Where does Elon Musk live in 2021?

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For the past few months, Elon Musk has claimed that the only house he lives in is a $50,000 apartment in Texas, after selling the rest of his vast real estate portfolio, including a $32 million California estate that was sold. last month.

Why is Elon Musk selling his houses?

Elon Musk sells his last mansion in California for almost 30 million euros. The tycoon announced that he planned to sell all his properties to focus on the conquest of Mars.

Where does Elon Musk live in Texas?

After the Times article, the businessman was denied about his residence by the Wall Street Journal, who reported that Elon does not actually live in the mobile home, but rather rents a millionaire property in the city of Austin, Texas.

How much is Elon Musk’s house worth?

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, now lives in a 36-square-meter prefabricated house that costs less than €43,000.

How did Elon Musk acquire his fortune?

The sale of PayPal raised his fortune to 180 million: the time has come to found Tesla. However, Musk still had a stake in the company. When eBay bought PayPal for $1.5 billion in 2002, Musk made a mega-fortune of $180 million from the deal.

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What fortune does Elon Musk have?

Still the richest person in the world, Musk now has a net worth of $222 billion, according to Forbes calculations.

What is the most expensive house in the world?

1. The most expensive house for sale: Villa Aurora, in Rome. 471 million euros.

How much does SpaceX spend?

However, the launch has a significant cost: SpaceX spends more than 2,400 dollars to prepare each satellite but will only charge 500 dollars for the connection kit, in addition to 100 dollars a month for the service, for which it has already launched a campaign of Bookings.

How many houses does Elon Musk have?

Overall, Musk made an estimated $19.2 million profit on sales of his six homes last year.

Where does Elon Musk currently reside?

For the past few months, Elon Musk has claimed that the only house he lives in is a $50,000 apartment in Texas, after selling the rest of his vast real estate portfolio, including a $32 million California estate that was sold. last month.

How is the house where Elon Musk lives?

With a fortune valued at 166,000 million euros, Elon Musk, the second richest person on the planet, has confirmed that he has been living for rent for a few weeks in a prefabricated and transportable house of about 37 square meters that costs about 44,000 euros.

What does Elon Musk sell?

Elon Musk sells Tesla shares worth $1.02 billion. Entrepreneur Elon Musk has sold 934,090 shares of Tesla in recent days, worth 1,020 million dollars, according to documents published by the United States Securities Market Commission (SEC).

Where does the creator of Tesla live?

The founder of Tesla recently revealed that in Boca Chica, Texas, a town where he has lived for a few months, since Starbase, the Space X facilities, is located there, he lives in a house that does not exceed 35 square meters.

What is Elon Musk’s mini house like?

It is a prefabricated construction that does not reach 40 square meters -specifically, it has 37- and that has a price of 50,000 dollars. “My first residence is a $50,000 house that I rent in Boca Chica, at SpaceX. It’s amazing,” he explained last summer on Twitter.

What companies does Elon Musk own?

The capital that allowed Musk to found Tesla, Solar City and SpaceX was the sale of PayPal to Ebay for $1.5 billion. The case of Tesla is symbolic, since he invested 70 million dollars and today its market capitalization exceeds 850 thousand.

How much does it cost to put 1 kilo in space?

Carrying a single kilo of food from Earth to space costs nearly $60,000 aboard SpaceX rockets. So taking into space the food needed to feed an astronaut throughout his mission can cost about $26,892,000.

How much does a SpaceX ticket cost?

In this way Elon Musk, who has been developing spacecraft for several years through Space X, will try to follow in the footsteps of his British counterpart and travel to the edge of the planet, as confirmed by Virgin Galactic. Each ticket costs 250,000 dollars (about five million pesos).

Who owns the most expensive house in the world?

His name is Mohamed Bin Salman and he is the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, who is among the list of the richest men in the world.

What is the cheapest house in the world?

That is the proposal of the auction of a house in the United Kingdom that is offered at only 250 pounds (31,453 Argentine pesos). It is definitely the cheapest house in the world and includes three bedrooms and even a garden, but it is clear that whoever acquires it will have to work hard to get it ready.

Who lives in the most expensive house in the world?

The most expensive house in the world is a 27-story building that costs US$2 billion. The owner of the property is the businessman Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India and the tenth in the global index compiled by Bloomberg.

Who is the richest in the world 2022?

The American billionaire Elon Musk ascended for the first time to the position of the richest man in the world on the Forbes 2022 List, which calculates a fortune of 219,000 million dollars. (Read: The biggest threats facing humanity, according to Musk.)

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