro when the Commander goes to the house of the Master of Calatrava to convince him to take the side of Juana la Beltraneja against the Catholic Monarchs, continues in the square from Fuente Ovejuna, still in the castle…

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What is the outcome of the play Fuenteovejuna?

The commander dies and Ciudad Real is conquered. Frondoso manages to meet up with Laurencia and the town celebrates with parties and harmony in Fuenteovejuna.

What is the Fuenteovejuna knot?

When the commander begins to conquer Laurencia, and ends with a town council and they make a resolution to kill the commander. KNOT: The knot is seen at the moment in which Laurencia rejects the commander’s attention and he feels frustrated since no one had rejected him before.

How long does the Fuenteovejuna work last?

Duration of the work? The play lasts for several months, you could even say years, since the commander had been abusing the women of his town for some time.

What is the theme of the play Fuenteovejuna?

Fuenteovejuna is a play by the Spanish playwright Félix Lope de Vega (1562-1635), published in 1619; It is considered one of the most relevant theatrical dramas of the Spanish Golden Age. The play is divided into three acts and its main themes are honor, collective power and abuse of power.

What does the word Fuenteovejuna mean?

The term “Fuenteovejuna” has been used by the Spanish and Latin American media to refer to events of a very different nature, which sometimes have little in common with the play of the same name by the Spanish Golden Age playwright Lope of Vega.

Who is the Commander in Fuenteovejuna?

The Commander: a man who tyrannizes his people, with so many arrests, that he is capable of ignoring the Church itself while deceiving the Kings. He is a man without honor, false and a liar, of high arrogance, exacerbated pride and unable to recognize his mistakes.

Who kills the Commander?

Fuenteovejuna was undoubtedly the material executor of the crime of Comendador Fernán Gómez de Guzmán.

Who killed the Commander?

He did so, and immediately one of them came forward… he twisted the iron on the Commander’s skull when he was interceding for the life of his servants… Immediately the ferocious rustics sank their daggers into the chest and face of the wounded man , who fell lifeless.

How many scenes does each act of Fuenteovejuna have?

The play consists of three acts with twelve, seventeen and twenty-five scenes respectively. There are no stage directions and the scenes (division that does not appear in the original) are marked by the entrance and exit of characters. Scene I (vv.

What is the structure of the work Fuenteovejuna?

Fuente Ovejuna is divided into three acts. The first act is divided into twelve scenes, the second into seventeen, and the third into twenty-five. The work could be divided into beginning, middle and end that respond to the three acts.

What are the people looking for in Fuenteovejuna?

-‘Fuente Ovejuna’ has been represented as the ideal of a revolutionary people, of its unity as a unitary entity in search of justice.

What are the secondary themes of Fuenteovejuna?

– Secondary themes: The wedding of Frondoso and Laurencia. The conquest attempts with the Commander’s women.

She is a beautiful woman, with a marked good sense and a sweet character.

    Mengo: neighbor of the town, chubby and good-natured. … Barrildo: Inhabitant also of Fuente Ovejuna. … Juan Rojo: Laurencia’s uncle.

What are the subtopics of Fuenteovejuna?

The subtopics are: love, justice, and ambition. These sub-themes are found in different parts of the work, such as the case of love when Laurencia and Frondoso fight for their love since the Commander interfered between them doing everything possible to separate them.

How many pages does the Fuenteovejuna book have?

book details

The author of FUENTEOVEJUNA, with isbn 978-84-15-08910-0, is Lope De Vega, this publication has one hundred and twenty-eight pages.

How old is the master of Fuenteovejuna?

It is, with age, more serious: The Master had achieved mastership at sixteen, and was eighteen when the events of the comedy unfold.

What is the conflict in the work Fuenteovejuna?

Thus, a conflict is presented that is attached to the historical political problem that Lope captures in the work. The uprising of the people against the Commander is the uprising of the vassal against his lord.

How was the death of Commander Fernán Gómez?

It was there that on the morning of April 22, 1476, its inhabitants became a tyrannical and righteous gang that put an end to the yoke that was whipping them, lynching and killing the Commander, Don Fernán Gómez de Guzmán, a scoundrel who abused his can.

Who killed Comendador Fuenteovejuna, sir, who is Fuenteovejuna, the whole town together?

Finally, the people revolted against his tyranny and one night in April 1476 they killed him. The kings send judges to investigate what happened and when asked: “Who killed the Commander?”, all answer: “Fuenteovejuna, sir”. “Who is Fuenteovejuna?”, and in response: “All the people, together.”

Who was Fernán Gómez de Guzmán?

Noble, major commander of the Military Order of Calatrava. Badly known and disfigured by the comedy Fuenteovejuna that includes the cruel murder of him by his vassals (Professor Cabrera’s studies shed light on it), he came from a minor branch of the powerful Guzmán lineage.

What does a commander do?

1m Knight who has charge in any of the military or chivalric orders.

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