Where does Maluma 2021 live?

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Maluma lives in the exclusive sector of Llanogrande in Medellín Colombia.

Where does Maluma currently live in 2021?

As soon as he realized how successful his music was, he gave himself the privacy he now values ​​so much. With all this, he has given himself a rather curious scenario. Everyone knows that Maluma’s mansion is in Bogotá.

What is Maluma’s name in real life?

Juan Luis Londoño Arias, as the singer is actually called, decided to pay tribute to the members of his family and combined the first syllables of each of their names. His mother is called Marllí, his father Luis and his sister Manuela.

What is the meaning of Maluma’s name?

“My mom’s name is Marlli, my dad’s name is Luis and my sister’s name is Manuela. So, Maluma is the union of the first letters of their names, “said the Colombian at the time. In the same way, the singer recognized how important those people are in his life.

What does the word malu mean?

Meaning of Malu

Malu is an unsiex name that means: protection, peace, asylum.

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Who is Susana Gómez, Maluma’s girlfriend?

WHO IS SUSANA GOMEZ? Susana Gómez is a young Colombian architect who was married before starting to date the urban music artist.

How old is Maluma’s son?

The Colombian singer celebrates 27 years of life today.

This January 28, the world of music celebrates its birthday because the Colombian singer Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known as Maluma, turns 27 years old.

How many children does Maluma have and what are their names?

The artist also released the names of his children, Bonnie and Clyde.

Where is J Balvin’s house located?

J- Balvín remains true to his roots and currently lives very close to his hometown Medellín, Colombia in Llanogrande, a beautiful neighborhood where large houses abound surrounded by nature and fresh air.

Where is the house of James Rodríguez in Medellín?

The luxurious house is located on the shore of the El Peñol reservoir, in a very exclusive area. It should be remembered that the Colombian also has another luxurious property in Medellín, very close to Guatapé, which has a soccer field, a gym and a swimming pool.

Where do Malú and Albert Rivera live?

Malú and Albert Rivera live together with their daughter Lucía in a 538 m2 villa in the exclusive Madrid urbanization of La Florida.

Where does Karol G live?

Karol G lives surrounded by many luxuries and enjoys her days in Miami, Florida. She there she decorated the spaces with many details. Karol G. Karol G released her first single in 2007, when she was 16 years old, and since then she has not stopped growing within the music industry, both in her country and abroad.

Where does Maluma work?

Maluma – Sony Music Entertainment Latin.

How many children does Maluma have?

Maluma introduced his two children on Instagram.

The publication of the urban music singer already exceeds 500 thousand likes. Maluma left her followers speechless after posting a photo of her “her two children” on Instagram.

Who is the new girlfriend of Maluma 2021?

According to sources from their environment, Maluma and Susana Gómez have known each other for years, but until the end of 2021 they had not begun to speculate on the possibility that love had arisen between them.

Who is Maluma’s girlfriend 2022?

-which even caused Maluma to close his Instagram account, in which he accumulates 61 million followers-, the artist has found stability. The woman next to him now is called Susana Gómez, and she is a young Colombian -just like him-, an architect and divorced.

Who is Maluma’s girlfriend? The singer presented his new partner at Christmas?

After months of rumors, the Colombian singer whitewashed his romance with a photo; “Thank you Santa!” Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known by his stage name Maluma, finally revealed what was already an open secret. In the middle of Christmas, he introduced his new girlfriend: Susana Gómez.

What does Maluma like the most?

In addition to playing soccer, as we have told you, Maluma loves spending time with his family, playing with his animals (he is a great dog lover) and, of course, whenever he can he exercises (whatever it is).

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