Where does Bianchi live?

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From Buenos Aires, where he lives, Carlos Bianchi closely follows the news in France, his second favorite country with Argentina.

Where did Carlos Bianchi play in France?

Arrival in France and years in Reims (1973-1977)

How many children does Carlos Bianchi have?

In 2009 he was summoned by Boca again but in the position of manager. In December 2012, what the xeneize fan wanted so much, that Bianchi return as DT. On a personal level, he has been married since 1972 to Margarita, with whom he has had two children: Brenda and Mauro.

Why do they call Bianchi viceroy?

in the DT stage in Vélez. Due to his historical achievements and playing with the viceroy Santiago de Liniers, he ended up calling him “the viceroy of Liniers”. I remember it just in case, for the forgetful… On April 26, 1949 Carlos Bianchi was born, the most successful coach in the history of Argentine football.

Who is better Bianchi or Gallardo?

Both trainers earned a reputation for being infallible heads-up. In the comparison, which includes Libertadores, Sudamericana, Mercosur, Intercontinental, Club World Cup, Argentina Cup, Suruga Bank Cup, Recopa and Champions Trophy, the advantage is for the Doll.

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Who won more Bianchi or Gallardo?

The Doll caught up with the Viceroy with 15 global titles and was one short of equaling the Argentine coach who was champion the most times. Gallardo caught up with Bianchi with 15 titles won (14 in River and one with Nacional). Marcelo Gallardo enlarged the giant legend of him.

What did Bianchi win as a player?

There, he achieved several important tournaments: he won three Leagues, two Libertadores Cups (after 22 years without winning it for Boca) and an Intercontinental Cup. He left the club in 2001, but returned in the 2003-04 season. In that period he won a League, a Copa Libertadores and an Intercontinental Cup.

When was Bianchi born?

On April 26, 1949, Carlos Bianchi was born, the most winning coach in the history of #Boca, the coach who put #Boca in the highest in world football.

Why did Bianchi leave Boca?

“Carlos Bianchi, the most successful coach in the history of Boca Juniors, a club from which he left by his own decision two months ago, indicated that his departure from the entity was because he realized that ‘it was getting more and more difficult to win’, in the middle of a talk he offered to businessmen from Cordoba.

How many goals did Bianchi score at PSG?

After Reims, Bianchi played from 1977 to 1979 for PSG, where he scored 71 goals.

How many goals does Bianchi have at PSG?

Carlos Bianchi was the first of the 17 Argentines who wore the Paris Saint Germain shirt and scored 71 goals in 80 games between 1978 and 1979 and as a symbol of the club he welcomed the albiceleste crack.

How many years was Bianchi in Boca as DT?

Bianchi was the DT that led Boca to the undefeated 40 games between 1998 and 1999 that no Argentine soccer team has yet been able to overcome. In addition, he has several individual distinctions, such as having been chosen the best coach in South America in 1994, 98, 2000, 2001 and 2003.

How many titles did Bianchi win in Boca in total?

TOTALS. Bianchi’s career titles number 15.

Where did Bianchi run in Europe?

His time in Europe as a coach was without titles

He began his career in France, where he managed Stade de Reims (1984-88) and Nice (1989-90). In addition, he managed Roma (1996-97) and Atlético Madrid (2005-06).

How many Libertadores did Bianchi win with Boca?

Carlos Bianchi and Boca Juniors are united for glory. He is the winningest coach in the club’s history, with nine titles. The Viceroy arrived at Xeneize in mid-1998, after a long time in Vélez where, among other achievements, he won the Copa Libertadores and the Intercontinental Cup in 1994.

What did River win in Bianchi’s time?

In La Ribera, without a doubt the most glorious stage was at the hands of Bianchi, who took over in mid-1998 to start an unprecedented cycle. In his first stage in Boca, the former DT from Vélez won three local championships: Apertura 98, Clausura 99 and Apertura 2000.

How many games did Bianchi beat River?

On the red and white side, on the other hand, after his arrival in mid-2014, the Muñeco led the team in 295 games. The percentage of victories is practically identical: 51.2% for the current millionaire coach and 51.1% for the former xeneize coach.

Who is the most winning coach in Argentine soccer?

Ángel Labruna, 7 times champion.

How many times did River beat Boca with Gallardo?

In total, since he took over at River in mid-2014, Gallardo has faced his lifelong rival 25 times and the record is positive: he has eight wins, 11 draws and six losses.

When does Bianchi assume in Boca?

In 1998 he assumed the technical direction of Boca Juniors. In the “xeneize” he lived the most fruitful and important stage of his career as a coach, achieving several important tournaments: he won three leagues, two Libertadores cups (after 22 years without winning it for Boca) and an Intercontinental Cup, defeating Real Madrid.

How many goals did Messi score at PSG?

Lionel Messi took a historic step by leaving Barcelona to continue his career at PSG, which is gradually beginning to enjoy his goals. The Argentine crack has seven with the French team shirt: five in Champions Legue and a couple in Ligue 1.

What did Bianchi win at PSG?

His stay at PSG lasted a year and a half: from January 2017 to July 2018. He played 54 games, scored six goals and added six assists. In that time he won six titles: two Ligue 1s, one French Cup, one French League Cup and two French Super Cups.

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